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  1. St Johnston have a lot to play for tomorrow looking at the table.A win tomorrow would put them right up there with a game in hand against most of their challengers.Been playing very well since we thumped them.Unbeaten,I think.

  2. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Kev 8.53pm



    The feeling is mutual fellow Celtic fan, would always wish you & yours well (disagree with 99% of your posts but am sure that’s ok with your good self :-)



    We all look out the same Celtic windae but we all have a different outlook on the landscape we see :-)





    All the best to you and yours mate.


    Merry Christmas when it comes. ?? ⚽ ✅



    What i was implying is that his suitability to play for us not to be judged on today’s performance where he looked out of his depth.



  5. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Fairhill Bhoy 9.04pm



    Not something that’s usually attributed to me :-)



    But even on the park everybody see things differently, sometimes only on these pages I seem to stand up for the board which is so far from in real life, so I don’t even know what am thinking never mind 2nd guessing any other Celtic fan :-)



    I personally hope the young American and Ralston are the answer in the right back spot.


    Not seen the guy Perez but seem’s people in the game who have do.


    Ralston is fantastically positive and if he can be coached on the defensive side we have an asset.

  7. TURKEYBHOY on 22ND DECEMBER 2018 8:58 PM


    Turkeybhoy, they lost to Well, last week,see below.


    Hail Hail




    St Johnstone








    Kerr (83′ minutes)




    HT 0-2


    Aldred (2′ minutes),


    Johnson (17′ minutes


    St Johnstone’s eight-game unbeaten run was brought to an abrupt halt as Motherwell claimed their first win in Perth in six years.

  8. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Fairhill Bhoy 9.12pm



    Stop looking for a barney cause you had to go shopping the day :-)

  9. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Fairhill Bhoy 9.16pm



    Ma thoughts …. Celtic are in a very good place and after we get the Dons & the Sevs put the way I think we will have a lovely transfer windae and kick on in early 2019 a rejuvenated squad wanting to win more medals … just my thoughts :-)

  10. Gordy


    You just polluted my ears wi Billy Joel pish.


    Shite singer of shite songs.



  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Marvellous to see that not only does the Pope seem to follow CQN , but is open to the suggestions made by some of our esteemed posters and prepared to speak up on a matter of Faith , Morals and accountability .



    Deo Gratias .

  12. GORDYBHOY 64-brilliant present?


    Got an email from some holiday company trying to sell me plazamar in SP?


    The picture they sent me was exactly where we sat ?


    Hope things good mate?

  13. Big mouth strikes again.


    Now I know how Joan of Arc felt.


    Stephen Patrick Morrissey CSC

  14. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Macjay 9.26pm



    I caught your reply this morning at 7am on way to work (5.04am) I replied and don’t think it posted … anyhow the jist was about Ronny and not meeting your approval :-) and my reply was Ronny = 4 & 5 as well as guiding young KT and also now Callum into first teamers and I wondered how these two bhoys would rate Ronny ? Am just glad me & your approvals both mean heehaw :-)

  15. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Fairhill Bhoy



    Just saw your post about the Darts.. canny get into the darts but when as a kid I actually liked Eric Bristow

  16. GFTB


    I am still a fan of Ronny Deila. Always liked him. The hype fecked him. He produced our new Danny McGrain. KT Superstar





    St Stivs


    How are you keeping?







    much better these last 4 days, back on my feet, eating some, really missed the game today, had that bhoyish need to be there, but i need to accept i am a long way from match (attendance) fit.



    ta for askin.



    on the plus side, today was 1 second longer than yesterday, it will be 8 in a row champiomship day before we know it.



    do my stats tomorrow, bore you all then.




  18. Gordy


    Peace and Love


    The Pogues CSC


    Joe Strummer RIP CSC Anniversary


    London Calling

  19. Gerryfaethebrig on

    DD 9.40pm



    You read some pish from many outlets on the “Ronny Roar” am not going to bother checking the stats but am sure he was on a terrific away run and the fans who attended these games actually waited for Ronny to do this …. like you I think he “managed” KT expertly … and if Ronny wasn’t meant to be the manager (conjecture yet again) well am afraid he done himself proud …. and also the semi final the Sevs “won” we were rubbish but had 30+ attempts on goal think they had 2 and scored one…. it’s all that Rogics fault for that penalty miss giving the Sevs that infamous victory (only kidding about blaming big twinkle toes :-)

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