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  1. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    I think with Ange being very certain about more players coming in, suddenly the ones that we’ve got start playing much much better :-)

  2. Too early to judge the defence against poor opposition but encouraging signs. I prefer Welsh to Bitton.


    McGregor makes the team tick. Turnbull keeps trying the forward pass, he opened the Dundee defence for the first goal. I still don’t think Rogic can do it against better opposition. But we are looking good in midfield, with McCarthy still to come. And Christie? I hoped he would leave but now …. Let’s hope he’ll see sense and sign a new contract. I’d even want Eddie to sign a new contract though that seems unlikely. The boss clearly doesn’t rate Ajeti.


    The red card at the end shouldn’t let that referee off the hook. Time for Celtic to make a strong complaint and make it public too.

  3. Well done Celtic.



    Exciting attacking play from the off.cant beat that as a supporter.could have been double figures.defence wasnt up against much but kept clean sheet and thas as good as you can ask.



    Bring on der huns

  4. lets all do the huddle on

    if eddy leaves i would play ralston up front with kyogo.



    the boy has an eye for goal 😄

  5. Kyogo movement and ready for cut back/cross in the 6 yard box is brilliant, how many times did we see last year balls into the box with no Celtic forward there?


    Great play, Christie of old, re-signing?

  6. Easy to forget we had a game on Thursday evening as well.



    The energy levels and intensity were outstanding. It’s going to be fun watching Celtic this season

  7. I didn’t think this day could get any better after watching, imo, the most entertaining Celtic performance in many a long year. Great football.Thank you, Celtic.



    What made it even better was the return of GG. You have been sadly missed this long while.



    Happy happy day to be a Celtic supporter.

  8. JHB on 8TH AUGUST 2021 5:09 PM



    Smiles on plenty of faces…






    But not on yours………….




  9. Tobago Street on

    We played lots of balls across the back today, keeping possession. But some of the through balls through the middle were sublime today! And there were lots of them! Turnbull, Christie, McGregor! Even from Ralston and Taylor! Great to watch!


    And defending beginning in the opponents penalty box! Big Jock said it was the best place to defend!


    And I expect that we will improve as we begin to mesh




  10. Absolutely delighted with our performance today!






    Anyone who comes on with negatives……..mmmmmmm



    C’MON THE ANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The Comfortable Collective on

    Kyogo has score the same amount of league goals in a total of 78 minutes as sevco have in 180 minutes.

  12. Not sure if Christie would consider a new deal, but definitely worth asking the question. Definitely looks like he’s enjoying his football again and looks like he’s following Ange’s way of playing. No more pot-shots from distance and I think that’s five assista so far this season? A new deal with an extra £10K a week would only cost an extra million over 2 seasons, just need him to want to stay…

  13. Sensational performance from The Bhoys today. Congratulations to Ange, all the players and all the fans in attendance. I had a lump in my throat as they sang You’ll Never Walk Alone. I was delighted to hear them backing the team so loudly and positively and especially pleased by their reaction to Odsonne’s penalty goal.



    Christie and Kyogo were tremendous and everyone else was merely brilliant. Loved it. Ten goals in two games and another ten chances missed. The main thing is we’re creating them and I believe we’ll convert a higher ratio of them as each game passes. Well done Celtic!

  14. celticforever on

    What a difference having a REAL centre forward makes



    Apart from his goals, Kyogo’s runs, link up play, harassing defenders,


    even tackling and nutmegging Dundee player in our own half,


    clearing his own lines from our 18 yard box.



    I havent seen a striker so complete since the King of Kings and


    so willing to put in the effort and go again even after missing a


    couple of chances



    The midfield will find him a joy to work with as he is always on the





    Think Celtic have signed a diamond and he looked so happy after each goal

  15. To me the problem Tony Ralston has when he has a good game he thinks that he can make the right back position his ,then he has a stinker,he is a honest young footballer but he at best will be a squad player as for Gregg Taylor and young Montgomery isn’t going to happen unfortunately at Celtic ,and do Celtic Supporters pay top dollar for a seat only to get soaking wet when the Rain pours down that needs to be addressed,pity them disabled fans who are in a section that when it rains they get soaked ,them on the board and on the warm padded seats and the freebies should be looking into were these fans are affected when it rains ,pity we couldn’t claw back the millions that Mc Cann and Lawell pocketed and put a retractable roof in the Stadium.

  16. Yaldy!😊🍀



    Great overall performance, so many option when players on the ball and clinical crisp passing!


    Had -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 small stakes and just put more on us winning the league 😊

  17. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Suddenly Ryan Shoot on Sight Christie is back in everybody’s good books – well done Ange – top coaching :-)

  18. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Very good. Very good indeed.



    A decent left back will be transformational.

  19. Jocks Immortal Lions on

    Well how good was that?? I have to say I’m excited about the coming season all of a sudden ( maybe it’s the peroni but I doubt it). That was brilliant to watch, both halves just flew by. I know it’s Dundee (no disrespect intended) but that was a great team performance, still buzzing yet. Final word on the mason in the black, we need to call this out Celtic. Halliday might have been a red and today’s certainly was a red. Call it out now.!! Otherwise a great day. Now where’s that malt whisky 🥃. HH ☘️

  20. What is the Stars on

    Great result for The Bhoys….was at Rovers Longford game..Rovers won one nil…Goal scored in the 95th minute by Liam Scales

  21. Ryan Christie wont play as well again and not get MOTM, i thought he was immense today .



    The movement and passing was a joy to watch. the goals sublime and the work ethic seemed in full flow , long may it continue .



    Give Big Ange the keys to the biscuit tin and we’ll be unstopable….COYBIG 💚☘✔⚽

  22. A week ago yesterday sevco were jubilant tap o the league and we had lost a late goal tae their brithers.



    The Parkhall plonker was declaring that they would win the title by a greater margin than last season, I know he disnae really believe that.



    8 days later they have been gubbed, literally, in Europe and are now 5th in the league behind a Celtic side which is rebuilding not just the team but all aspects of the club.



    I know I know it’s only the 2nd game but what a display, wonder what the loud mouth Melwood youth coaches have tae say now.



    BTW what happened tae league standings not been shown till after a few games.



    Big Jimmy, I’m now walking about singing “no wonder my happy heart sings”

  23. Jocks Immortal Lions on

    Celtic forever – AP wants to defend from the front, as witnessed today with our Japanese bhoy who was amazing. His movement and touch was sublime. Love it.!

  24. SFTB


    I’m more than happy to pass on the wooden spoon to Leggy this weekend , no offence to Leggy btw !

  25. Any of the Irish Celts who fllow rugby will recognise that there’s a big similarity with his compatriot, Michael Cheika.



    Both blokes you would not want to get on the wrong side of.



    Cheika came to Leinster in 2007 when they had a reputation of choking on the big occasions and flattering to deceive.



    5 years later, they had won the Heineken Cup 3 times (rugby’s equivalent of the European Cup).



    He didn’t stay for all those years but put in rock solid foundations.



    Ange looks to be cut from the same cloth.

  26. squire danaher on

    Very enjoyable performance by Celtic today



    Pleased by. and for Ralston.



    Impressed by Turnbull, Abada and The Japanese Bhoy



    AP continues to get his charges into physical shape and into tactical shape as well.



    Over the moon at that, well done Celts.

  27. prestonpans bhoys on

    BADA BING!! on 8TH AUGUST 2021 5:58 PM



    That was very funny👏👏👏👏👏👏👏