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  1. Brilliant Bhoys, absolutely Brilliant 👏👏👏



    But, But, But



    We need to be in FtSFA Referees office first thing tomorrow morning, demanding to know what protection from the cloggers our players are going to get


    That’s 3 red card tackles in 2 games, which are only allowed against players in a Celtic strip


    Shout from the rooftops tomorrow that we see what is happening and Demand protection for our players 😡😡😡

  2. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    From the beeb (of all places)….



    “The impact the 25,000 in the stands were having on the 11 below was obvious. Noise, encouragement, positivity, energy. The players fed off it. There was a power and a verve in this Celtic performance that we haven’t seen for an awfully long time”



    spot on though – with all the other handicaps we had last season an empty Parkhead was one of the biggest.

  3. celticforever on

    JOCKS IMMORTAL LIONS – One thing I remember about Henrik is that


    he didnt always have a fantastic game (although it seemed that way)


    but he always put in a shift even when he had his occasional off day



    Struck me that our new striker is more than willing to put in a shift


    and that will only endear him to the tic fans more and more

  4. Crisis what crisis?



    Let’s all keep the faith



    In Ange we trust



    Onwards & upwards



    Marvellous Celtic thank you




  5. “There’s only one Furuhashi (elongated ‘ee’ sound for the ‘i’)


    He puts the ball in the netee,


    He’s Japanese,


    He scores with ease,


    Walking in a Kyogo Wonderland”




    Totally agree but we won’t, difficult to complain from the back of the bus.

  7. celticforever on

    Just spoke to my mate who told me Lee Griffiths was seen on


    camera heavily involved with his mobile phone while game was





    Come on Lee surely you can turn your phone off for a couple of


    hours and show some interest in the team

  8. Slightly concerned how we might bring Messi into that team.


    Possibly at full back?

  9. Like most, really pleased with the team play today. Ange has definitely made a difference and you can only hope that there’s more to come.



    One thing that is soooo obvious is that he’s changed the attitude at throw-ins. As soon as the ball is out the ‘taker’ gets there quickly while the players in the vicinity are making very early/quick runs to make themselves available. That of course fits in with Ange’s philosophy of upping the tempo – it’s simple and effective and we’ve been crying out for that for years.



    Ave Ave

  10. THELURKINTIM on 8TH AUGUST 2021 6:12 PM


    Stewards enquiry…Marspspa id pish st predictions ;))




    We all get lucky sometime😎, you should asee the luck i get at golf





    Hope your in good health







  11. Ray Singh-Carr on

    What a breath of fresh air this performance has been. It’s been coming though and right from the outset I have had the belief that Ange is the real deal.


    If only we’d brought him in 9 months ago.


    Still, better late than never. And we are only going to improve too.


    Lots to look forward to.




  12. What an epic turnaround – a team that could hardly string a few passes together and looked impotent in front of goals, now looking like mid-field maestros who could score for fun.



    Absolutely brilliant performance.



    Congratulations Ange and the bhoys… That win was partly made in Japan…



    SFtBs @ 5:47 PM,



    Oddly enough my picks for today were changed, has this happened to anyone else, maybe a glitch in the app or something.



    I’ve fired off an email to superbru for clarification…



    Dear General,



    My picks seemed to have changed, yesterday at 08:55, you sent me a confirmation e-mail that my picks were as follows…



    Dear Chairbhoy,



    Thanks for making your picks! Here’s a record of what you have chosen:



    7 | Dundee United v Rangers


    7 Aug 12:30 (your time)


    7 Aug 12:30 (local)


    Pick: Dundee United 1 – 2 Rangers


    Change Pick



    8 | Celtic v Dundee


    8 Aug 15:00 (your time)


    8 Aug 15:00 (local)


    Pick: Celtic 3 – 1 Dundee


    Change Pick



    9 | Hibernian v Ross County


    8 Aug 15:00 (your time)


    8 Aug 15:00 (local)


    Pick: Hibernian 2 – 0 Ross County


    Change Pick



    10 | Livingston v Aberdeen


    8 Aug 15:00 (your time)


    8 Aug 15:00 (local)


    Pick: Livingston 1 – 3 Aberdeen


    Change Pick



    11 | St. Mirren v Hearts


    7 Aug 15:00 (your time)


    7 Aug 15:00 (local)


    Pick: St. Mirren 2 – 3 Hearts


    Change Pick



    12 | St Johnstone v Motherwell


    8 Aug 15:00 (your time)


    8 Aug 15:00 (local)


    Pick: St Johnstone 2 – 2 Motherwell



    Yesterday’s picks were fine but going onto you app I now find today’s pick had been changed, as below



    Dundee United


    1 – 2





    St. Mirren


    2 – 3







    1 – 2







    2 – 3


    Ross County





    3 – 1





    St Johnstone


    2 – 0





    I never changed my picks. Could you confirm if this was a glitch in your system or was my account hacked and the picks changed?



    Best Regards






    Would be interested in any other contributiors anomalies…



    Hail Hail

  13. lets all do the huddle on

    Just spoke to my mate who told me Lee Griffiths was seen on



    camera heavily involved with his mobile phone while game was






    Come on Lee surely you can turn your phone off for a couple of



    hours and show some interest in the team




    when the camera panned to Griff the ball was out of play at the time



    that doesnt mean he wasnt looking at his phone when the ball was in play



    but there isnt any evidence that ive seen to show that

  14. Excellent today – a big smile on my face and a drink in hand.


    Build on this bhoys


    And – Board – get out players protected

  15. What an absolute pleasure it was to be at Celtic Park today to witness an absolutely fantastic performance from the Bhoys.


    Took us about 15mins to get going, but then we really did .



    I think we have found a new hero in Kyogo.



  16. Best performance in months. Get a couple of full-backs and we’ll give this title a real shot…still got McCarthy to come in too.



    Shame Eddie downed tools. I can understand why he might have been a bit disillusioned but with offers on the table from relegation-threatened EPL sides, he might miss what Ange is building.



    As for Kyogo…he can’t be any good if he played in Japan. If he was any good, he’d be in Europe, right? That was the message when we appointed our manager……

  17. Rolling_Stone on

    Brilliant performance. Our best in a long time. Ange has really impressed his ideas on this team and we are now starting to see it bear fruit. It’s refreshing to see a Celtic team with a defined way of playing.



    Still a lot to do in terms of signings. Can’t wait to see what the team will look like with Ange’s preferred full backs contributing.

  18. Let’s get one thing straight about the rebuild of the stadium,Fergus McCann might have put money into the club ,but I’ll wager the fans paid for the Stadium same up in Lennoxtown and possibly Barrowfield The Hotel ,The Musuem ,The Ticket Office etc I’m not being fooled by these rich people in the Celtic People ,The ordinary fans are the ones who pumped millions of pounds over the years ,Not the likes of Desmond ,McCann ,Haughey etc .and many more .

  19. This might sound like absolute hyperbole but had De Bruyne played that pass for Kyogo’s third, we’d be seeing replays of it all season.



    Christie may well be a “wantaway” but he’s certainly not playing like it.



    I had an inkling that despite his poor season last season, under a good coach in a flowing side, there could be a player there. Wonder if he’d fancy a new deal on double-money.

  20. PHILBHOY on 8TH AUGUST 2021 5:30 PM











    Good to see you posting!




    Cheers mate and



  21. Agree on the ref – the time to get to the SFA is when we have won – those tackles were carreer enders!



    I see Mcfadden making a big deal of Mulgrew challenge , saying they should have been down to 10 men – give me a break soup taker! it was a foul, it was a yellow, it WOULD have been a red if the united center was not providing cover!



    Magic from Celtic – every player on top – if I was being fussy ;



    Taylor in the first 10mins gave the ball away so so many times – I love his attitude but he will cause us goals due to his lack of defensive and physical ability.



    Starfelt – left the ball bounce a couple of times and invited pressure. He need to stamp that out bit I think he will look beside a big commanding center (btw the youngsters Welsh and Ralston looked the more experienced defenders out there – well played and well done coaching staff)

  22. Rolling_Stone on

    @ST TAMS on 8TH AUGUST 2021 7:03 PM



    Christie was one of the players to suffer most under NL. He was chucked out playing as a RW and told to shoot more often. His performance tanked.



    Outside of CalMac, he is arguably our best player, particularly given Eddie’s form. I recognise Furuhashi may be our most important player before long.

  23. I think I mispelt the Dean Martin song earlier ?


    ” VOLARE” ?


    Change it to…


    ” KYOGO…OH OH OH..


    KYOGO…OH OH OH…No wonder my happy heart sings ”



  24. Shuggys36Goals on

    Players playing with confidence made all the difference today imo. I think the players have bought into ange’s vision, and trust him already.



    A 6 nil win, a brilliant display of football, and yet there’s still a few squidwards on here trying to suck any joy out of it. They’re annoyed their 2 league games in a row fireworks had to be cancelled, I suppose.

  25. WOW – That was some performance by Celtic.



    The movement was a joy to watch – Ange really does want Every team to hate playing us.



    This is just the start.



    Even heard some Thunder in the 2nd half!!!!