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  1. DAVID66 on 8TH AUGUST 2021 8:14 PM


    Was saying to my mates that Kyogo looks Cadete/Larrson esque



    Emdy??? Too early?



    The boy looks class. Great touch, movement, tenacity. It’s a long time since we scored a goal like his first, with a great run to the front post. I thought we had quite a few stray passes in the first ten minutes, but over all a brilliant performance. What a contrast in attitude and application from last year. Let’s keep it going and get the right players in. For me, left back is more critical than right. Wee Greg has great work rate but his passing is poor and he lacks the physicality of Ralston. Two good (in the air also) fullbacks still required. Great moments from both Turnbull and Christie today, while McGregor must have had a pass success rate in the high 90s. I’d like to see us get a new mobile more physical striker to help our new super fast front line. Wee Abada also gets wired in and I loved that he wanted to take the penalty. Suddenly, the game against AZ Almaar doesn’t look so daunting. I still think it’ll be a hard task to get into the Europa but things are looking better.

  2. PHILBHOY on 8TH AUGUST 2021 5:26 PM


    JHBJHB on 8TH AUGUST 2021 5:09 PM





    Smiles on plenty of faces….but let’s not go overboard. We beat a better Hamilton team 5-0, with our striker getting a hat-trick on our first game at Celtic Park last season & were unbeaten in eight league games afterwards, winning seven & drawing one…and we know what happened. Time will tell – Dundee probably the weakest we have played












    Why don’t you cheer up ya fud.




    Now now Phil,remember what you told me last night,”Your better than that” :-)



    Loved the Southampton one.

  3. Today was a brilliant day, see that point after the 2nd goal when we nearly got a 3rd goal, the crowd really got into it. It was that moment i properly realised, and i suspect as did many others, what we have missed over the past year or so. Once the place is full it will be a different story this year all together, I’m sure of that.

  4. Long time since I enjoyed watching celtic play, today was a great watch, movement, quick passing, pace and desire was clear for all to see.



    Mccarthy, when ready, will improve the defensive aspects of our play and that will benefit the team.



    Would love to get a pacey, potent and good passer of the ball at leftback and rightback and an additional centreback to offer depth there. Reckon we also need a left winger.



    Another few signing this week and a win on Thursday would do wonders for the feel good factor. Even if eduard and /or christie left the building. Albeit that we would then need to add a striker to the shopping list. Moving on boli and barkas would also be nice.




  5. Drew1967 – Wee Fleck the Orange bassa….. naw I’m only kidding.



    Allan was a good guy, anytime for a beer, you have my number.



    Hail Hail



    D :)

  6. DAVID66 on 8TH AUGUST 2021 8:14 PM


    ‘Was saying to my mates that Kyogo looks Cadete/Larrson esque







    Emdy??? Too early?’







    No, not to early.



    But not a podium either.









    ERNIE LYNCH on 5TH AUGUST 2021 5:02 PM


    Larsonnesque chip of the keeper.

  7. VP – Cunning Linguist, I am sure Mrs David66 has called me that when I have came In pished.



    D :)

  8. Adi – Dont you start.



    The next Beer frenzy you better turn up. No hiding.



    D :)

  9. glendalystonsils on

    I thought the ref was atrocious today but we took him out of the equation a la Jock Stein .

  10. Doig,Buta ,Itsakura,we would be good to go


    Tony,and Greg,tremendous effort,but a notch down from the level needed,especially in Europe.Great back up though.Which will be needed.Jullien back ,squad complete.



    Old Concrete boots,RC,has to have a sit down with Ange.On the kind of form he has shown,we could not afford a like replacement.That would be a mouthwatering midfield playing well,


    Mc Carthy,Calmac,Turnbull,RC

  11. Kyoto’s goals reminiscent of Gary Hooper.His second a carbon copy of Gary’s movement to meet Izzy’s cross in Rangers game.

  12. DAVID66



    Funny..he was claiming he went to Firhill to watch the Jags as a lad.il be in touch about a catch up.




  13. ROCK TREE BHOY on 8TH AUGUST 2021 5:22 PM


    PHILBHOY on 8TH AUGUST 2021 5:28 PM




    I am happy with the result and the entertainment value of the performance.



    But let’s stop acting like kids waiting for the ‘tooth fairy’.



    Dundee were by far the weakest team we have faced this season. They offered absolutely nothing against us – we had it very very easy.



    Why do you object to realism? If we can replicate this type of performance against better opposition over the season, then we can start to make informed judgement.



    In my opinion there is a long way to go to build a decent squad and there will be some ‘false dawns’ along the way.



    Analogy: If a contractor who had ‘ballsed-up’ a previous job came to decorate your house and on the first day they only painted one door, but it looked quite nice…..would you then pay them upfront for all the decorating & construction work they were due to carry out and tell them they are top-class?



    Of course you wouldn’t – you’d wait to see more work and judge accordingly…..so why do you abandon all your common sense &


    instincts just because it’s Celtic and you like what you saw today?



    That’s not coherent and smacks of desperation, or, maybe ‘jumping on a bandwagon’.

  14. If Carlsberg did weekends…



    Friday, played the Old Course for the first time ever…a nett one under.



    Saturday, Charlie Mulgrew-inspired Dundee Utd beat the huns.



    Sunday, a spectacular return to form for Celtic.



    Cannot wait for Thursday and next Sunday.

  15. The proliferation of football punditry is alarming. There will soon be a football experts’ union. The journo presenters, reporters and commentators that populate the airwaves in Scotland are abysmal. Celtic TV needs to either move up a gear or else be stuck in the middle with all these clowns and jokers. Yesterday’s bbc sports headline was


    “Ferocious United beat Rangers (sic) ” Like animals ? Aye. So where are the comments today from the well suited pundits about Dundee’s rough play and the compliance of the man in pink. Big Ange has enough to do to have to joust with these reptiles so can someone else not speak out. Hartson and Sutton will have to take the SKY shilling if they want to get a gig, so don’t look to them. As earlier posters said during the match its the fact that someone could actually get seriously injured….. and meanwhile the bbc commentators on the match are talking about other things. THEY DONT ACTUALLY KNOW MUCH ABOUT FOOTBALL.

  16. The info ,. I have is that Christie is signing a new contract.


    Burnley the only club in the picture ,but are not willing to pay the wages he wants

  17. Go tell the Spartim on




    Apparently the S*n have copied your info for tomorrow’s edition

  18. JHB



    “I am happy with the result and the entertainment value of the performance”.



    Yip ,your singing from the same hymn sheet as most others , most others would like to see additions to the squad and hope they arrive sooner rather than later.



    Today gave us hope that we have turned the corner in passing , movement , attitude , goals . Most of us know we have a way to go before these performances become regular ( not saying 6-0 wins ).



    The Boss is installing standards that LENNY let slip away .



    lets enjoy the moment and who knows how good we can become .👍💚

  19. At this moment in time, Christie would be a much greater loss to us than Eddie.



    I’m not altogether convinced Eddie will go although it’s very clear he’s no longer a guaranteed starter. Certainly plenty of depth going forward if Eddie sees out his contract.

  20. I will sleep sound tonight …..feet firmly on the ground ….two top full backs and that would be a team !!….right back….itikura…..replacement for Eddie…..maybe get away with project left back ..tho Montgomery could be that……we have enough 10s …covered on right …if christie goes we need another ..maybe lovric?…I’d like him as well anyway …being greedy I know…….anyway…Happy tonight

  21. RIMTIMTIM @ 10:27


    Fully except a headline tomorrow as follows:


    “Celtic beat 10-man Dundee.”

  22. Got to be honest here Bhoys, 95% of me had written the season off,too big a shambles to fix in a short period for AP,or anyone else. After today’s performance, we are in there pitching. I thought if I seen improvement, tactics and the shape of a team,I would give AP a pass ,and time to build, but we can win this league. A couple more signings, coupled with more coaching, improved fitness, and we are definitely back in the ball game here.

  23. BB, do you still think we need someone else from Japan over to hold Kyogo’s hand? Patronising pish. Next time you’re all about throwing in the towel before a punch has been thrown, do it out of sight please.

  24. !!BADA BING!!




    Definitely , the only thing against us is time , time to gel together.



    I bet your pain /discomfort was a little bit more bearable with that display/result today big yin .



    Anyhoo , its been a great weekend 💚👍




  25. It’s more than just the performance, as good as it was. The effect this will have on other teams is just as important. That was why it is so important that guys like Turnbull have controlled shots when the time is right. It keeps teams honest, they cannot defend with two rigid banks of four because they have to come out and engage us. Thoroughly enjoyable watch. Have never seen such a turnaround from a squad of players demanding the ball to feet, to free flowing football where player’s runs dictated where the ball would be passed. MAGIC

  26. See where we are after sevcovid game.feeling better about it tho.especially up front.hopefully can get JM fit for it too.




  27. The ithers huv been awfy…..quiet.



    Funny that.









    G’night Tims.