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  1. Sionnaigh,



    I just want them squirming and put under pressure – the hun support revolting Tuesday will wreck them I think.



    There was great support frae the Bhoys yesterday. Thursday might not be the most glamorous of games but it will be really special having Paradise Full under the lights.



    And the Disco Lights will have a real effect!!!!!!









  2. We were very good today and supporters should always enjoy a win and dream of what might be.



    I genuinely believe the introduction of mccarthy and return of jullian can see us push on. But to really get monitoring we are gonna need a couple of quality fullbacks and a left winger all of whom would need to be better than what we have. Do that and I think there is plenty enough for the supporters to get excited about so long as Ange can get them playing as a unit.




  3. Sionnaigh



    Here comes the judge,B side of Turning Japanese..belter of a song…jumped about ma room many a time to that wi my snooker cue as a guitar.



    What im supposed to do..


    Sittin here in this eternal zoo


    with no shoes on..



    Or somethin like that




  4. Sionnaigh,



    The Man is just in the Tony Yeboah and has Celtic playin’ fitba like that. We had 75% possesion according to the unreliable BBC for me it seemed more. Deelighted with our performance.



    We have a very Special Manager IMO.



    Cherry pick 1 mair frae the Strong J-League/s



    I’m still buzzing about how good we played Yesterday and so early in the Mans tenure.



    As for Newco….. Is it Tuesday?




  5. christie is a confidence player – but when he’s off his game he still runs himself into the ground for the team! great attitude. Looks like Ange has helped with his decision making.



    Last season – too many Hollywood shots at the worn moment. This season, looks up , observes, decides , executes.



    I’ll be happier once we sort the physicality at the back – 3 more experienced players needed for tougher challenges ahead!




    Haud oana minnit!!



    Doesn’t Kyogo come from one o they shoitey leagues at the backside of the fitba world fulla no name players and managers ;))



    Kyogo’s attack play is brill but his defensive workrate to shut them down puts a few other Celts to shame and on notice of the new energy standard reqd by Ange – we’re not even in top gear yet!



    Cant see us missing Eddy or Griff by this showing. Luvly.






    Totally agree.



    Ange wants dudes who Want to be at Celtic.



    As Kojo would Davie Hay



    Maks sense to me.

  7. THE EXILED TIM on 8TH AUGUST 2021 4:50 PM



    Somebody is gonna get a real spanking this season






    I said to Aidan that a few teams will get spanked by double digit scorelines this Season. He is a wise wee chap and disagreed.



    At least one team is getting it. It was the relentlessness right to the last minute that was Awesome. Ma Celtic.



    IMO we will take 10 off a team – we should have had it Yesterday Truth be told.

  8. Sláinte Ange on

    Like many others before the game, I had hoped for a good performance and a win for Celtic. What we got was nothing short of scintillating football, the likes of which we have been missing for a long time, six marvelous goals and a clean sheet. We have 2 new superstars in the making in Liel Abada and Kyogo Furuhashi and a welcome return to form in Christie, Turnbull and McGregor. Special mention to Anthony Ralston, our new defender come striker extraordinaire (reminded me of Chris Sutton).



    If you were not fortunate to have seen the game, here are the highlights:





    In Ange we trust.

  9. Sláinte Ange on

    By Paul Cuddihy, Celtic View Editor



    It was Ange Postecoglou’s first home league match at Paradise and the 24,500 supporters inside the stadium created a superb atmosphere to inspire the team against Dundee.



    And what transpired over the course of the 90 minutes proved to be inspirational to the fans, who were thrilled by an attacking display of football that yielded six goals without reply.



    For the Celtic manager, the 6-0 result was the reward his players deserved for their efforts from first minute to last.



    Speaking after the game, he said: “We played some good football and also worked awfully hard. We started the game really well which set the tone and it was a good performance from the players. I’m delighted for them, and they got their rewards for their hard work.



    ‘It’s hard to single people out because the whole team worked really hard and there wasn’t one player out there who wasn’t trying to do the things that we’re trying to implement.’



    Of course, the headlines will focus on Celtic’s hat-trick hero, Kyogo Furuhashi, who netted a hat-trick on his home debut to add to the goal he scored on European duty in midweek.



    It was a superb display of goalscoring prowess from the Japanese attacker, showing the qualities that had made Ange Postecoglou bring him to the club.



    And while Kyogo grabbed a hat-trick and his first match ball as a Celt, Ryan Christie produced an impressive display that yielded a trio of assists.



    “Kyogo got three goals and he could probably have got a couple more,” said the manager, “but his defensive work was also outstanding and that got the crowd going.



    “He was closing people down and that’s what he brings, that energy, and I think the other boys filtered off that.



    ‘But I just think that, generally, our intent was good for the 90 minutes. We were relentless and didn’t take our foot off the pedal so it was pleasing.’



    “Ryan was great and his energy is infectious in terms of, it goes through the whole team and he loves getting on the ball, and he’s always positive.”



    And as for recording a clean sheet, the manager explained that the credit for that goes to the whole team.



    He said: “I think the defense will be the first to say that it was our pressure further up the park that allowed us to defend in more aggressive areas and, again, nothing is isolated.



    “If we play our football and also commit to our defensive intent, then we can keep clean sheets and also score goals.”

  10. Good morning, fresh verdant morning in the Chilterns…



    Just watched the highlights of our goals, sublime is all I can say.



    SFtBs @ 9:19 PM,



    Thanks for the clarification. I’m no wiser though.



    It’s a long time since Saturday night inebriation was a thing for me, so that’s out and of course sleep surfing may be a thing but it is a new one on me, so we can rule that out.



    Also you seem, by omission, to rule out the default picks, I did the same, it seems highly unlikely given your description of how the system assigns these that this happened.



    As no one else has come forward with a similar “glitch” on their picks, that too seems unlikely at this stage.



    Just to confirm, I did get a confirmation e-mail when I made my initial picks on Saturday morning and did not receive any further e-mails.



    So the thing is just bizarre.



    Has anyone changed their picks? If so do you get a confirmation email on these changes?



    Anyway, I’ll wait until superbru gets back to me – obviously I’ll keep you in the loop.



    Hail Hail

  11. quadrophenian on

    PETEC – Ange’s steely resolve is the ‘culture’ thang that was so problematic to fix last term.


    Note; no role for the external psychologist either !



    CHAIRBHOY – like you, I was a bit puzzled by my Superbru stats and thought I’d picked some different results.


    Course, can’t rule out my pride-wounded delusional thinking as the cause rather than tech error.



    I’m gunna screen grab this weeks choices to see if there’s any milarkey in the machine. HH

  12. Excited by the performance yesterday especially as manager still early in his project and I hope still a few oven ready recruits ready to the squad.


    Can’t add any more to what’s already been said about Kyogo but I will about Christie – I thought he was just brilliant yesterday. He is an intelligent player who will thrive with a buzzbomb like Kyoto’s movement. He looked super motivated (opposite to last season) and as previously mentioned on this form we may not be able to afford a similar replacement.


    So time for Celtic to up the ante and make him and top offer to extend.


    I liked Young Welsh stepping into midfield yesterday too – pearly being coached properly and a very positive sign.


    The one worry I have is whilst the full backs pushing on and inside give us overloads in midfield it can become very congested in there but more concerning is it leaves is wide open to counters especially against better opposition. All for attacking formations and against most SPFL teams it will work well but Sevco and European teams may suss that quite quickly.


    Perhaps Ange will tweak it when required for a little extra security as I don’t think you can be so all out attack all the time.


    Yesterday was on the cards as our attacking play has been decent but now getting rewards. Feeling refreshed and raring to go.

  13. I had the kids yesterday so didn’t see the game and the highlights weren’t yet on iplayer last night.



    Even still, I’m finding it very difficult not to get carried away…😬



    There must be a few people who have given up their season tickets this year with some severe FOMO!*



    Happy Monday Bhoys and Ghirls



    *Fear of missing out (for the old codgers 😉)

  14. Paul The Spark on

    Majestic Hartson


    Just realised as I was trying to work out FOMO that I’m officially one of the old codgers now 😂



    Still wrong




    NAW it isnae according to YOYTUBE etc ?


    ” VOLARE” is how it is spelt.



    KYOGO…Oh Oh oh…


    Kyogo..oh..oh oh…


    No wonder my happy heart sings…


    Your GOALS have given me wings”


    KYOGO…oh oh oh…etc etc..



  16. RE BARKAS….



    I know he wasnt listed as a Sub yesterday v Dundee, but he has obviously been told to ” Warm Up” anyway…and imho he took the huff and decided just to stand in goal and NOT trying to save any shots etc…



    What IF HART or BAIN had got injured in their ” warm up”……as IF that had happened then Barkas would have been ” promoted” to the Subs bench….and yet he couldnt be arsed ” Warming Up” ?


    the sooner hes out the door the better for Celtic and him.



  17. Silly me as I took KYOGO to score at anytime and Celtic to win ” 6-1″ @ odds of 55/1 with the Bookies.


    I only took Dundee to score a goal, because our defence cant cope at times ?



    I cost myself a few quid yesterday, but who cares ?…as I dont mind my Bet going down IF Celtic keep a clean sheet.





  18. G’mornin’ Tims everywhere………..



    Still laffin’ ………..however, on serious matters- some thought to be given as to how the Club responds to the level of terrible tackling we receive.



    Make The Point – when we’ve taken the points!!!!



    In ither news…



    On a BIG weekend for Celtic with a welcome gust of positivity blowin’ thru the slopes of Celtic Park Shortie choose to highlight the results of a Liverpool friendly……….on the Sport landing page……………..









    (mibbes thur favourite team goat beat and they wur aw feelin’ a bit sore? )




  19. Tom McLaughlin on

    A few years ago I decided season 20/21 (my 60th) would be my last as a ST holder. I had hoped to finish on a 10-in-a-row high but it obviously didn’t work out that way.



    A mixture of Ange’s appointment – I knew him from my times watching Brisbane Roar in Suncorp Stadium – and encoragement from friends and family, turned my head and I decided to renew after all.



    Sitting in the upper Jock Stein yesterday and watching the exhilarating football on display, I knew I had made the right choice. Outstanding performances all over the park, and scintillating goals to boot.



    Absolutely buzzing for more of the same on Thursday.




  20. Good Morning all. The dreich outlook over the not so silvery Tay this Monday cannot dampen the mood after a Beautiful Sunday (c. Dundee Utd 😉). What a performance, it brought joy to my heart, and here’s to many more days like that. I thought that Calmac was the beating heart of the engine room, and his play was instrumental in driving the team forward – an inspirational display, imo of course. Also thought that playing out from the back, between goalie and defence, was better, although still room for improvement there. But, let’s not be too churlish on that point and enjoy the moment. Onwards and upwards.



  21. I meant to add……..


    we need to protect th skillful players – hence calling out the Blazers and Mibbery…………..



    However, I’d still like to see us, recruit a decent big lump o’ wid…………. sumbdy half-decent .that can hold up the ball with sleekit opponents just bouncin’ off him as he lends physical support to the troops……



    And – yon Livvie manager David ” Davie” Martindale is one for the watchin’.




  22. Good morning all from a rather wet and grey Springburn (work)



    Big Jimmy – Good to see you on, hope wee Rocky Bhoy is ok to.



    I thought it was a great touch/decision by Cal Mac to do a huddle after the game as well. Hopefully telling all the players that’s the standard we have to hit every game.



    D :)