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  1. It’s been a while since I watched Sportscene so it was nice drying myself after the soaking at the game, opening a bottle of red and tuning in.



    Nice to have football back as one of my mates again after last year’s fall out.




  2. Majestic hartson .





    I think if you read my post again you will see I said can we afford to lose Christie . He is a great player

  3. Cheers for clearing that up JimTim.



    Weirdly I read your above message about 3 times and was still reading it as “WE CAN afford to lose him”



    It might be time for me to get an eye test 👍🏼

  4. DAVID66 on 9TH AUGUST 2021 9:29 AM




    Wee Rocky Bhoy is okay just now…STILL BOSSING me round…Thanks.


    I wish somebody would take the Griffs Phone off of him whenever hes inside Celtic Park..it is NOT a ” Good Look”, for ANY Celtic player especially when the team are in action !



  5. BIG JIMMY on 9TH AUGUST 2021 8:06 AM









    I know he wasnt listed as a Sub yesterday v Dundee, but he has obviously been told to ” Warm Up” anyway…and imho he took the huff and decided just to stand in goal and NOT trying to save any shots etc…







    What IF HART or BAIN had got injured in their ” warm up”……as IF that had happened then Barkas would have been ” promoted” to the Subs bench….and yet he couldnt be arsed ” Warming Up” ?








    But would that not vindicate his decision (if it was his decision rather than instructions from Stevie Woods) not to actively participate in the warm up thereby avoiding the risk of injury?

  6. Eddie linked with Roma now…I don’t think the interest is there for Eddie. These constant transfer rumours are beginning to resemble the fat Colombian annual circus.

  7. Saw Dundee Utd’s goal against TFOD.



    Goldson was turning like a supertanker – our new forwards should have a lot of joy against them as long as they’re not lkicked off the park early on.

  8. AR — Loved his goal.


    No time for thinking just do it.


    One way to get the ball in the back of the net and it all came naturally — there must be a song in there somewhere.



    At some point over the past 4 / 5 years something has happened.


    He seems to have lost 2 / 3 years of his football development / football education.



    Not sure if it was injuries or a lack of coaching but he needs help understanding the flow of the game and what he needs to do to improve his effectiveness.



    Loose / poorly structured back 4 and he seems to be unsure where to fit in.


    If those alongside him are more stable then it will help him.



    He looks very serious on the park — never a smile / always on edge.


    He needs some support and direction to give him more confidence on the park.


    Hopefully he gets the detailed coaching he needs and he kicks on.


    Understand the game around him — two passes out not just 1.

  9. The usual moaners like myself ,who see the big picture anything Celtic will say what I have to say,yesterday’s result was a very commanding performance against a poor Dundee side ,3 points is all that matters,but we still need to recruit the 2full backs are ok ,but they are not what is required at Celtic,another goalkeeper is a priority,Barkas and Bain the supporters have lost all confidence in them,another Centre Back and a Striker is also required,Edouard will leave which leaves us with Ajeti whom I feel Ange doesn’t rate ,and another winger maybe there is one in the Development Squad ?.

  10. Majestic Hartson






    JIMTIM on 8TH AUGUST 2021 3:42 PM


    Playing good stuff . In this form can we afford to lose Christie .



    Can give you details ma pal of a good optician Lol . Doesn’t matter that through ball for the wee mans hat trick shows the ability he has . HH

  11. I did mention the danger of involving Eddy in this game yesterday,thought it was crazy.I know he got injured in the warm down,but I really don’t think he should have been anywhere near the squad.Far too much money involved for us.Two full backs and a CH,s worth of money.Hopefully the injury is not too severe.


    Playing out from the back,is our weakness at the moment.This passing out to a guy with an opponent a couple of yards away,gives me the Heebies.We are not very good at it yet,and will get punished.Loads of work,or maybe the incoming players,will be more adept,required.


    I agree with Burnley about Greg Taylor.His endless energy getting forward,allows Calmac,RC,a bit of room,or an out ball.Not blessed with great pace ,but workrate,second to none.Probably same can be said for Big Tony.If he keeps this improvement up,both will be excellent back up if we bring in FBs.


    All we need is Malmo now.

  12. AN TEARMANN on 9TH AUGUST 2021 9:58 AM



    Great article big man, never knew about the “Magnificent 7” escape from the Maidstone.



    Paddy McMenamin is an excellent writer and has one hell of a story to tell.

  13. By the way,who has decided that this Dundee team are a”Poor side”.They beat Killie 4-2 in the play offs,and played very well.Watched both games.Maybe more should try it.Dundee U,hardly been setting the Heather ablaze.Lets wait and judge them when they are playing teams who were not as scintillating as we were yesterday.


    Does us no favors to demean our achievements this way.

  14. QUADROPHENIAN @ 6:31 AM,



    That’s interesting if there is some sort of glitch!?



    I’ve actually got my picks recorded on a confirmation e-mail and a record of the ones I ended up with, which were just bizarre.



    To give an example, I had Celtic to win 3-1, when the results came in I had Celtic loosing 2-1, not a score I’d have gone for in a million years.



    Also although I was wide of the mark with the scores all my results were correct, when the results came in my picks had the wrong scores and the wrong results…. Quite a difference.



    Obviously in one level it’s a bit of fun, but on the other hand charity money is involved, so random stuff or worse should not be happening.



    I’m sure it will all come out in the wash.



    You predicted Ange would do the business and you have been spot on.






    Hail Hail

  15. Good morning folks,



    Absolutely buzzing after yesterday’s performance. The result of course was important, always good to score a lot of goals and keep a clean sheet. But it was the manner of the performance that has me so happy today. Keeping the ball moving, great movement from players off the ball and releasing the ball quickly forward and with some magnificent finishing. I appreciate its early doors and things can change quickly, however a few more things than just the above make me optimistic that we are heading in the right direction.



    From the interviews I have seen of him, I think Dom McKay will deliver both on the park, with more new players being made available for the manager, and off the park with re-organising and modernising the structure and processes within the club. Appreciate the latter may well take time, maybe years to achieve the standard that he wishes, but I am quite confident we will get the former achieved in time for the transfer window closing.



    Regarding Ange, I like his attacking style of play, although I reserve judgement on our defence until he has all the players he requires in all positions. I like his straight talking at the press conferences and how so far he has dealt with the players, getting them onboard and the ones who don’t buy into his system can go. There is no doubt he is the boss, and If he was not getting the backing from the board, I don’t think he would be slow in letting them know.



    As I said, it’s very early doors, but I have a gut feeling that we are heading in the right direction and a new era in our history is starting.




  16. Well what a performance , what would we give to have that every game , extra special when even the Lanarkshire refs lodge 1690 can do nothing about the quality football , but action must be taken regards the brutal tackling that was allowed to go on unpunished . Let’s see if Dom has more in him to take the honest mistakes and the blind eye to over aggression . I heard big John say we could have 3-4 coming in , I still think we need more quality coming in , we desperately need height in defence , I broke a rule on Saturday and watched the new club , it was high punts into the box at every opportunity , couldn’t see to much to worry us if we continue to improve before we meet them ,aribo looked best for them . starfelt a bit of a worry yet for me , but new in he may settle . Anyway ange will know what we need hopefully . HH

  17. Tully57



    Thanks Tully,i have known Paddy most of my days.Like me he came to Termon on holidays,me from glasgow,he from Belfast me Glasgow,Paddys kin ran the mountain bar which was legend locally as many a man coming out the bog stopped off for a pint late afternoon only to get home at 2 or 3 in the morning.😊He has a ST and hopefully will get over.writes in tirconal tribune(local paper)takes courses from Galway and has been doin zoom lectures with ire32 and unity.we are usually on the phone weekly scowling at something,maybe to do with Celtic.


    hope all good with you 👍




  18. Excellent display all round yesterday special mention Ryan Christie, superb in this form would love to see him stay


    Anthony Ralston did not think he was up to the standard required but making me reappraise his ability


    Kyogo inspirational performance what a joy to watch


    Big Ange keep playing it your way [Board back him]


    On another subject can anyone inform me how to transfer the free Celtic voucher over to the Kano foundation and is there a time limit, thanks in advance



  19. glendalystonsils on

    Turkeybhoy @10.56



    Couldn’t agree more . Dundee started brightly but we wore them down physically and psychologically with our play and our goals . We ran them ragged . I was surprised at the number of comments on here demeaning our win . Not saying Dundee are a great team and of course we will face sterner tests but they will take points off more fancied teams this season .

  20. Thanks An Tearmann – the Mountain Bar sounds like my kind of place! There would be similar places in the Rosses where my family are from.

  21. Tom McLaughlin on

    Ernie is spot. It is very common for a goalkeeper warming up, to refrain from, or be told to refrain from diving about trying to save shots. In fact keepers are regularly told just to position themselves goal centre to help players with shooting practice, not by diving and saving them, but by forcing shots into corner of goal.

  22. Dundee and the likes were beating us last season, we played them off the park, talk it up.

  23. What a difference a passionate,hungry goalscorer makes.Not having a quality forward last season cost us dearly.give Kyogo the ammunition and he will score plenty.hopefully he’l encourage Eduard aswell.

  24. TURKEYBHOY from last night.



    I accept your reprimand, but I believe there was an element of fact in the description I used!




  25. Tom McLaughlin on

    While refusing to be drawn into naming names, Ange seemed pretty confident of the club bringing in a couple of new players “this week”.

  26. TOM



    More likely to be loanees unless we offload Eddy, in my opinion.



    But more than welcome.

  27. My friends in Celtic,



    What a joy to watch.



    Is Anthony Ralston the most improved player at Parkhead ?



    Could AP be developing him the way BR developed Callum McGregor?




  28. Still glowing after those early passes into kyogo – wow!



    Only negative – the shocking reffing and game management which allowed the greatest shower stevie g has ever managed to be beat; the training this weak for refs will be swift and shocking.