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  1. the long wait is over on

    Shortbread emphasising a possible penalty claim for Dundee at the end ?



    Didn’t see it – I presume it’s usual posh and nothing to it.



    No mention of several claims we had – at least one stonewaller.

  2. No wonder I’m white headed 🤣


    Delighted for Gio.


    Lots still to do but we’re on the right road.

  3. Off to the zoo to relax after that.



    Delighted for Gia.



    Sapping midweek game and we made it a little tougher than we should but a winning mentality in the league continues. Was all about the 3 points today. Kyogo would have had a hat-trick today. Maeda a brace on another day.

  4. Well, 3 points is what matters. Big Giako has arrived.



    Much to work on to avoid getting soft centred again.



    Best thing about it is the thought of the Orcs getting their hopes up just to be dashed on the rocks of Timmy resilience again!!!!



    That’ll do me. I’ll spare myself the tactical geniuses who will no doubt tell us where Ange is going wrong. Have a nice evening

  5. Not a save by Joe Hart.We can lose goals from set pieces,but find it impossible to score from them.Bring back Jullien.Think he had double figures before.

  6. Phew! let’s learn our lessons when we don’t get punished.


    That performance was caused by that Mickey mouse tournament.


    Sooner we are out of it the better.


    Paul’s spin about it being important is just spin to sell tickets.


    Eye’s on the big prize, one after today we have a great chance of winning with plenty of Tim to prepare for league games.

  7. Gia partially makes up for his disastrous penalty against Livi.


    Looking back at Dundee’s goals, we need players on the posts, and someone beyond the back post.

  8. the long wait is over on

    Nice wee goal difference too at the minute.



    Hopefully won’t come down to that but it might well do.

  9. The complete hat-trick for big Geo! First with his right, second with his left and then the winner with his head!

  10. Biton really is playing well this season.



    Hoping Turnbull gets back soon to add to our midfield to front options. O Riley and Rogic are simply not fit enough.

  11. we do make things difficult , far too many chances going a begging , we really do need to convert more of these opportunities , our set pieces are woeful and for giving away needless free kicks will be our downfall if we don’t get this sorted pronto.




    Before he hit his first goal I was explaining to my son why Gia wasn’t the answer.


    I don’t have to tell you what my son said at the final result

  13. Our 2 centre half’s were out jumped for their second. We lack height throughout the team. I would get big Julien in for Carl.

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Celtic 3 clear merits ELEVENTH place on BBC Football Online.



    Ahead of us …


    2 EPL matches today (fair enough)


    2 La Liga links (one from yesterday!)


    2 Harry Kane stories from Yesterday


    1 Foden abused at Boxing Match


    1 Liverpool link from yesterday


    1 Women’s match : Canada vs Germany



    They are hurting !!!!

  15. I look forward to sportscene focusing on sevco not getting pens and ignoring our blatant clain.


    Today felt like 2008 again , advantage the bhoys.

  16. Well it’s 3 points we will take that . But really what has happened since the newco game . Pity our Achilles heel raised its ugly head again . Money needs spent there and dare I say it on some midfield steel too . HH

  17. I thought Ange would take O’Riley off first. His passing was short all day. I’d also have kept Hatate on simply for his goal threat

  18. Georgia’s has arrived in the building.



    Nir added composure and class when he came on.



    If we take a narrow lead with more time on the clock – get Julien on to nullify the set piece threat.



    If we lose the league this season, we will know why.



    Two shots on target both from set pieces, leading to two goals, is simple not good enough.

  19. There’s a Sevco fan I follow on Twitter who posts “projected tables” based on teams xG etc and historically he’s been very accurate.



    Some dismiss those kinds of stats but when we were six points behind, he still had us projected to win the league by four points.




  20. Inside The SPFL





    In the last 10 league games Celtic went into last 5 minutes needing a winner, in those three games they didn’t play well but each time they’ve somehow managed to win the game, that isn’t down to luck, when their ability lets them down their character somehow pulls them through.

  21. Julien has his flaws but if he can reach the levels he had before his injury (no guarantee), he has to start. We’re too weak in both boxes.

  22. WITS….surely it should be



    η ελληνική, η ελληνική, η ελληνική ;-))




  23. Dear Ange.Please play Mr Julienne as he will win headers at set pieces and probably put years on my life as at this rate I will have a coronary before the season is over. Yours in Celtic OHITS

  24. For me it’s relief more than Happiness.


    Since the Hun/Motherwell games we have gone off the boil.


    Hatate, O’Riley, even Jota have gone backwards, we wont win the League playing like this.


    I accept today we were after a mid week game but we struggled against the Sheep, not great against Raith, were poor against Bodo & were poor today.


    Now we won and it is a sign of a good team when you win while not playing well but we can’t keep this up, we will get caught out eventually,

  25. the long wait is over on



    Gia partially makes up for his disastrous penalty against Livi.



    Looking back at Dundee’s goals, we need players on the posts, and someone beyond the back post.






    I agree.



    I also don’t understand why we defend free kicks with a line on the 18 yard box.



    Once the ball comes in the opposition players are coming in at pace facing the goal – we’re trying to defend facing away from goal.



    The Ball is delivered in too far away from the keeper for him to come and he’s given no chance as the scoring header has the pace of the ball on it – and the pace of the header on it too.



    That line only works of you can work a defensive / offside line well. We can’t.



    I’d try and defend from a much deeper line.



    For most teams It’s risky but I can’t see how it could be any worse for us than what we’re trying at the minute.



    Opposition teams conversion from this situations feel like it’s nearing 100%.

  26. I don’t go along with the ” tired from Thursday” narrative.


    We were never under pressure.


    We gave awsy two soft goals.


    One where O’Riley was cleverly blocked when he tried to follow his man and one stupid free kick from Starfelt.


    We still don’t defend set pieces.


    Gio’s third goal was a cracker.


    Ralston hadn’t been playing well, put stuck to his task. The cross was top class and Gio had to muscle his way in to get the header.


    I like Bitton in the holding role and McGregor is better going forward.


    Real Champions grind out results.


    We are begining to look the part.