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  1. Relief is my feelings today, that was so difficult to just put the game away, granted a stone wall penalty when Gio was shoulder and elbowed in the first half would have given us the chance to make it 3. The wind made mistakes inevitable and they scored from a hold off on O’Riley and a header from the centre of the box, nowhere near strong enough in either situation. Joe Hart had nothing to do but we conceeded 2.


    I do not like not having a left footed left back in the team, today Scales should have played with Ralston at right side or Juranovic he also gives us height for set pieces. happy with the 3 points, I would play our biggest team on Thursday night, we have seen how they play and their size, by a mile Easter Road is the most important game. Well done Celtic.

  2. I believe we scored from a corner today. Also, should have had a foul for the block on O’Riley at their first goal.



    Not sure what you can do about missing so many chances.



    Hatate and O’Riley were not in the game enough. CalMac was played two delightful balls over the top that should have been converted.



    Jura and Ralston were great.

  3. Been saying it for years now that we need someone who would eat his Granny as a def mid, I reckon James McArthy was brought in to do that job, not by Ange IMO, but sadly he doesn’t look like he is up to the job, more’s the pity.


    We get one in and we will see this team soar, again IMO.

  4. GG got us out of a jail that we had voluntary walked into – I’ve not been one of his biggest fans to date – but his recent performances have improved incrementally, now with goals ‘to boot’! He looks fitter to me – maybe has dropped a few pounds? Today will give him a confident boost, no doubt. Let’s hope he can push on now – we do need that physical presence upfront. Do we also need it in mid-field & central defence?



    The two Dundee goals were reminiscent of the two at Aberdeen – our defence seemingly ‘back on their heels” on both occasions. That’s now a worrying pattern – our ‘hearts are in our mouths’ with every cross, or, set-piece. We either sort it, or, it could sort us!

  5. Their claim was for a high hanging ball that dropped between 2 players challenging for it, not a penalty, complete accident if it hit an arm.

  6. Walk On Through the Wind


    Walk On Through the Rain…..



    For those less familiar with the lyrics on here


    That’s how the song goes……




  7. I love Tony Ralstons grit and determination but I have heart palpitations when he’s high up the pitch, I just don’t think he has the pace to get back if the other team breakaway

  8. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    It’s on days like today that leagues are won. We were red rotten, but I still had belief we would find a way and we did. Top parks to big GG. And also JJ and Tony R. Stepped up when we needed them.



    Our form is worrying tho’. Poor since second half at Pittodrie. The goals we lost were criminal, but worse again was the lack of discipline that left us 1 vs 2 in the last minute of injury time. Hopefully just a blip, but this league is far, far from done.



    I also thought CalMac had a very poor game today. Very unlike him.

  9. Our first goal was from a corner wasn’t it?



    An excellent day, three points ahead, and another game nearer to Kyogo being back. I would face taken that this morning



    Next Sunday won’t be easy against Hibs after traveling to B/G but at least we have a genuine cushion

  10. glendalystonsils on

    Dundee deserved nothing from that game because of their persistent petty fouling and time wasting . Unfortunately we got their hopes up by conceding two shocking goals which brought horrible flashbacks of last season’s Laxalt ,Duffy and Kenny show .


    Ange’s summer shopping list is being written for him right there .


    You always feel with this Celtic team that we will pull out a late winner though , and I’m glad it was big GG with some old fashioned centre forward play , something we’ve been lacking in recent seasons .

  11. On Celtic’s matchwinner and hat-trick hero, Giorgos Giakoumakis, Ange Postecoglou says: “He’s been good. He’s been working awfully hard without always getting the rewards. He’s been unlucky at times.



    “That’s why I brought him to the club. You saw with the opposition putting so many players in the box, we needed someone with presence and he’s got bags of it.”



    True, but past history does not guarantee future performance. We cannot simply rely on character to win our games for the rest of the season. We have obvious deficiencies at opposition set pieces, either of focus, concentration, organization or confidence, or perhaps all of them. We beat the Zombie Club because we denied them opportunities for corners by pinning them in their own half for much of the game. We need to get our act together before the Bigotdome on April 3.

  13. JHB


    That’s now a worrying pattern – our ‘hearts are in our mouths’ with every cross, or, set-piece. We either sort it, or, it could sort us!





    Who are you speaking for?



    Making it up again.



    Unjumble the following words to make a well known saying –



    One do go and.

  14. Typically, Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou doesn’t give much away about what thinks this result might mean for the title race.



    “We were six points behind not long ago,” the Australian stresses. “Things change very quickly.



    “What’s important is, even during those times we were behind, we just focused on what we were doing. The result is not a given. In football, you’ve got to earn everything you get.”

  15. Hail hail the Celts are here!!!!!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. If you could pick a player to score some goals it would be GMak….been very unlucky in recent games, he will batter in a few more now🤞

  17. We could easily have dropped points there without big Gio, but 3 points clear with a much better goal difference is what really counts, well done the bhoys.

  18. I think Ange needs to look at our defence,2 fouls to Dundee well out to and credit to them score 2goals ,for me Julien needs to be back in defence,still say Starfelt is our biggest liability gives to many fouls to the opposition,our third goal came from a combination of Ralston and Juranavics racing down the right wing ,and I would like to think Ange will use them two on the right wing ,and I may add Juranavic is not suited at left back.

  19. think we need several big tall defenders as per the Norwegians , ours are all too wee or not keen on attacking the ball with their heads as per starfelt.

  20. Well done Celtic for persistence, but we got there in the end. I really dont know why Starfelt and CCV bother to go into the oppositions Penalty area when Celtic have a CORNER ?


    I MAY be wrong but I think that it is ONLY Young WELSH who has scored from a Celtic corner, when playing as a Centre Back ?


    I also have to say, that apart from our THREE Goals, we didnt FORCE their Goalie into any saves. Their goalie picked the ball out of his net Three times…..but apart from that, He didnt get his GLOVES DIRTY ….Just like Joe Hart.


    Im just so happy that we got the THREE Points obviously.



  21. The defending today for their first goal has to be seen to be believed. I like Hart but like Forster, he doesn’t command his area. That’s not our only problem with set pieces but it’s a big part imo. A ball being allowed to bounce on the six yard box is truly awful.



    We’ve won. We’ve extended our lead and our run. Easter Road is huge. If we don’t see an improvement in recent performances we will drop points. I’d forget about Thursday, I really could not care less about it.

  22. BIG JIMMY on 20TH FEBRUARY 2022 5:41 PM


    Well done Celtic for persistence, but we got there in the end. I really dont know why Starfelt and CCV bother to go into the oppositions Penalty area when Celtic have a CORNER ?



    CCV scored from a corner earlier in the season, but neither have a record of scoring previously. I guess they occupy a couple of defenders while GG can do the damage. I think it was Starfelt who headed down for GG’s first

  23. ROCK TREE BHOY on 20TH FEBRUARY 2022 5:31 PM


    We could easily have dropped points there without big Gio, but …………





    If ma granny had baws,