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  1. Love the honesty of the big Greek.



    He will score a lot of goals of we play to his strengths.



    Loved Biton sticking it right up his detractors (many who were metaphorically and actually making fro the exit as he came on). Miserable moaning customers. He calmed things down, kept us ticking over, never wasted a pass and let McGregor influence nearer their goal.



    Loved that we scored late when all the chumps who spend their weeks talking about Celtic had decided to leave their usual 5 minutes early and yet again that lot missed the drama and sheer ecstasy of a late winner in a league ‘run in’. They will never know the joy of being a real fan ‘faithful through and through’…….home for the Sunday dinner is more of a priority for some it seems.

  2. Patk…1st result on Google re GBTV



    All Perspectives Ltd. GB News is a free-to-air television and radio news channel in the United Kingdom. … It was set up with the aim of broadcasting “original news, opinion and debate”, with a mix of news coverage and opinion-based content. GB News is right-leaning on political issues.



    Oh, and for your information…a Theory is a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained. You are not a conspiracy theorist, you are a conspiracy nut

  3. HH



    the deed club had plenty of time to get back in it they didnt, we needed to get back in and we did.


    Thats the difference between winning a league and losing it. Not going to defend losing to two set pieces, we have to do better. But we are the strongest defence in the league and we win most headers. Starfield drives down the left again and again. Wouldnt drop him for Julien at this stage but he will get his chance.



    Too many on here ‘outhink’ Ange. If he is still here next year, this years best games will be next years worst games :o) . Jota on the left Miada on the right. Ralston leftback, juro right back. Rogic and O’riley playing together, Calmac front Bitton behind. He dos weird shit. Thought the subs were excellent tonight. WTF do I know? Followed the Man for many many years. With hope in my heart hoped he would do well.



    But honestly I dont know shit. I thought Ralston had a great game. a fair reflection would have been 4-2 or 5-2. Was fairly confidant we would have got a third tonight but was nervous the worst case scenario might have been 3-3. For about fifteen minutes Ralston, O’Riley and Jota owned the right wing but too wasteful from Giorgio and Miada. Great cross from Miada for the second and the big man bags a perfect hat trick.



    NO individual winners, no individual losers just team football. The players didnt panic, unlucky to not have scored more but not luck that we won. The league may go down to the wire? But this team in the League HAS MET EVERY CHALLENGE ! every.one. ((heheh see wot i did there). Ozzies we are absolute ‘wankers’ when we win but there really is no pleasing some folk!



    Hail Hail and Fark the zimbies.



    Ange has crossed the Rubicon

  4. See that saying , it’s results like today’s that win leagues…


    That …



    3 points that the others will be choking on …



    Up the Hoops




  5. Lurkin Tim



    Just an observation over the past 2 years.



    The BBC and SKY are totally plausible but also totally corrupt and are editorially influenced / opinion forming in a far more subtle way than GB News and similar.



    At least GB News says what it actually is on the tin and everyone knows that.

  6. Deprive of oxygen…………..



    Extinguish the Express readin’ CQN hater…….with indifference.

  7. Burnley78…am well aware that most uk news media are tarnished…which is why I watch none of them…well where do you get yer news, I hear u ask…I don’t ;-))

  8. Big Ange, who seemed very very calm, says we need to be stronger at set pieces, but all things considered he was happy with how we played, never really seen the big man frustrated or excited, a good thing I hope.

  9. Bankiebhoy1…my bad…but sometimes it’s so hard to ignore…







  10. Once the dust has settled I am happier with that than I was at full time performance wise.



    It was a more comfortable win than the score suggests. Two bad goals to concede bit beyond that Dundee pose zero threat. We can fix the set piece defending.



    May not be a popular opinion but at this point Abada is the more effective of our two first pick wingers. His goals and assists prove it. I thought he lifted us significantly today. He possibly profits from Jota being perceived by other teams as the main threat so his side of the field appears to get overloaded with defenders, leaving space elsewhere.



    I’m not surprised by Giakomakis form. He works his backside off and gets into goalscoring positions. Third goal was a thing of beauty.



    In the end it was a routine win, made a bit more nervy by two moments of defensive inadequacy.

  11. Hope all the moon howler bed wetters on here that were destroying big gio after 2 games come on now and eat humble pie.acting like zombies that no fek all and probably don’t even go and watch celtic 🚀🚀

  12. 11 league games to go.



    There were 17 to go when the zombies spent £2million on Ramsey.



    No way will he be fit for a full 90 minutes for at least another few weeks given his lack of game time. So essentially, best case scenario for them, he might, if he doesn’t get injured, play half the league games he was hired to play. Whoever is funding this must be delighted.



    The man United boy is being absolutely savaged by their fans. United might want to be careful that their £30 million protégé isn’t psychologically destroyed during his loan period.



    I might take a wee double on Celtic and Dortmund to progress in Europe this week. I’m serious.

  13. NOTTHEBUS on 20TH FEBRUARY 2022 6:38 PM


    Celtic 7-0-0 21 points



    Rangers 3-3-1 12 points






    It’s the form they’ve shown two out of the last three seasons post winter shut down. We’ll in their way to collapsing three out of four. A six point lead is now a three point deficit.



    Their results are awful and if we keep winning, their margin of error is nil.

  14. The fun thing is Rangers has it all to lose on Thursday night.



    If Rangers do lose from leading by 3 goals twice in the tie their fans will be baying for blood by the time they run out v Motherwell, should we beat Hibs in the early kick off on Sunday.



    I reckon we could be 6 or 7 points clear by the time we go to Livingston and they host Aberdeen.

  15. Roberttressel



    Totally agree re Bodo and Dortmund double.



    Both games see the home teams with it all to lose.



    Remember how tough it was to see the tie out v Ajax after we hammered them 3-1 in Amsterdam.

  16. My 6 year-old grandson’s 2 Celtic games v Dundee United & Dundee. Both very late winners. He loves the drama and excitement of these finishes.



    Not good for his grandad’s aul ticker.

  17. Not long back from the game with my two boys, great result, wind whirling about the stadium didn’t help us, handball and assault on GG ignored by the ref, who was abysmal all day, green brigade in fine voice the whole game, the 3 pts will annoy a few on here, but girfuy.


    ” There ain’t no stopping us now,


    We’re in the hoops “

  18. Burnley78…one (league) game at a time…Bodo on Thursday is no lose… so currently don’t care….only thinking about Hibs.



    As for news…I seen that metadata on russian outrage video re the pipeline explosion was recorded 2 days before the incident….beware false flags and misinformation wen it comes to Russia/Ukraine



    One is a sovereign country that wants to be in control of it’s own destiny….the other is Putin controlled Russia

  19. Could well see Sevco capitulating on Thursday.



    Hard to see us going thru – Bodo are a good side.



    Has 0-0 written all over it.

  20. SHUGGYS36GOALS on 20TH FEBRUARY 2022 7:50 PM



    exactly, being at the match, the conditions did affect when the ball was in the air, no one seems to have picked up on it in the match thread.



    i dont care anyways, i love the result, huriting huns girning and gnashing teef, I want to know how this 60 mins team keeps winning matches late on

  21. I think there will be goals in Norway OK but this year, I think it will be a blessing in disguise if we exit Europe this Thursday,


    Win the League & spend big on the Champions League loot.


    After last years debacle it was always going to be a 2 yr rebuild.


    I doubt if the players are getting pissed off, it just happens in a Season that teams hit a vein of form & likewise can go through a bad spell.


    We hit the heights with drubbing the Huns & Motherwell but have gone off the boil in the last 4 games.


    We need to get it back for the Hibs game, I think we will,

  22. the long wait is over on

    JACKIEMAC on 20TH FEBRUARY 2022 6:41 PM


    Maybe Gérard was decent after all






    Gerard maybe decent – too early to really tell given we just collapsed last year.



    What he is , though , is lucky.



    Lucky that he has Michael Beale as his coach.



    Just an example of a few things I’ve read and heard about him:-



    https://www.footballfancast.com/aston-villa-news/aston-villa-michael-beale -steven-gerrard-premier-league-dean-smith-fans-react-nswe

  23. Bodo were a ‘cut above’ anything we’ve faced in Scotland this season. They are comfortably ahead and playing on their usual plastic surface inside the Artic circle.



    The Celtic boss insists his team will have to deliver their hardest blows to see off the Norwegians – I agree!!!

  24. SAINT STIVS on 20TH FEBRUARY 2022 7:57 PM


    SHUGGYS36GOALS on 20TH FEBRUARY 2022 7:50 PM.



    I couldn’t agree more.


    Torrential rain throughout the night and early morning. making it a very heavy pitch, 40 MPH gusts all day,making conditions even trickier, today is the kind of day, to be delighted with the 3 points and move on.


    No need to over analyse.


    11 games to go.

  25. btw, folks, dont underestimate the effect of the wind on todays game.


    the wind definitely didnt help with some of those balls across the 6 yard box


    an another day…


    as for slagging of jota – 6 plus million is a steal

  26. Spikeysauldman



    Agree re the wind.



    Also the pitch itself is a disgrace.



    Can’t agree re Jota. Except if we just sign him to best Aberdeen !

  27. PARK THE BUS 442 on 20TH FEBRUARY 2022 5:50 PM


    A lap of honour after just having ‘scraped’ past bottom of the league Dundee??





    Fek off ya wee shitebag .