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  1. lets all do the huddle on

    the weather conditions definitely played a part today.



    so many tentative passes that fell short, like a golfer putting on a fast green being scared to hit the ball too hard



    and players being very deliberate about first time control that went wrong because of the conditions



    apart from the goals, my day was made by a girl tripping up on her way up the stairs in my section. i gave out a ‘haw haw’ laugh in the style of Nelson from the Simpsons



    she was fine tho




  2. Surely Ange can see that Biton is the best we have in the holding role.No idea why he was replaced,unless it was just to give the new guys games.Calmac more forward is a far better player.Crafty around the box.


    Why no Scales today?Sometimes I find it very difficult to work out Angeball.Big Tony who was as good as the rest of them today,what a cross for Gio.

  3. lets all do the huddle on

    we have a lot of games to play, thats why we need a big squad



    we cant play the same starting XI every game



    i get that

  4. PARK THE BUS 442 on 20TH FEBRUARY 2022 5:50 PM



    Yet another hurting hun.



    Your pain is our joy.

  5. So much for my 6-1 prediction :)



    A great win.



    Ps is that 5 stars on the arm of the Referee today??



    D :)

  6. SHUGGYS36GOALS on 20TH FEBRUARY 2022 7:50 PM



    Not long back from the game with my two boys, great result, wind whirling about the stadium didn’t help us, handball and assault on GG ignored by the ref, who was abysmal all day, green brigade in fine voice the whole game, the 3 pts will annoy a few on here, but girfuy.


    ” There ain’t no stopping us now,



    We’re in the hoops “





    The wind was a factor in the game,was watching it swirl and its effect on play.sound observation my friend.


    May I ask bout your moniker? Is it homage to our mid70s Icelandic hero?,,:-)



    I enjoyed the stubbornness of that victory.great Celtic.hard work pays,our hatrick hero epitomises that.


    3 points and as NOTTHEBUS posts a bit of consistency builds in those 7 victories.



    Enjoyed a few drinks with couple of cqn’rs after.


    Relaxed now,will go and read back on what I hope is same game,ach as long as result is still the same



    Enjoy Celts.building and learning,some advance to today when you think back to Ange appointment time.





  7. One thing I noticed was the state of the pitch I seen that in 2020 which had to be replaced with new turf,don’t see any difference.

  8. If he wants to sign,Jota is a must at the money.Just as a Go compare,the wee guy on loan at the scum,has a combined transfer fee,of 37 million !!!!!.Liverpool just paid the same for a new forward.Newcastle,27 million for Woods from Burnley.Jota has been fantastic for us,in Europe and home.A bit of reality required.

  9. What is the Starz on

    Tom McLaughlin


    Lovely to hear of your 6 year old grandson enjoying the 2 late winners .


    To hell with his grandads ticker!!!!


    You know I am joking!!!

  10. Pitch is very poor.Been that way since Brendan had it relayed.Supposed to be the same surface as Arsenal,the Hybrid one.Not from what I see.Emirates like a Bowling green.


    Questions need to be answered.Last season it was laid again because of some disease ,worse now.2 million allegedly,but I heard it was a great deal less.

  11. Forgot about the assault on Giako – should have been a penalty and a straight red – shoulder/ elbow in an upward direction into Giako’s face. Awful challenge.

  12. After today’s winner and during the celebrations, Jota blootered the ball into the upper stand. It didn’t come back. Very funny.

  13. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 20TH FEBRUARY 2022 9:30 PM


    After today’s winner and during the celebrations, Jota blootered the ball into the upper stand. It didn’t come back. Very funny.




    I move round to Jock Stein stand at half time if seats available next to mhates…….thought I was seeing things when ball came into upper deck :O)

  14. I don’t usually talk up players going to Celtic from other SPFL clubs as most are just League One or Two in England standard but I saw a young CB play only his 2nd start for Dundee United at age 20 amd perform admurably- young Ross Graham is worth tracking as we have a terrible record of developing CBs via Lennoxtown

  15. Let’s All Do….



    Very pertinent point. Dundee mastered the conditions particularly the overheads. We overhit from start to the winner.



    WindinGemmell, ML2



    PS Our defence is non-existent

  16. SFTB 9.49.


    I didn’t see the game, but I did read he had a good game.


    It is actually his 21st birthday today, so he gave himself a lovely present.


    I read that he was on loan at Dunfermline from July until Jan, so I looked up his time there, looks like he only made 8 appearances.


    John Hughes didn’t give him a chance, when he took over.


    From Wiki.


    At Dunfermline, Graham played in the first seven matches of the season, but after only one further appearance and a change of manager at the club, his loan was cut short in January 2022. Returning to Dundee United, he made his league debut for the club as a substitute against Celtic in a 1–0 Scottish Premiership defeat at Celtic Park on 29 January 2022.

  17. lets all do the huddle on

    After today’s winner and during the celebrations, Jota blootered the ball into the upper stand. It didn’t come back. Very funny




    i thought it waa CCV that kicked it, but might be wrong



    landed up around section 443

  18. So wee Gio has blown a 7 point lead to 3 points behind, a 10 point swing.



    Lost the first cup to the famous Glasgow Celtic.



    Signed a £100K a week player that canny play every week.



    Yet the press still fawn over him.



    Love it.



    Any lurking huns GIRFUY



    COYBIG turn around the BG tie anaw.



    D :)

  19. Trying to compare a pitch laid at the Emirates and one at celtic Park wouldn’t make sense….the weather conditions are night and day….twice as much rain for a kick off and half sunshine…..we need a more robust grass ….

  20. Maybe it’s time for roofs to be put up at all stadiums,or maybe summer football especially in Scotland ,something thing needs to be done up here cold and damp days and nights not the right environment

  21. Aw naw, wind and rain in Glasgow, cold and damp an aw…..


    No mention o snowflakes…..


    No need…….plenty on here….

  22. It’s not easy watching Celtic but always worthwhile love a late winner… thought of the “rangers” fans heading home on their buses listening to the radio thinking if it stays at 2-2 their day wasn’t so bad then boom big Gio hatrick to cheer them up….not quite as late as Abada against Utd. or Tony against Ross County but every bit as enjoyable.

  23. spikeysauldman



    True about Welsh as he has played at a higher level.



    Yet to be proven by young Dane but, at least he ahs the required build.



    I was not advocating we buy Ross Graham, the boy has just started playing senior football.



    I was advocating keeping tabs on him in case he keeps this up.

  24. Good substitutions by Ange today.



    First Dundee a poor goal to concede, really poor. Hatate static and then turns to prevent the ball hitting him.Poor positioning from the defense yet again and wouldn’t it be great if Big Joe could command his box a bit to make up for the smaller size of his defenders?



    Great stuff from big Gio, a natural striker. He’s been on the end of good opportunities in recent weeks and just couldn’t get the ball over the line. Hope he goes on to score a ton. Thank God Ange didn’t substitute him after 2.



    I wonder if this team can continue to eek out wins till the end of the season. Defense is starting to worry me and other teams are doubling up on Jota and know about our weakness at set pieces.



    JMcCarthy not even on the bench today. I hope DD is paying his wages.