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  1. Neil Lennon has said this is a 4-4-2.



    A very good team. I’m not comfortable with Forster in goal at the moment, as he is enduring a bad patch and I’m an advocate of going with form – perhaps this does not apply to goalkeepers. The second weakest aspect is Rogne and Wilson at CB – two inelegant players in defence is never a good idea if you want to retain possession, but Neil may have decided that they will do the basics well enough against the weakest side in the SPL.



    The rest – nothing spectacular, but those partnerships win games more often than not.





    Off to Cardiff on Saturday,meet up with WEST WALES CELT between 1130 and noon.



    Do you and Dave fancy a dayoot?

  3. SoS



    Yes they are crazy. I met quite a few of them when they came over circa 10 years ago for a Lions tribute game.



    Due to some bad blood between them and the now deceased club’s support at a UEFA Cup tie a couple of years previous, they sat in what was then The Glaswegian pub (a bitter Hun shop) singing Celtic, Celtic + YNWA all day.

  4. Neil speaks…





    Posted on Sunday, 24th February 2013 by Joe McHugh


    Neil Lennon believes that he could be half way through his tenure as Celtic manager.


    Since Jock Stein stepped down in 1979 no one has remained as Celtic boss for more than five years.


    Martin O’Neill and Billy McNeill both had five year stints with Lennon coming up for his third anniversary from taking over from Tony Mowbray.


    The Celtic team that faces Dundee today will be unrecognisable from the side that Lennon inherited and overhauled to return the club to the Champions League after a four year break.


    Despite the turnaround the Celtic boss doesn’t have to look far for detractors- an aspect that he admits he takes to heart.


    While managers have a time-span so to do players with the bulk of Lennon’s side in their third season at the club.


    As soon as the summer transfer window opens speculation will be rife over the future’s of Gary Hooper, Victor Wanyama and others with Lennon preparing for some high profile departures.


    “I do get irked at negativity,” he stated. “It really overwhelms me at times, where people are always looking for an excuse to pick on something, taking the goodness out of everything you are trying to do in the game. Sometimes the minority gets heard more than the majority.


    “I think that’s a shame because we’ve got some really good players here and they might not be here for much longer. So we should enjoy them while we can.


    “But the job’s been brilliant. Some people wait a lifetime to do what I’ve done in three years.


    “Again, it’s been a great experience, a great life experience, never mind anything else. I take immense pride in being Celtic manager. It’s a privilege.


    “I would be worried about going if I do move on or get sacked eventually and not having the same kind of kick about the job as I do here.


    “There is, I think, a life expectancy in the job. I don’t know how long that is. Gordon said maybe four, five years.”





    If you get my e-mail addy from PAUL67,we can finetune the arrangements.



    Looking forward to it-Cardiff is a belter of a dayoot.

  6. Currently at the Trafford CENTER taking wee Lhad to laser quest for his birthday …. Surrounded by hunners of screaming weans …. HELP!!!!


    C’mon Celtic Skelp da bummers team today and put a smile back on my face


    Hail hail

  7. PeterScarff



    Yes, it would. However, he had a bad game against St Johnstone, where he looked uncertain and his kicking was poor, and against Juventus the great wall of impenetrable yelloweness developed wood rot.

  8. mhark67



    12:24 on 24 February, 2013


    Currently at the Trafford CENTER taking wee Lhad to laser quest for his birthday …. Surrounded by hunners of screaming weans …. HELP!!!!


    C’mon Celtic Skelp da bummers team today and put a smile back on my face


    Hail hail





    Lucky you I am working.

  9. The Scottish media after yesterdays publicised shameful scenes NEED somebody in our support to let themselves down today …


    Just to say ah see….. One is as bad as the other!!



    Use your head today bhoys and ghirls

  10. That twat Tanner claiming ” Rangers were voted out of the SPL”.


    These clowns make Soviet propaganda look amateurish.

  11. Big Mick on the Sky panel….decent nice guy



    Must be feeling uncomfortable sitting beside the invertebrates Tanner and McCann



    The very sight of John Brown irks me intensely …

  12. PeterScarff



    My opinion only extends as to how FF is playing at the moment.



    As to his abilities in the main, I admire him greatly, even if I don’t go as far as you in your enthusiasm.

  13. 12-0 for the Hoops today, so we can beat our existing record score of 11-0 which has stood since 1895 – against Dundee!



    How naw?!






    Organising a day oot in Cardiff on Saturday I see?! Don’t forget to check train times! :-)




  14. UOG




    FF has been below par since his return from injury ….



    IMO he has failed to reach the high standards he set at the beginning of the season

  15. TMWTL



    “It’s an uphill struggle, but I’ve driven plenty motors that huv struggled to go uphill.”




  16. John Brown’s erratic ramblings are embarrassing. What possible qualifications does he have to manage a team in the SPL, even on an interim basis? The Directors have taken leave of their senses, given what appeared to be an alcohol driven performance on the steps of Ipox not so long ago….

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