Celtic v Dundee, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12:45 GMT.

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  1. Slabhoy - Duntocher is Green and White on

    Best part of the first half has been my Mad Dog Punk IPA – lovely stuff

  2. I think Dundee are stinking …an early goal in the second half and some sustained pressure should see us win comfortably ..





  3. What a crew, folk are always shouting for the fringe player/young players to get a gemme when they do and the team shape is disjointed folk roaring at Lenny get it sorted, make yer minds up!!



    McGeady needs to get his finger oot!!



    Good luck to Ki in his first Wembley final..

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    Did Anyone Else Notice Lenny Giving Ambrose his Last chance to Shine..on 44Mins.



    @OfficialLenny.. “Hey Ambè.. Ditch the Snoop Dogg attitude or Your Off Oot..”



    Summa of LennyJungleCSC

  5. Summa of Sammi….



    whatever you say Jack



    does having an opinion of my own constitute being a feckin hun fan now?



    it’s my opinion sunshine and if you dont like it dont feckin read it



    but dinnae label someone a minky f*ckin hun for speakin their mind




    Hail, Hail

  6. Shocking MIB decision …soft soft soft foul …Stokes goal disallowed



    Pen and red for Dundee last man …guy who came on at HT..three mins




    Forrest to take it ..scores comfortably



    We should smash them now

  7. I hate when this happens in football. two wee nudges in the box. Ref should have played on in both cases. Now we have 10 against 11. Game’s a bogey…..

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    Celtic a goal to the good thanks to mainly to poor goalkeeping. NFL has omitted some key players to allow Kayal, McGeouch, and possibly Rogne a game.



    But we are as disjointed in defence as we are in the middle and up front, playing like a team that only met this morning. James Forrest largely anonymous and Dylan hasn’t made his mark yet, not sure whether Ambrose was ‘tactically’ removed in favour of Wanyama who was meant to be resting. Giving Thomas Rogne the benefit of any doubt, he looks unfit, evidenced with late tackles.



    Dundee will tire and Celtic can only get better difficult occasion all round, having just trounced the better Dundee side by six, score prediction 3-0.






    Not bar HT report .. Only One thing Missing..



    Do the Pythagorus..;-)



    Summa of SumsCSC