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    Neil Armstrong to Paradise from Tranquility Base…..



    ……does Izzy want the ball back?

  2. Credit where credit is due ….. I really enjoyed/ appreciated Izzy’s first goal …. simple give and go … pass and move ….. smart football …. what we need to do to break down these sorts of packed defences! more of that please!



    Would really like to see Ciftci get a goal, to really round off a good day.



    ooofftt… just saw Izzy’s penalty?! Did Honduras qualify for the Rugby world cup?

  3. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    I hope goal difference doesnt come into it or Izzy will become public enemy number one. H.H. :- 0

  4. weeron …



    How ya’ doing?



    I had thought about having Ciftci take it, as well, but after the week Izzy had, I cant begrudge him taking it, and would have love the wee guy to get his hat trick.



    Today looks like a good day for Ciftci to get going, and hope he can manage one. And had NC missed the penalty, it might have really hurt his confidence, so maybe best that we wait for him to get one from open play. Once he breaks his duck, I think he will go on a run, and be an important player for us.

  5. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    It would be complacent and arrogant of us not to appreciate the challenge of Aberdeen



    We’ve given them a five point start ….



    We must chase them down first

  6. An 88 year old Bankie bhoy told me on the train today that Nadir is only in oor squad to keep Leigh on his toes. If his wisdom is true, it is working for LG. :)