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  1. Captain Beefheart on

    Evening Cork.



    It just doesn’t inspire. Utter mediocrity. No point changing the manager though. One feckin capable striker in our squad.



    I actually feel sorry for Stokesy.

  2. clogher celt on

    Mon the hoops,



    Me too Cork celt. All the best to Chicago Bhoy.



    Heading out, don’t let the Huns wind ye up during the updates.




  3. I have no sympathy for Stokes or his like.



    I wish someone would offer to pay me 10 grand a week to do a job.



    Both hands and a promise to behave myself.



    What’s so feckin difficult about that?

  4. saltires en sevilla on

    Just get the job done Celts



    Take us 3 points nearer the 5 in a row



    Tonight it’s all about the Result over performance!!



    Where’s ma Celtictv login…

  5. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Almore or Clogher, one of my pals is going over for the centenary celebrations and was unaware of the night organised at the GAA club on the Saturday.



    Could you post the e mail address , please, with the details for the centenary celebrations . It would be very much appreciated.



    Thanks in advance

  6. CM must be doing something right at training as its been a long time since he impressed on the park.

  7. Mark Guidi on snore board



    “No one had heard of Larsson prior to joint Celtic” ?……. Hmmmmm

  8. Geordie Munro on

    I’m not a lover of Charlie but he’s a decent honest professional.



    I remember last season he made his return to action after a sizeable layoff, in the middle alongside broony.



    Result, arguably the best domestic performance of the season up till then.



    Mon the bhoys.




  9. What is it 80% of you don’t get ??



    Ronny plays 4-2-3-1, ad-nosium



    Which requires 2 defensive / sitting midfielders.



    Therefore with Bitton injured, it’s either Johansen or Mulgrew that fit the role.



    Stop comparing Mulgrew vs Allan, or Mulgrew vs Christie etc.


    Some are sadly lacking in basic understanding of football

  10. saltires en sevilla on

    Henrik was a stand out at USA 94



    Don’t listen to MSM – what do you expect? :)

  11. An Tearmann


    Since it’s a charity bet, lets up it to a score, winner chooses the charity.


    But we need to set out the criteria first :-)



  12. Geordie Munro



    Good post!



    We have been as soft as butter through the middle of the midfield.



    Hopefully Charlie will firm up that area.



    Plus he can pass and is no bad wi’ a dead ball.



    C’MON CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Thunder Road on

    Guess its somehow fitting that i post to Corkcelt and by the time ive did it everyones left for the new article!









    Your post pretty much sums up how i feel about it all.



    So what if we have to face a team someone started up to play at an available football stadium in an effort to make a quick buck.



    It is unfortunate that the customers they sought were the ones that went to that pit and even more unfortunately it does look as though we are now going to have that team with them in tow as opposition next season, but it aint going to change a thing a thing for me regarding the thing i love that is Celtic.



    Nobody will ever change that, whether it is a loathsome set of fans or someone i have a beef with on our board for some reason, or the cheating incompetent rulers of our game, etc.



    Celtic is all that really matters to me and while she is having to compete in a corrupt league(guess the whole game is really) she needs all the help she can get so i will go when i can.



    We have always known they cheat.



    Fergus persued Farry and proved it was going on, albeit he only managed to do so on the third attempt once it was taken out of the SFA’s own kangaroo court(which i guess even managed to highlight the cheating more)



    Can never make my mind up whether doing that and proving there was no paranoia, was more important than the legacy of the rebuilding of Paradise and those 10,000 extra seats.



    Maybe that was the time supporters should have quit supporting Celtic?



    It was proved to be corrupt then so why not walk away then?



    They are always going to try to cheat us.



    Its Scotland and its geared towards 1 fanbase.



    Fek em.



    Bring it on.




    Hail Hail

  14. I think Charlie is magic :-)


    Would have in the the def mid role before Johansen any day.




    Got your mail, will get back to you the morra, footy time then the dugs need sorted :-)



  15. Geordie Munro on




    Cheers. The game was Ross County away I meant to add. :)




  16. “There’s only 1 king Billy, that’s McNeill” Happy Birthday Billy.



    Weak Dundee team(on paper) an attack minded Celtic line up should do the business.



  17. Listening to all per match interviews on BBC.


    All conducted decently except McLaughlin and Ronny. Tried to piss all over Ronny.


    Does Roberts have to play a set number of games as part of contract? Do you know your best team?



    Seriously what other manager would be asked crap questions like that? Contempt for Ronny and to our club. Meantime they fawn over McInnes and go course the magic hat even though they’re banned to the BBC.


    COme in Celts. Let’s do a job tonight.

  18. glendalystonsils on

    GARY67 on 2ND MARCH 2016 7:46 PM


    Deilla’s lost the plot with his selection. Nae Hoopy!!




    I heard Hoopy was out with a touch of distemper.

  19. CELTIC (4-2-3-1) Gordon; Lustig, Boyata, Sviatchenko, Tierney; Brown, Mulgrew; Roberts, Rogic, Armstrong; Griffiths


    Subs: Bailly, Ambrose, Kazim Richards, Commons, Allan, McGregor, Forrest

  20. saltires en sevilla on




    I appreciate your help with that info.



    Enjoy the game – seeing a decent team with everything to prove.



    Just thinking some of those Dundee lads have got a chance to play themselves into Paul Hartley’s cup team



    Need to be on our toes



    Great run by Patrick nearly scored!!

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