Celtic v Dundee United


Under different circumstances, we would applaud, or stand in silence, to mark the passing of Jim McLean, the former Dundee United manager, who died on Boxing Day.  McLean’s achievements in the Scottish game are eclipsed by few, perhaps only Jock Stein and Alex Ferguson.  His team United the country with wins on the European stage that could scarcely be dreamed of now.

During his term, United received an accolade from Uefa ahead of a Celtic game.  Post-match, he spoke warmly of the Celtic support, a generous moment.  I am glad United visit Celtic Park to mark his passing today, it is just a pity we are not all there to share it.

Live updates will appear below from 15:00.

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  1. Paul



    Hear hear, I would’ve liked to paid my respects to Mr McLean.



    To my recollection, he never had a bad word to say about us.

  2. JIMMYNOTPAUL on 30TH DECEMBER 2020 12:37 PM


    David 66 12.08.





    It’s their second, St Johnstone away, 10 days or so was also PPV, the squeals were loud.





    G.M. 11.49.





    I put up a Herald report to Hot Smoked, a few days ago, about this.





    It was the clubs who brought the K.O. forward, original Celtic and St Mirren k.o. Times were 19.45.

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Brilliant manager – sadly very under-rated, particularly outside Scotland.


    Ferguson sums him up in the simplest but also clearest of ways, “He took players and made them better.”


    Has an old-fashioned kind of feel about it, certainly with clubs today going a bit off-script and appointing managers who “know the city”.


    But looking around Europe at the clubs performing well you can’t help but notice that they are being managed by coaches who take players and make them better.


    RIP Jim.

  4. I remember Jim Mclean doing some studio punditry many years ago for one of our games. He said Celtic were the best team for fans to watch, due to their attacking play and the number of players we had attacking. His team had some great players and I was always keen for us to sign Narey. Brilliant pairing of him and Hegarty. Dundee United played Barcelona four times and won them all. Hope we hammer them today, of course. Do that, beat the huns and we’re on the road again.

  5. onenightinlisbon on

    No idea why but got a good feeling about today. Score a few early and make a few changes in preparation for Saturday. 1-0 will do though!

  6. once again let’s not give away needless/pointless free kicks in our half due to stupid barging or unnecessary tackles/pushing on players going nowhere .

  7. I hope no one minds (not trying to take over Page 1 ;-) ) but here are a few posts with stats of the season so far……..

  8. First one, the Man Of the Match awards, as voted by you ;-). It shows the %age of voters who picked that player as one of their 3. Where there’s a number at the end of each line this shows the number of MOTM awards received so far.




    Hamilton (H) – Odsonne Edouard (97%)


    Kilmarnock (A) – Ryan Christie (82%)


    Reykjavik (H) – Mo Elyounoussi (96%)


    Dundee Utd (A) – Ryan Christie (83%) – 2


    Ferencvaros (H) – Mo Elyounoussi -2 and Olivier Ntcham (62%)


    Motherwell (H) – Callum McGregor (95%)


    Ross County (A) – Vasilis Barkas (83%)


    St Mirren (A) – Shane Duffy (68%)


    Livingston (H) – Callum McGregor (94%) – 2


    Riga (A) – Jeremie Frimpong (100%)


    Hibs (H) – Jeremie Frimpong (93%) – 2


    Sarajevo (A) – Scott Brown (67%)


    St Johnstone (A) – Leigh Griffiths (94%)


    Sevco (H) – Diego Laxalt (85%)


    AC Milan (H) – Diego Laxalt (96%) – 2


    Aberdeen (A) – Diego Laxalt (74%) – 3


    Lille (A) – Mo Elyounoussi (96%) – 3


    Aberdeen (N) – Tom Rogic (83%)


    Sparta Prague (H) – Diego Laxalt (90%) – 4


    Motherwell (A) – Mo Elyounoussi (99%) – 4


    Hibs (A) – Diego Laxalt (100%) – 5


    Sparta Prague (A) – Diego Laxalt (89%) – 6


    Ross County (H) – Scott Brown (81%) – 2


    AC Milan (A) – Jeremie Frimpong (68%) – 3


    St Johnstone (H) – Callum McGregor (88%) – 3


    Lille (H) – David Turnbull (98%)


    Kilmarnock (H) – Kristoffer Ajer (89%)


    Hearts (N) – Kristoffer Ajer (86%) – 2


    Ross County (H) – Kristoffer Ajer (84%) – 3


    Hamilton (A) – Odsonne Edouard – (86%) – 2

  9. Next one is our results and goalscorers –





    Hamilton (H) – 5:1 – Edouard (3), Frimpong, Klimala


    Kilmarnock (A) – 1:1 – Christie


    Reykjavik (H) – 6:0 – Elyounoussi (2), Jullien, Taylor, Edouard, O.G.


    Dundee Utd (A) – 1:0 – Ajeti


    Ferencvaros (H) – 1:2 – Christie


    Motherwell (H) – 3:0 – Forrest, Ajeti, Jullien


    Ross County (A) – 5:0 – Edouard(pen), Ajeti, Duffy, Ajer, Klimala


    St Mirren (A) – 2:1 – Duffy, Forrest


    Livingston (H) – 3:2 – McGregor, Christie, Ajeti


    Riga (A) – 1:0 – Elyounoussi


    Hibs (H) – 3:0 – McGregor, Ajeti, Elyounoussi


    Sarajevo (A) – 1:0 – Edouard


    St Johnstone (A) – 2:0 – Griffiths, Klimala


    Sevco (H) – 0:2


    AC Milan (H) – 1:3 – Elyounoussi


    Aberdeen (A) – 3:3 – McGregor, Griffiths, Christie(pen)


    Lille (A) – 2:2 – Elyounoussi (2)


    Aberdeen (N) – 2:0 – Christie, Elyounoussi


    Sparta Prague (H) – 1:4 – Griffiths


    Motherwell (A) – 4:1 – Elyounoussi(3), Ntcham


    Hibs (A) – 2:2 – Edouard(pen), Laxalt


    Sparta Prague (A) – 1:4 – Edouard


    Ross County (H) – 0:2


    AC Milan (A) – 2:4 – Rogic, Edouard


    St Johnstone (H) – 1:1 – Elyounoussi


    Lille (H) – 3:2 – Jullien, McGregor, Turnbull


    Kilmarnock (H) – 2:0 – Elyounoussi, Duffy


    Hearts (N) – 3:3 – Christie, Edouard, Griffiths


    Ross County (H) – 2:0 – Turnbull, Griffiths


    Hamilton (A) – 3:0 – Edouard(pen), Griffiths, Turnbull

  10. …and now the goalscorers table –



    *Goalscorers table*


    13 – Elyounoussi


    11 – Edouard


    6 – Christie, Griffiths


    5 – Ajeti


    4 – McGregor


    3 – Duffy, Jullien, Klimala, Turnbull


    2 – Forrest


    1 – Ajer, Frimpong, Laxalt, Ntcham, Rogic, Taylor


    Own Goals – 1


    Total Goals – 66

  11. Next, here’s who’s been leading the pLayer Of The Year table after each game –





    Game 1 – Edouard


    Game 2 – Christie and Taylor


    Game 3 – McGregor and Taylor


    Games 4 to 8 – Christie


    Game 9 – McGregor


    Game 10 – Christie and McGregor


    Game 11 – McGregor


    Game 12 – Christie, Frimpong and McGregor


    Game 13 – Frimpong


    Game 14 – Frimpong and McGregor


    Game 15 – Christie


    Game 16 to 18 – McGregor


    Game 19 – Christie and McGregor


    Game 20 to 21 – Christie


    Game 22 to ?? – Laxalt

  12. Finally, here’s the current POTY table showing the points achieved by all 29 players who have so far made an appearance this season –



    And the overall table is now –


    1st – Laxalt – 49 points


    2nd – McGregor – 46 points


    3rd – Christie – 44 points


    4th – Ajer – 43 points


    5th – Frimpong – 37 points


    6th – Brown – 29 points


    7th – Elyounoussi – 23 points


    8th – Turnbull – 20 points


    9th – Rogic – 19 points


    10th – Edouard – 18 points


    11th – Duffy – 17 points


    12th – Ntcham – 16 points


    13th – Soro – 15 points


    14th – Griffiths – 14 points


    15th – Bitton– 12 points


    16th – Taylor – 11 points


    17th – Barkas – 9 points


    18th – Ajeti – 8 points


    19th – Elhamed – 7 points


    20th – Forrest, Jullien and Klimala – 5 points


    23rd – Bain and Welsh – 4 points


    25th – Hazard – 3 points


    26th – Bolingoli, Dembele, Henderson and Johnston – 0 points

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  14. I asked this yesterday but don’t think anyone responded. Has anyone heard why, after a very good performance against Lille, Henderson hasn’t featured in any of our squads?



    From last article.Regards the Paddy Roberts thing.I would take FF back in a second.So would the majority I’m sure.I read a post from ILJASAB saying the majority of Ce.tic fans don’t want Paddy back.Not the Celtic fans I am readin g,On a couple of Facebook sites.,vast majority saying yes.I have a Zoom meet up with my Celtic mates around the world once a week,around 10 guys,every one would have Paddy back.This site,as great as it is,does not speak for the Celtic support.Loan deals can give the team an important lift,contrary to what ILJASAB thinks.FF,Paddy,spectacularly did,others more solid and good back up.With having no fit RWs,its seriously hampering our team selection.A loan deal seems a no brainer to me.Maybe thats just me on here.

  16. onenightinlisbon on

    Roberts would be a positive signing even if only on loan. Gives us something we have very little of at present. But according to our manager, all is well and we don’t need anyone.

  17. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Going to repeat myself by saying I can’t fathom why Celtic do not have a PPV option for home games.



    I’d happily have paid 10/12/15 quid to watch it via Celtic. Instead I’ll attempt to watch it via a dodgy stream.

  18. GM- our PPV policy is strange, and we could have created some income,without totally compromising ST Holders…

  19. lets all do the huddle on

    we dont own the broadcast rights to our games to allow us to unilaterally show them ppv

  20. Jobo



    I’ll have a go at your Liam Henderson query.



    Liam did have a decent game, especially 2nd half but was outshone by Soro and Tyrnbull who have botth muscked their way into the team simce then. Ewan has continued to ftain with the frst team (along with Welsh and Connell) but has not earned a sub appearance or, at times, a sub listing simce then.



    The reasons are:-



    We can only play 11 to 16 players in each match and he is not rated in the top 16.



    Two or three players got into the team following our bad spell- Soro, Turnbull & Griff- that is seen as enough changes



    We had players returning from injury who were seen as having a better claim to a first team spot- Johnston, Jullien



    We have started playing 2 up front which leaves one less midfield place available.



    & finally, Ewan’s performance was good but not as good as Soro or Turnbull so it did not merit instant promotion.



    Better players than Ewan, such as Ntcham, have also had very limited time.



    I have more sympatjy for Klimala and Ajeti, who have not let us down but are also rarely played and for Cameron Harper & young Dembele in the reserves. I fear Ewan will go the same route as his big brother onto a safe spot with a lesser team in a lesser league.



    Just my view

  21. JOBO



    I saw that valid question.



    Euan did have very good game against Lille, but unfortunately he’s well down the midfielder pecking list that consists of experienced pro’s and substantial £’s signings ahead of him trying to get into the side, from the bench.



    We have no ‘youngsters’ Conor Hazard aside breaking into team ahead of the types of player mentioned.



    The candidates are there, but it might be the new era and the necessary clear out, before we see Henderson, Connell, Roberston ,Dembele,Harper etc feature more regularly.

  22. @CelticFC line up v Dundee Utd ko 3pm …



    Barkas Frimpong Ajer Jullien Laxalt Christie Soro McGregor Turnbull Griffiths Edouard



    Subs: Hazard Taylor Bitton Duffy Brown Rogic Ajeti Johnston Elyounoussi

  23. What is the Stars on



    Re ..Henderson.


    Not match fit..another six weeks before he will be up to speed.


    He will then get the last 10 minutes against Ross County before going on a season loan to Alloa where he will get injured..

  24. JOBO – stat-tastic effort man!



    TURKEYBHOY – you might well be right about Paddy getting/giving a lift if he were to come aboard.



    Regardless of how the 10 does/disnae pan out, we’re soon in rebuild mode amid economically depressed times thanks to the virus. So I think rearing wur own will take on more importance. I’da thought that bedding in the Harpers, Dembeles, Hendersons etc makes as much sense as doing another exey loan deal.



    The other Robert that may have more Peter-appeal is the one at Airdrie if there’s any truth we’re scouting him.



    Like I said before, I’ve been wrong plenty times before yet perhaps I was mistaken! HH



    Looks like it’s Barkas at Ibrox then.




    I’d play Hazard at ipox, he can save the penalties.

  26. Team..



    Barkas – tick


    Julien & Ajer – tick


    Soro & Turnbull – tick


    Eddie and Griff – tick


    Callum unshackled from Brown – tick



    Think we are snookered at full back and would have dropped Christie but in the immortal words of Meatloaf: ” Eight out of Eleven ain’t bad……”




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