Celtic v Dundee United


Under different circumstances, we would applaud, or stand in silence, to mark the passing of Jim McLean, the former Dundee United manager, who died on Boxing Day.  McLean’s achievements in the Scottish game are eclipsed by few, perhaps only Jock Stein and Alex Ferguson.  His team United the country with wins on the European stage that could scarcely be dreamed of now.

During his term, United received an accolade from Uefa ahead of a Celtic game.  Post-match, he spoke warmly of the Celtic support, a generous moment.  I am glad United visit Celtic Park to mark his passing today, it is just a pity we are not all there to share it.

Live updates will appear below from 15:00.

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  1. MON The Hoops Today.



    Let all our energy and focus be on Todays game…a comfortable win, clean sheet and no injuries/Red Cards etc….





  2. onenightinlisbon on




    I have been saying that Barkas should have the jersey for a few weeks now.



    Lennon again changes it although this time I think he’s right although Barkas should have, as you say, been given the jersey before this…




    True, especially as Hamilton would’ve been an almost certain clean-sheet…builds confidence.

  4. I’d say that the 3 coming in – Barkas, Jullien and Laxalt – are better than the 3 dropping our – Hazard, Bitton and Taylor. And with the ‘front 6’ unchanged I’m very optimistic of a good performance and win today.

  5. ONENIGHTINLISBON-He would have to come in and hit the ground running.


    Has he done that anywhere recently?Give me the Paddy from the first time around.


    Why not just give our own player MJ his chance

  6. SFTB



    Totally see your point, I’m just thankful he got there in the end.


    Why am I so confident today? I’ve been rarely this buzzing this season.


    Like the team too, zero complaints, good finishing = run up a score today.

  7. onenightinlisbon on




    Good point, he’s a great wee player, of that there is no doubt.

  8. In spite of the fact that it IS, this doesn`t feel like a match day to me.


    Also, United are no pushovers. They are capable of dull but able defensive displays.




    Agree about United being no pushovers.



    Hoping for a good performance, a win and no injuries, reds or covids.

  10. I have just Logged In. No problem and The Fields is blaring….not , it has just ended !


    Now it`s `It`s a Grand Old Team ` :-))

  11. Jobo Baldie on 30th December 2020 2:16 pm



    I’d say that the 3 coming in – Barkas, Jullien and Laxalt – are better than the 3 dropping our – Hazard, Bitton and Taylor. And with the ‘front 6’ unchanged I’m very optimistic of a good performance and win today.



    Agree wholeheartedly with that.






    onenightinlisbon on 30th December 2020 2:17 pm



    I fear for us at Ibrox if we play Frimpong at right back…..



    I still believe we’ll smack them down but do agree that Frimpong is not the man for the gig in that battle.

  12. Bloody car wouldn’t start..aaaagggghhh.



    The team is what the team is as mamma used to say.



    So let’s get the possitive mental attitude going bhoys.



    I will stand by my premonition of 5-1 to the Leather belts.






    D :)

  13. I’d have stuck with Taylor… Laxalt gives far too many free kicks away… Keeper not fussed all very very average…… Irrelevant if he’d played at Hamilton…. Absolutely nothing to do!!!

  14. In ither news…………..



    Kap’n Arfield no’ reportin’ for doooooty???



    Aye, heard it.



    The scouse ned’s a mirakle worker – is he no’!




  15. Passing in unsubstantiated rumour.



    Games will be suspended after today.


    Gerrard stuck in Liverpool.



    Speculation by me alone…



    Yet again, game against them not going ahead when we’re are on the rise and they are on the wane, with players injured.



    Gerrard knew there was lockdown after Christmas and therefore knew he wouldn’t be allowed to travel back. Regardless of any professional sporting status. And he knew that (repetition).



    Why? Does he know they will be selling players in January? That they won’t replace. And he doesn’t want to be part of that. Won’t see him again?



    It’s fun to speculate.

  16. SUPERSUTTON on 30TH DECEMBER 2020 2:33 PM



    Play on without the manager. Other clubs have had to do it.



    However, I wouldn’t object to null and void :)

  17. Celtic F.C. v Dundee United F.C.


    Scottish Premiership


    30/12/2020 3:00pm Celtic Park


    Referee:William Collum




    Alastair Mather




    Ross Macleod


    Fourth Official


    Kevin Clancy

  18. Good interview with Leigh,



    Personal opinion, I think all sport will take a circuit break sometime soon, and it will be in line with restrictions being appied to the general public and it will be country wide.



    50,000+ declared by day, I

  19. Hate to be the merchant of doom and gloom but too many people talking about running up a score today puts the fear in me. Let’s just hope we make sure we win the game against a team that made it difficult for us last time around. If we happen to win by a few then that would be brilliant. United might want to show their respect for Jim McLean by pulling off a victory.



    Come on Celtic!

  20. Again personal opinion but i thought it was madness to allow all those establishments and shops and travel in the run up to christmas, we will pay the price through January.

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