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  1. Ange isnae having any Luck at the moment when it comes to injuries.



    Clancy – Pathetic referee, his assistants Yesterday were embarrassing. The North Side wan was waiting for Clancy making a decision way too many times for it to be normal – If an Assistant Referee isnae making decisions for simple throw ins (he was slow as feck tae) why is he there?



    I reckon Celtic will win this League, despite the SH!TE we have to put up with.



    I am listening to Dr Future – a Hero to me.




  2. Sionnaigh,



    Mike Bennett is a Baptist dude and is Top Class. When you get Hammer Time – you will see/hear why.



    I shudder to think how he would make of the Orange Odour.

  3. Burnley78,



    Hopefully the Celts beat a Top Drawer German team on Thursday.



    This is Scotland…. dinnae be expecting to get Back soon.




    Global ID methinks – when Standardised.



    Italy is bringing in Revelations. Buy or Sell..



    Raphael Van Der Vaart.



    I Despises the MSM.

  4. Ange is the Man for these Times.




    He is a BIG STRONG MAN and will Hopefully Win this League.




    Young Adam came on and made a mistake and the groaners totally undermined him…. he let it get to him.



    He played better 2nd half – he is gonnae be a Star.



    Cannae wait to see the Champions League level Light Show on Thursday. hmmmmm



    I am right to be Worried if Ange disnae have the guy who brought him to Celtic there any mair…. I have no doubt (don’t speak) that it knocked Ange off course and the subsequent Loss to Livingston.



    The Vaccine Passports will bring things to a head. No refunds from what I gather.

  5. Dom Mackay…….picked Ange…..he basically told us that……can we give up on the board aren’t doing enough etc …..the majority of the support seemed happy with ange …now grave doubts are setting in ..why?….simply because he isn’t changing things enough …..can he think on his feet ? ..can he react to situations unfolding in front of him ?……not on evidence so far…..


    Getting back to Dom …..if he gave James Mccarthy a 4 year deal at an injury hit 30……..that is a stackable offence in my eyes ……

  6. If I perform poorly at work, I’m told.



    If players perform poorly, fans can, if they so wish, tell them.



    Ange clearly didn’t hear the boos because he thought the fans got the football they wanted …



    The Board are worrying about asset management this morning.



    Selling players on that finish 4th in Scotland could be a challenge…



    Let’s hope Ange turns this around but at the moment, it’s just pure hope.



    Almost everything I’ve seen from Ange tells me he’s a poor manager.



    I suspect we’ll be out of the title race by the end of October so the chances of him getting the season are slim.



    Thursday looks daunting. We could be in for a hiding as we’re a team that can’t defend. It’s Pittodrie though where the real damage could be done to our season.



    I wish I could be more optimistic but when you’re sitting 6th and have a 50% win rate, that’s a difficult thing to do.

  7. That miss from Ajeti yesterday was a sackable offence



    We talk about strikers being players who need confidence but


    that miss was unbelievable



    The guy who scouted him for us should give us our money back


    from our own pocket



    Will be glad when our Japanese bhoy is back as I reallyy believe he


    will be like Larsson for us and be the pivotal part of the team and


    how we play

  8. The whole point of Ange’s style of play is rapid, high press and battering teams into submission and being prepared to leak goals at the back because we score more. It has been stated/recognised you need a squad big enough to sustain that type of football. We obviously do not have that size of squad as we have reverted back to last season’s passing around at the back and from side to side with little or no penetration.


    Ange has stated on numerous occasions that he will not change his philosophy so if we don’t have the squad he needs then we are doomed to failure.


    We haven’t seen the ‘Ange – ball’ game since Real Betis, which we still lost. The squad needs to be implemented so start bringing in the better B squad players to see if they can play this style of play, we don’t have another option in my opinion. Or Ange needs to come up with a plan B.


    If you don’t bend with the wind then you will eventually break.

  9. AN DÚN on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:20 AM



    I’m being told that the title isn’t over and that six points is catchable.



    However, on current form, there’s no reason or logic to suggest that we’ll win at Pittodrie – simply blind faith and hope.



    Drop points there and we’ll be looking at an 8 or 9 point deficit. Sevco can then play without pressure, with freedom where every point dropped by us will be a crisis. We’re looking at a repeat of last season if we’re not careful.



    Ange needs to find a formula to win ugly when we aren’t playing well and he needs to find it at Aberdeen……no time to dwell on a “work in progress” when game-changing money is on offer at the end of the season.




    Top managers can adapt to the players they have and get a tune out of them.



    Not that we’re Chelsea or Ange is Tuchel but look how Lampard was struggling in midtable before Tuchel turned them into Champions League winners within a few months. No talk about playing “his way” or being a slave to his methods. There was no “work in progress” for two years because winning clubs don’t allow it.



    Rogic and Turnbull are both luxuries – when they’re good it’s fine but when they’re off it, we’re a man down. Put them in the team together and we’re two men down. These two can’t play in the same team.



    Unpopular opinion but I’d rather have Soro or Bitton in the middle.

  11. On another note, when is somebody at our Club going to call out the referees for their tolerance of agricultural tackles on our players that go on season after season? The longer this is tolerated the more threadbare the squad will become. No wonder players want away from this league.

  12. Good morning CQN



    Lets play whodunit ? who signed Ajeti & Barkas…………..10 million plus wages agents fees etc



    Who is really in control of singings for the football dept



    From an excellent source, no names so if that doesn’t float your boat scroll on



    Coaching staff at Celtic were very excited at the arrival of Toney, Strachan having worked with the player sold Toney to his fellow coaches with stats, videos and most importantly of all first hand knowledge of the player, Strachan also convinced Toney that Celtic was the place for his development, all good so far, just who does the deals ? who does the negotiations ? Brentford had to be paid a transfer fee and unsurprisengly didn’t want to give up a talent cheaply, coaching staff are then informed its Ajeti not Toney Celtic waited till Ajeti eventually rolled up , coaching staff were appalled at his lack of conditioning, he was overweight, and had a stinking attitude to boot………………………who signed him

  13. LIONROARS67 on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:49 AM



    Worth adding that Ajeti didn’t seem particularly keen to come….needing plenty of time to “think”.

  14. GEEBEE1978,


    I agree with your analysis. Last season Turnbull’s better/best performances were when Soro was in the team and was feeding him. I love Tom Rogic but he won’t grab a game by the scruff of the neck and change it. We need an enforcer in midfield that’s prepared to get stuck in. Soro was poor yesterday but if you are only going to get bit part appearances then your game will not progress.

  15. Pog…………





    We need to do it especially when we’ve had a result. ( rare recently, obvs)



    The players should also show appropriate reactions when a team-mate is hacked.


    Nothing OTT just some histrionics to make a point.



    We’re too nice. I don’t want us to be huns, just a bit of physical toughness – a presence and threat. A deterrent if ye like.



    Kinda why I’m not as keen on Cal Mac as Cap’n. Brilliant player, phenomenal for the team – just not a Cap’n for me.







    Hello Pog hope all is well with you and family



    Personally im not a fan of Ange ball, it lacks balance, its naive, maybe the way to go if you have the country of Qatar bank rolling the team and you can afford Neymar, Messi and Mbappe to do a high press and severly punish the opposition



    We need a balanced team, our midfield in particular has very little defensive capability



    Hopefully catch up at paradise this season Pog

  17. GEEBEE1978 on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:52 AM


    LIONROARS67 on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2021 7:49 AM




    Worth adding that Ajeti didn’t seem particularly keen to come….needing plenty of time to “think”.



    Waited on a better offer ffs……………………… shocking signing




    Agreed and it’s a shame that Soro hasn’t kicked on from last season. Central midfield is a worry and it was always going to be as soon as Brown’s legs were going.



    Ange then has to decide if he goes with a poor Soro or non-existent Turnbull/Rogic. Personally, I’d play one of them (probably Turnbull with Rogic to come off the bench if need be) alongside Soro.




    I believe he is Pog, he never actually left the building



    The lack of a discernible structure to the football dept is killing the club



    aff oot

  20. Celtic Fans saying Ange needs at least a couple seasons to implement his players and tactics,I’m not buying into that ,I personally want us to win the league this season not in a couple ,Ange might be a nice man ,but nice people get don’t win many prizes.

  21. LIONROARS67,



    All well here. Aye, it would be good to meet up for a coupe pints before/after a game.


    I came down on the supporters bus, for the first time, yesterday and completely lost my grasp of the time as it arrived at 12:30. I ended up getting the bus down to the Gallowgate for a pint.

  22. Ange needs to find a formula to win ugly when we aren’t playing well and he needs to find it at Aberdeen……no time to dwell on a “work in progress” when game-changing money is on offer at the end of the season.






    I’ve two major concerns with Ange. The first is his game management – he’s yet to make a telling tactical change to alter a match in our favour.



    The second is his inability to adapt his style to accommodate the situation he’s faced with. A manager in any walk of life needs to manage problems. A manager needs to change things to cope with problems.



    Ange has Kyogo and and CalMac out, huge losses, we all know that. But what he can’t do is play McCarthy and ask him to play like CalMac. He can’t play Ajeti and tell him to play like Kyogo. Ajeti isn’t and never will be a lone striker so why we persist with our current set up given our injuries is a mystery.



    Ange has simply failed to recognise the fact he had to change things and we’ve dropped points as a result.



    We’ll be better when the players come back but by then the damage could be done.



    Pittodrie is the biggest game of our season. I hope Ange adapts and wins.

  23. Not feeling any better this morning, after watching the poor display yesterday


    Oops horrendously poor



    Playing as individuals with very little team structure



    Sure I read the Man City guy we were allegedly considering – Maresca, was on the verge of being dumped after 6 games, and his club seeing no progress


    Big decisions neededat Celtic



    I for one do not find 10 pt from a possible 21, acceptable


    Setting aside Sevco result


    How many players from Hearts, Livi, or DU would have got not the team we put out yesterday



    We should be much much better than them – sadly we are Not


    And some find this acceptable 🤔

  24. LIONROARS67 on 27TH SEPTEMBER 2021 8:06 AM




    I believe he is Pog, he never actually left the building


    The lack of a discernible structure to the football dept is killing the club




    Maybe that’s why Dom left for “personal reasons” – too much interference from behind?

  25. I think the best we can hope for now, is a draw on Thursday and a win at Aberdeen. Get that and we should have McGregor and Kyogo back for the Motherwell game, at least.


    Sorry to say Ajeti doesn’t give anything. He is far too passive, doesn’t have a great touch, not great in air, not very quick, not very aggressive. Enough good balls into the box yesterday to easily win that game. Too many of our goals lost come from the right back position. Thought we’d definitely start with Scales at left back yesterday. Thought it was strange that the one game we dropped Ralston for, was the rough and tumble of Livingston. I’ve never booed a Celtic player and never will. Just don’t get that. Young Montgomery had his poorest game yesterday and the fans contributed to that. Lost his confidence.

  26. We can handle a 1-1 draw with Dundee Utd – what we cannot handle is the state of Scotland under the SNPcult, the chosen party of many on here,




    *They lie about education as we drop towards the bottom of league tables. Students from England (74%) & EU (65%) have a better chance to obtain a place at Scottish universities than Scottish (55%) kids., due to SNP cap



    *They lie about NHS Scotland as they don’t pass on Barnett funding consequentials in full. A&E targets have never been achieved, even before Covid. Cancer referrals 12% short of statutory target – never been met. They sneer as the Army are drafted in to shore-up the Ambulance service.



    *They lie and massage the figures on drug and alcohol deaths as Scotland posts record figures. Scotland is the drugs death capital of the world.



    *Scottish policing standards fall dramatically and many police stations across the country are crumbling in disrepair and unfit for purpose.



    *They lie about ferries needed for the Scottish Islands as populations have to book days in advance to get on and off the islands with lives disrupted.



    *They spend double on the Ferguson Two, then launch an unfit ferry number one with ‘painted-in’ windows as number two lies as a pile of rusting plates -orders now placed abroad as good money is thrown after bad at Fergusons.



    *They lie about the disastrous state of local government in Scotland  with budgets cut by 7% in seven years as Glasgow becomes the filthiest city in the UK



    *They now lie and delete figures (50k) for Covid Test & Trace putting lives at  risk in the pandemic.



    An Indy referendum that 75% don’t want is all they talk about, and like in 2014, they blatantly lie about the economic impact on Scotland.



    Please wake up and smell the c**p.