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  1. ECW 67



    I’d never heard of Ajeti, so wouldn’t have paid anything like 5m for him – pounds or euros.



    yer man Toney, I had vaguely heard of ( probably via here) but was the price 5m or 10m?


    A largish discrepancy in potential costs / valuations / outlay.


    No matter who was responsible I wouldn’t have liked to have made that decision.



    We should know who does though.




  2. 67 European Cup Winners on



    You are unlikely to get the DMcK side of the story


    So if depends when PL (who is still around) wants to share with Paul67


    And that depends on Paul67 not criticizing PL or the club too much



    On a similar subject


    I think since DMcK and Ange appeared a site called 67 Hail Hail are now getting access to Celtic Press Room


    And would you believe they are trying to talk up everything Celtic



    Access to Celtic gets you info but its at a price and that price is not asking awkward questions




    BUT in fairness to Paul67 he does let us on here comment on most things – even if they are irrelevant to post



    Basically you need to make up your own mind ast to what is true and what is spin



    Hail Hail




  3. Rolling Stone.



    No but it is a major concern. It is also an opportunity.



    Especially in a season where we have mediocre opponents and 2 of the 3 potential rival clubs whose support is totally behind their every kick ! The 3rd rival has media / referees and every other advantage going.