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  1. Credit to United, they are trying to play football without any of the hammer throwing school of anti-football.

  2. Another solid performance so far from Celtic.



    The most encouraging thing I’ve seen from this Celtic side is that in the last couple of months I can’t remember the last time any individual Celtic player had a poor game, Lennon has got them all playing at a consistent above average level.



    This provides a solid platform for those players on top form to go on and win the game for us.

  3. mncelt standing up for Neil Lennon on

    HT Celtic 2-0 Dundee Utd



    Excellent first half performance from the Bhoys. Controlled possession for 90% of the half and scored two great goals. Fraser had 1 save to make early on but nothing to do after that.



    Difficult to find fault in our performance. Would like to see their keeper put to work a bit more in the second half. Would also like to see a change with Commons on for Sammi. A lot of our play has slowed down on the left and Commons could add a spark there.



    One more early goal and I am sure Lenny will ring the changes

  4. Snake Plissken on

    Did anyone count the number of passes in the middle of the first half that Celtic had consecutively?



    It was a hell of a lot. I reckon about 22.

  5. Ah Hope we score a Coupla Goals.. in A Hurry..






    Lenny, wid be free tae bring oan.







    This Kid, is Magic..



    He is wan of these Youngsters that ye jist Know wull Mak it.



    He has been injured fur a Lang Time…Cruciate Injury,real bad Yin



    but, he his noo… Two Games fur the under Nineteens ,under his Belt.


    and in his Second Game Back..



    Jist like Clockwork..He ..






    Two Goals!



    Yep, this Kid Should get a Chance ..



    He is no quite ready fur Prime Time..



    But, He is Soitenly a Young Guy, who is an “Up an Comer”



    Hope,he get a Run oot, the Day.




  6. skottybhoy1888 on

    Ceaser67 says:



    14 January, 2012 at 15:57



    Jammy LOL. I play football Saturday so just in now from my game. Needing to watch the 2nd half now!



    Enjoy pal



    Hail hail


    Jakers……didn’t realise there was an issue about posting links.






    Just trying to help fellow members of our magnificent (global) extended family.