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  1. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    23:11 on 22 January, 2013



    Lassad is going to be fantastic ….. He is getting more used to our game by the day …he will score freely….gets into great positions





    Lassad is a clever player and is clearly able to play a bit. Always seems able to link with the other players. Lacks a bit of pace and if he’s going to stay in the SPL, needs to get on the weights and build himself up a wee-bit.

  3. @ stoksey10


    Great reception from the fans tonight when I came on, than you! Great to be back playing,


    thought we played some great football!

  4. 67H + BCW



    Cheers Ghuys – like what I’ve seen so far.



    Ability to cushion a ball – first time a ball (and keep it down) and side-step a defender. Got high hopes that he might be the type of player to deliver for us in high-profile games (maybe next year in Europe).




  5. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Jude – sorry mate, don’t know much more than anyone else. He was in hospital today getting platelets, but that’s normal for the wee man.


    Mrs TTTT passed the clip on via FB. Great to see Oscar doing stuff like that, long may it continue.



    I would ask everyone to get behind the latest fundraising event, the WeeOscar4Life Cycle, which is being organised by excellent CQNers MWD & Mouldy67.


    Please keep an eye out for the regular posts from the lads with all the relevant details.






  6. Big-Cup-Winners


    Re paper aeroplane.


    We were watching it from the North Stand. Brilliant.




  7. tommytwiststommyturns on

    VP @ 23:07 – thankfully there were no FLEGS involved or it could have got a bit tasty! :-)




  8. TinyTim @21:26 on 22 January, 2013


    At the match and watching Sammy stroll about with a very lax attitude.


    He frustrates the hell out of me.


    Talent in abundance but he can be very lazy when the occasion takes him.


    As I type this he squares to Hooper who scores (:-)



    Listen to Lenny’s interview on RS after the game when he talks about him.


    He loves him to bits.


    As for lazy, I have to disagree with you there. Anything but. His running off the ball and his willingness to find space to take a pass were magnificent tonight.


    There are other aspects of his game that need attention, but his effort cannot be questioned.


    Russell and the other lad from DU. No thanks.




  9. ‘gg



    19:14 on 22 January, 2013


    Time to get serious. 4-0 Celtic.


    I wish I had the courage of my predictions

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Celtic_First 22:54 on 22 January, 2013


    Stringer Bell


    Is this the wrong time to tell you it was Lustig who put the right-footed cross in? Charlie took the corner short to him.



    Just shows how talented Charlie is then to be able to send in a cross with Lustig’s right foot.

  11. BCW, TBJ, Thanks.


    Thought he had a decent game a lot better than what we have witnessed lately.


    Howeva, all 50,50s went to them, he let them off with two quick free kicks when the ball was moving and not where the foul took place, and gave them a corner that was’nt in which they nearly scored.






  12. Magnificentseven on



    23:29 on


    22 January, 2013



    Russell and the other lad from DU. No thanks



    I thought Russell showed glimpses of being a player, Gary Mackay Steven was disappointing…before tonight I thought he was the better of the two

  13. One of the linesmen tonight was Andy Tait.


    Anyone know if he’s related to Bobby ‘Ibrox’ Tait, the rat of a ref who wanted to end his career at the home of his favourite football team in 1998, the one where Killie scored the winner in injury time?


    I know I’m jumping to conclusions because what are the chances of the offspring of a Hun ref getting top games in Scotland! That hasn’t happened recently. Has it???




  14. Just read bbc match report



    Zaluskas clearance rebounded precariously near the celtic goal…. Looked to go about 15 yards past his right hand post to me

  15. ‘GG


    I had £2.50 @ 22/1 on 5-0.


    A couple of great games on Sunday night. Did you watch them?





    The Boy Jinky



    Yip. Amazes me how consistently bad they all are. The contrast in the CL fixtures referees is incredible.

  17. Palacio



    Flood was booked for a bad tackle on izzy … Then a few moments later made another bad one but no yellow



    That corner .. was a shocking decision



    Sammi was fouled at every high ball



    Etc etc



    Better than the rest is no big deal imho

  18. Agree a lot with the comments about Samaras, very frustrating at times, messes up a lot of attacks. Decision making at times needs a lot to be desired. Still would not have him out of the team, if he could do the business going forward all the time he would be playing for a top team in La Liga imo




  19. With Radio Shortbread and SSB doing their best to offload our maturing talent, it’s time to turn the tables on them.


    We have already had Jabba shipped off to fourth tier obscurity so who is next?


    Chic Young to the Kilwinning Courier?


    Murdo McLeod to the Dumbarton Free Shopper?

  20. Doc (67H + BCW)



    Lassad kind of fits in with my way of thinking – introduce a couple of technically gifted players – allow them a season to bed-in (cause we can afford to carry them while winning league games) and reap the benefits in Europe.



    Lenny has showed remarkable perseverance with Sammi and he is one of the players that has helped put us in the last 16 – would like to see a similar return from Lassad.



    Time will tell – but I’m hopeful he will deliver over the next few years.

  21. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Does anyone have a link to the Lenny interview with the mobile phone incident? Dying to see it.

  22. Kojo




    21:59 on 22 January, 2013




    Both lads are as much Celtic class as Charlie Mulgrew was when we signed him.



    I’m backing my eye for a player over yours :)