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  1. Hooper can go when someone meets Celtic’s valuation. I’m guessing 8 million is the magic number, seems realistic for someone knocking on the door of intl football. If he doesn’t leave in Jan I can’t seem him spitting the dummy out. He knows the more goals he bags the more chances he will have to get a decent move and a bigger salary.


    4-1 tonight. No red cards for Utd.

  2. The Moon Bhoys on

    Rest assured our Neil wouldn’t have anyone who was not committed to the cause anywhere near the first team.

  3. silence..



    id bet the ‘not getting wages on par with top earners at celtic’ is pure fantasy or indeed agents spin.


    celtic know what they have got and the value of their own….believe me,gary hooper would have been offered a deal very close or level with any other player at the club..to offer him an insulting wage would have been silly and i dont believe it happened

  4. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    Of course if this was Sevco from the div 4, we d know an opponent was getting red carded..



    MSM trying desperately to disrupt our good karma with transfer chat. We need to not fall for it,fight back and tell them we re top of the league and they are aided and abetted by a dodgy temporary licence in division 4.



    Hooper is a Celtic player ..end of !




  5. Bit crap that the game ain’t on anywhere tonight. Any radio channels have it that can be listened to outside of the UK?

  6. sixtaeseven - 4 fouls 4 cards & penalty, a day in the life on





    was sold for


    6M smackers






    is worth


    Ki * 6M to the power two





    OLevelMaths CSC

  7. Dundee Utd:



    Cierzniak, Watson, Dillon, Gunning, Douglas, Flood, Millar, Rankin, Mackay-Steven, Russell, Daly.

  8. Jeg er Neil Lennon-Greeninbingley on

    BBC: Celtic’s Gary Hooper has turned down what the striker believes is the club’s final offer of a contract extension.



    That’s the intro, and the first and last mention of 1. Hooper turning down the offer, and 2. that he believes it is the club’s final offer, ie no quotes and no attribution. The rest of the article is cut & paste.



    P*sh, in other words.



    Mon the Hoops. 4-1.

  9. We are playing the game here.



    Celtic’s business model is epitomised by Gary hooper.Scout well, buy keen, coach and develop, provide a platform,move on at a premium.

  10. Vmhan




    The ‘Danny Kaye’ Final played at Hampden Park. Hollywood star Danny Kaye was presented to the teams before the start of the game.


    Haughney made his first start as right back, a position that he would play more and more.


    The papers declared John McGrory “the new George Young”, a reference to the respected Rangers defender.




  11. SilenceChuckGreenAndTheBrittishMediaPropagandaMachine on

    ofcpurse i dont kno wot im talkin about but you seem certain that hooper is engineering move outta the club…based on what?



    yea, thats what i thought!

  12. Soz



    Subscribe to Celtic TV & you’ll get instant access to the game if your abroad.




  13. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    See it is in Houston Texas but no details yet.



    Please God no again.

  14. can anyone tell me if you get a good link on Celtic tv in spain or does it keep freezing like in streams.

  15. Hooper, wull sign the Extension.



    Ah am confident.






    Noo we wull see how Russell and Mackay Steven.. Handle..



    Big Bhoy Competition.






  16. Bsr



    Think you did that Hooper particle acceleration trick cos you suddenly went from dalmarnock bridge to the hoydrome in the time it took me to type a post



    Enjoy the game




  17. sixtaeseven - 4 fouls 4 cards & penalty, a day in the life on

    Danny Kaye scored the equaliser and restored the world’s faith in the beautiful game in the European Cup final against the champions of Italy in Lisbon in May 1967.



    Walter Mitty CSC

  18. Chic says Swallex is at Celtic Park tonight. André Villas-Boas also reported to be there but he hasn’t seen or heard him!

  19. Suspect Hooper will play the role of deep-lying striker tonight. Hope Samaras and Lassad don’t get too wide if that’s the case.

  20. seanandliam1888 on





    Have to agree with you there mate, commitment to the club is everything, money is not, and going to a club like Norwich shows no ambition in my eyes. I’ve not got a problem with players leaving it’s who they’re leaving for that bugs me, Norwich are and never will be anywhere near the stature of Celtic and they,ll end up back down in the championship sooner rather than later, if Hooper goes it will be a long time before he will play in europe again, if ever

  21. Gary Hooper appearing on ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ right now. Aha!





  22. If Hooper wants to leave ….let him



    A good player ..not a great player



    We’ve had and will have a go deal better …..

  23. I’ve resigned myself to Hooper leaving in the summer but he can do far better than Norwich. He’d regret it big time if he went there.

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