Celtic v Dundee United, Live updates


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  1. Mackay Stevens is a clever player and seems to have added some bulk which was his problem in the past. He was too slight.



    Pukki on for Balde

  2. It looks like we wull hiv tae score by a Unique INDIVIDUAL effort.



    Our Close Passing in the Opponent’s Box..is coming tae Naught..



    We alwiz don’t make that Killer Pass,which is Required..



    We wull Score.. By a Brilliant Individual Effort..



    That’s the way Ah see it coming Down.




  3. Kokomo


    Under this coaching regime I have always said we are reliant on great individual moments from our better players rather than a decisive team strategy.


    Therefor I completely agree with your point.

  4. Predictable predictable play



    Predictable predictable apologists for our routinely tepid SPL displays on this site





    The Phantom Pharter, Pukki ( Pukki means “Farts” in Russian) is now on, ironically on one of the windiest days in the West of Scotland.



    So, will he be a lot of hot air compared with Big Amido, whom you rate so highly?



    The answer my friend…



    …..is blowing in the wind.



    I’m off “outwith”, “just now” (for some fresh air)




  6. Why did Neil Take off Amido?




    Ah widda taken off… Stokesy.



    Look,Folks.. This Has Not bin Stokesy Day.



    He has Missed a few..and Some of his Passes at a very critical Point,


    hiv gone astray..



    Yep.. This Has not bin Stokesy’s Day.



    Oh Well.




  7. Plenty good crosses in but no good headers to make their keeper work.


    Good shot from emilio.

  8. I am Neil Lennon e El Juarez Bravo on

    Perhaps we’ll sign a striker in January. Hopefully not John Guidetti though – watched him for Man City U-21s last night at Carrow Road. Woeful.



    Their 18 year old Belgian defender Jason Denayer, on the other hand, looked different class.

  9. What fun…



    I know its light hearted but the disrespect shown by too many on here ( not thinking specifically of today) to our new player is sad in my view.



    Beat of luck Teemu. Hail Hail…you’ll do!