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  1. I bet broonie to score :((((



    Magic result ,well done to young Liam tierny,


    living the dream

  2. the_huddle on 25th October 2015 4:53 pm



    Weve been minnows throughtout or entire history.



    This is the first Celtic manager in our History who is now judged solely on European results…how did that happen??

  3. I suppose the hoardes of irregular posters who appeared on here after the Moldy game will be back on here today praising us to the heavens!



    Well mibbe naw.



    Hail Hail the Celts are here!

  4. ElDiegoBhoy



    I was just thinking that,



    Crawled under their rock until another poor result.

  5. Souness actually said a decent comment about Klop (and managers like him, Ronny).



    They all copy Barcelona’s high pressing game, however Barca don’t lose the ball anywhere near as much as other teams so aren’t constantly chasing the ball back (ie getting knackered by the hour mark).



    He’s a knob but think he’s spot on this time.

  6. A good start to a big few weeks. Beat Hearts and go through in the League Cup, beat the Dons and go seven clear and get the win we need against Molde and it’s a case of game on for the season on four fronts.

  7. Aye, an were’s that TD67 efter we win a gem?



    Naewere te be seen!



    Says it all so it does.



    Down Bobby!

  8. The post match posts were very high Friday.


    I hope traffic to the site will be on the same level today and tomorrow.

  9. Great Result, 4 Clear of the pile. Molde out the system. Keep it going Bhoys. Need to be the same team mid week.




  10. notthebus on 25th October 2015 5:03 pm



    the_huddle on 25th October 2015 4:53 pm



    Weve been minnows throughtout or entire history.



    This is the first Celtic manager in our History who is now judged solely on European results…how did that happen??




    I posted before apart from the late 60s/early 70s we’ve been generally awful in Europe.



    Lots of our fans see us as a big club because we have a huge stadium with lots of fans, unfortunately football doesn’t work like that

  11. In Euro news I see AC Milan give a debut in Serie A to a 16 year old goalkeeper.


    Now that is keeping the faith

  12. The doom & gloom was overdone after Molde so let’s not get carried away after today. Dundee United were shocking. I’d really hate to see them go down but the way they played today, that is where they are heading.


    Plenty of positives, the dug out was all kiss and make up, Tierney was outstanding, Simunovic looked very impressive, with a cracking shot, I can see him score some belters from 30/35 yards. Armstrong,Brooney, Kris & Griffith were all very impressive. Of course all of this has to be measured by what we were up against.


    Tierney is still very young and has to be nursed along however after today I hope he holds the jersey for the Hertz game.


    All is not forgiven or forgotten but the clouds have lifted a little, lets hope we will be feeling even better after Wednesday’s game.

  13. Good response to Thursday’s debacle, Bhoys.



    Ye can only play what’s. . . . . .ye know the rest!

  14. On a serious note, pleased for Ronny today. Excellent result and performance.



    Kieran Tierney was outstanding. Jozo promising too.

  15. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Agree. The solution? Play only the Development Squad in League Cup and Scottish Cup ties and see how far we get. It would be good exposure and a higher standard to develop the young Bhoys.



    Let the first team play European friendlies, against decent teams (the best of the CL non qualifiers, or 5th placed teams from major leagues) on the dates set aside or domestic cup ties. This will give us more games against a higher calibre of opposition more often, and hopefully will better prepare us for the rigours of CL or EL games.



    Worse case scenarios? We get to see some decent teams in the friendlies – The development squad could probably win the League Cup anyway.



    I would happily sacrifice the chance of a few League or Scottish Cups, for a decent run in the CL or EL.

  16. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Well what did that game tell us Dundee Utd are a poor side and Celtic are a big fish in a small pond games like todays dont really help us to prepare for European football.However,if we get a settled back four it gives us a platform to build from I believe losing last season centre back pairing has been a much more difficult situation to get over than we thought it would be and has contributed to our poor European results.I believe Ronny is still learning the job but given a bit more time he can really be a top notch manager I just hope it is with Celtic. H.H.

  17. What is the Stars on

    Can’t argue with 5 0. Doesn’t matter who the opposition is.


    Onwards and upwards. …..hopefully

  18. Onwards and upwards to Wednesday, sure DUFC were shite but who cares, 3 points and a chance for redemptions after Thursday’s shambles.


    Watched the absolute dross from 3 games in the over hyped EPL, cannot wonder why I wasted my time. In truth I lost interest in every game and am now looking forward to the Strictly results programme.




    One point of note from my gym session today …..yesterday I tried a 5 k run after drinking a bottle of lightweight Pinot Grigio on Friday, I was utterly shite and managed a poor time. Today after a tee total,night, 5k in a time at least 90 seconds faster followed by a wee core session, no coincidence.. Conclusive proof I will not be training tomorrow.

  19. coolmore mafia on

    well done celtic. Good team spirit by the looks of it. Maybe we will turn the corner. Win last two euro home games and make us believers again Ronnie

  20. Delaneys Dunky on

    Travelling home on a high. That was better Celtic.


    What a show from young Kieran who got better and better till he tired in the last ten minutes. Three more victories in our next three games and it’s season on.

  21. So we confirm our lead on top of the midden.


    4 points and an amazing 17 goals ahead of Aberdeen.


    The unfounded worries of September and early October are behind us.


    Ronny’s focus needs to be on refinding the high speed pressure game and scrounge defending from last year.


    We have missed having a settled selection due to the departure of VVD and more importantly, at least in my mind, Denayer.


    The performance of Jozo was very promising today. It looks like he could provide the type of no nonsense defender who clears his lines and asks questions later.


    As a bonus he seems to possess a rasping shot which will surprise a few keepers.


    Looking forward to Wednesday’s clash

  22. Delaneys Dunky on




    Jozo looked good but I will judge him in Europe when he needs to defend. I sensed a show of team spirit today inside Paradise. From players,management and supporters. Which was nice! :)

  23. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Brisbane Kev



    Dundee Utd aren’t the best but no too bad a result today, we can only beat what’s in front of us, like another poster posted don’t get too down after a defeat and don’t get too hyper at a victory, as long as Celtic are taking the field we should try and enjoy the ride…..



    Kris Commons scores goals, many have had a dig sometimes justified but there are not many that have gave us so much pleasure in short space of time, as for some poster that thinks Kris done some charity thing, aye very good, maybe said poster should try to a charitable thing once in their life



    Kris Commons CSC

  24. No much you can say about that other than superb.


    And even superber was the display by the young fella Tierney, a star in the making hopefully.


    Getting worried tho, the way LG is performing, Pedro will be getting itchy to sell soon.

  25. Philbhoy



    All’s well thanks. Maybe catch you and your dear lady for a few drinks and a curry some weekend soon?

  26. Good result but there is such itony in the belief that this redeems ronny. It doesnt and the ease un which some are so ready to let thursday become a memory directly contributes to our cycle of decline.



    We simply let them off the hook too easily.

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