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  1. Delaneys Dunky on



    If Ronny and his Celtic team win the next three games?


    You will be praising him. Never PL though! :))

  2. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Can you enlighten me when you let Celtic off the hoo easily ?



    Just asking

  3. From BBC


    “Celtic captain Scott Brown danced his way forward from the left with just minutes to go and his powerful strike on the angle was deflected into the net by Aaron Kuhl.”




    Jinked like Jinky more like.


    We had 68% possession today, 23 shots and 13 corners according to BBC.

  4. Delaneys Dunky on




    You were sought after and ultimately missed by myself, at the hoot. Hope to catch up with you soon. H also. :)

  5. What is the Stars on



    Anyone be able to tell me if tickets for the ajax match can be bought now by non season ticket holders. Tried a few weeks ago but no luck.

  6. Well done to the team and management today. A positive response to shit the gutter MSM.



    A few great performances today, particularly from our relatively debutant players.



    More of the same versus the diets please.



    Aff oot afore the malcontents ruin ma Sunday dinner. :-)

  7. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Good display even if Dundee utd are the worst team in the league – mixu has his work cut out



    Very happy with the back four with both full backs getting forward well and youno Tierney worthy of motm



    Two centre half’s looked assured and was good to see dedryk drive forward into the heart of their defence and big Jozo looks the part



    Midfield – broony and Stuart on form – not so much gms and thought jo Hanson was poor again



    KC and Leigh played well



    Big Tom played ok when he came on but overplays it at times – the other 2 subs did ok but a step down from the players they replaced



    Thought big Craig looked focused and determined to prove a point

  8. EDB



    Sounds good!



    We can come into Glasgow! But, a few drinks?



    I’ll get your email address from BMCUW or you could get mine from Paul67, business address best as lappy at home knacked!

  9. The_Huddle



    The RD style takes elements from Barca, Dortmund, Salzburg and others.



    There are many elements involved with the approach-



    Playing the ball out from the back rather than kicking away possession


    Pressing defenders in their back third so they have to concede possession


    Being brave in passing so that you stretch defenders and penetrate


    Depending on a speedy pair of Centre backs and alert defensive midfielders to cover gaps when teams break on you in counter attack.



    I think we manage the first two aspects reasonably well but we lose confidence in the third element when every misplaced attacking pass is greeted by a louder groan than a safe sideways pass is.



    We also suffer when the speedy back two lack an understanding and this happens evey year when partnerships are broken up through inevitable transfers.



    We can only develop partnerships if the “partner” players are not being sought by bigger or richer clubs. Otherwuise, like every team that suffers these predations, we have to constantly re-build and bed-in new guys.



    Klopp’s team at Dortmund was predated upon by Bayern and EPL teams. Roger Schmidt’s Salzburg was broken up too- he even helped break it up when he took Kampl to Leverkusen with him, where he is again doing well.



    It is also true that this high pressing, more pleasing football philosophy, gets countered by some negative minded coaches who smother it or just concentrate on counter attacking when they have soaked up some pressure.



    No tactics or strategy is guaranteed to win. Players still win matches dependent on their talent, form and application. The tactics only adds a framework to that to help teams organise and know each other. It’s always a subjective estimate but I feel that it’s around 80% plus down to the players. Even The Special One can have bad times, as at Chelsea currrently. SAF had his barren time at Man U. Pep has yet to win the CL with Bayern. And Klopp had a bad season at Dortmund and chose to leave for the dodgy surroundings of Liverpool.



    These tactics were also partially espoused by the likes of Kenny Sheils at Killie with mixed success and by John Hughes whose Falkirk style was amongst the most pleasing I have seen at CP in recent years- it has not stopped him from being sacked from various jobs.



    Ronny is no mug and is a brave coach. he knows his system is very open to counter attack but he persists in trying to persuade players to be braver and better and move the ball faster and forward.



    He has not achieved what he set out to do and , at times, it has looked a shambles.



    Is he visionary or idealistic?


    Is he out of his depth or are the players anxious about him taking them out of comfort zones?


    Is he willing to show some Qarabag type pragmatism more often?


    Is he capable of getting players to buy into his vision and not just pay lip-service to it until they spit the dummy and blame him for defeats?



    It is all to play for but the second option in each of the questions above, is in the ascendancy just now. He may not be given time for us to find out? Even though, I disagree with the narrative, I can recognise a turn in the story when I see one. And currently, the narrative that he is a rookie dud from a diddy league who is out of his depth is winning a lot of traction.



    Two CL qualifying failures have been really hard to take because they were both so eminently winnable- but we lost- and failures like that will undoubtedly reduce expectations on your lifespan

  10. Delaneys Dunky on




    You and I need to meet at the start of a do. Great to meet you, sadly you were leaving. I know from our brief chat that I would like mair time in your company.


    Yer ma kinda Tim.


    Hail Hail

  11. NY Jets in green take a 10-3 lead over Tom Brady’s New England with 12 minutes remaining in 1st half.


    Believe me it won’t last long.

  12. DD


    Sorry for missing you. We were looking forward to the day.



    And H is amazed at the friendships we enjoy. And she’s met Estadio several times of late. Quiet man that he is not:o)

  13. Just saw the Bournemouth/Spurs highlights there, oh dear the Holy Goalie. Probably get it in he neck now but looks like we dodged a bullet here.

  14. Delaneys Dunky on



    Was a pleasure to meet you and lovely family.


    First of many, I hope.


    Hail Hail

  15. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Told Dallas this story the other day, walked into my living room oldest stepdaughter (due in November and a Seconian) was talking to her mother (Sevconian) heard said mother telling her that I meet you, your good lady and Olivia on the 10/10, they used to think Cqn was just for weird Celtic fans on the Internet, they loved the story about you bringing your two girls into the pub to meet a bunch if eijits….. So I walked in the room and said, told you Cqn is all good…..next minute wee jealous Annie (Miss GFTB)

  16. Quote of the day on KDS just after KC is being subbed and high fiving all and sundry with group hugs tae. “FFS it’s like the Waltons oot there”.

  17. Gerryfaethebrig on




    The rest of that story was Miss GFTB came in and said “hoi, I thought wee girls weren’t allowed to go to ten to the ten”

  18. I foolishly said to myself today that everytime Celtic scored I would have wee dram from a bottle I’ve had for a wee while.



    Glenfarclas, Highland Single Malt, 10 years old, 40% abv.



    Whaaat a bliddy guid day av hid!



    Thank you Celtic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. EDB



    Sounds good!



    Olivia will be with us.



    Might stay in town overnight!



    You can pick the curry house.



    Looking forward to it already!

  20. Evening all.



    Just in from the game. Hope everybody is sporting a wee smile. While I thought Dundee Und were as poor as I’ve seen them, we still played some entertaining stuff. I thought young Tierney, the new CB and Johansen did particularly well. Simunovic especially looked decisive in what he had to do. CB has to show that, imo.

  21. mike in toronto on

    Fan a tic … as usual, you post what I am thinking … but one minute before I post it! :)



    What I find interesting is how quickly our level of confidence – and hence the style of play – goes up and down …. a few good moves and a few goals, and the whole team starts to move more and look for passes … we seemed like a different more relaxed team in the second half …. but our confidence seems quite fragile … a few bad passes or if we give up a goal… the heads seem to go down, and we stop moving and trying for anything other than the safe (backwards) pass …..



    it is noticeable when watching the team, so it must be noticeable to the teams and coaches playing against us.



    I’m not normally one for the whole sport psychology thing… but I am beginning to think that it may be in order at Celtic.



    Might be cheaper and easier than changing the manager! :)

  22. CultsBhoy likes living wage hates heated driveways on

    Delighted with today’s win. Probably less delighted than Ronnie who must be feeling mighty relieved…. Breathing space.

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