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  1. DD



    So sorry to hear this tragic news. Terrible for everyone, especially her daughter. My prayers and thoughts are with you and all your family tonight.

  2. Jobo, yes he was best placed


    From where I was sitting it was all about the manner and stare at linesman, he was looking for a signal to say ball was out

  3. A special mention for Smashing Milk Bottles from here whose helped us out with tickets for Tynecastle on Wednesday. A true Celtic gent and an absolute rocket at the same time!! Cheers G.



    Today I got to take my daughter to Paradise. Only a couple of people on here will realise the significance of that. She munched her way through a hot dog, Celtic jelly beans and Celtic mints whilst resplendent in her new Celtic scarf and Celtic hat.



    It was quite possibly my best experience ever of being at a Celtic game.

  4. Cowiebhoy – ah, got you now – a plea with the eyes…



    Taking my leave now so please be nice bhoys and ghirls…

  5. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    thetimreaper on 25th October 2015 8:53 pm



    I like Lustig, but he was poor against Molde and watch the home game against Malmo again! He is drawn in despite both centre backs, being there allowing Berget to score.



    Efe, the much maligned, might just shade it for me at RB.



    All about opinions.







  6. DD. condolences Heart goes out to the kid. That’s sore. Crc did u get my payment. Well done today Celtic. Still love u. FTSFA

  7. Our defence were never put under any pressure today which is a reason they struggle when faced with any opposition who run at them. We will find it difficult to progress as a team playing this standard of opposition on a regular basis.

  8. Gordon64 on 25th October 2015 8:44 pm


    Agreed, as poor a side as I’ve seen all season, at times it was a training session for us.


    However, we had to overcome the Scottish medias eyes all over us, desperate for a fall and a headline.. as well as the doubters among our own ‘support’.


    Results v herts , the sheep fanciers and revenge v Moldy (big ask!!), will restore faith and pride in our Club.


    Efe at right back is a no from me. Looks like Bambi on ice going forward and we need soem threat there.

  10. DD



    Just saw your terrible news. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family at this dreadful time. If we can do anything as a blog I am sure everyone will rally round. Just say the word.

  11. Cowiebhoy



    She’s a bit of a rebel she’d be falling out with posters all over the place.



    She’s her mother’s daughter :-)

  12. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Hamiltontim on 25th October 2015 8:58 pm



    I saw the ticket handover and was delighted that you eventually got your ticket! Well deserved, Didn’t realise the significance re your daughter for todays game, but hope it all went well! Was she not a Wee Oscar Green Bucket Army bucket collector? You must be very proud of her!



    SMB is one of those special CQNers. In the background always helping!







  13. CRC



    To be fair i don’t think we was 100% fit last week. He was rotten all the same. And yes, he was partly to blame for the first goal v Malmo but there were about three mistakes before that. I think when Efe came on in that game it unsettled the defence and ultimately cost the second goal. Not scapegoating, honest.

  14. Very well done, the Hoops, today. Some first class performances.


    Conditions were perfect, unlike Thursday which made it difficult for anyone to play.


    Good that some harmony has been restored.




    So very sorry to hear of your tragic news.


    RIP, Tracey

  15. glendalystonsils on

    JOBO BALDIE on 25TH OCTOBER 2015 8:46 PM


    Immaterial to the eventual result, but 1 (one) minute’s stoppage time????? It’s these little things that annoy me…



    Think yersel’ lucky!


    If it had been 0-1 to United and we had been pushing for an equaliser we wouldn’t even have got a minute:-))

  16. Crc



    Thanks for that post M. Yep, she did indeed take part in the collection for Oscar, as did my eldest. Sadly, the last year has been incredibly difficult for personal reasons. Today was just magical for me as a dad.

  17. I know we can only beat who we are playing……but….



    Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear!!




    Like shooting fish in a barrel today……..




    Dundee United are dreadful…..Would put them on a par with a sixth tier English side……and English lower / non league football ain’t too great.




    Don’t get carried away Bhoys……




    Judge us in The Thursday Night Cup in Europe…….

  18. HT


    Glad you enjoyed the day & game with your daughter.


    Your post reminded me of a visit to a food outlet in the ground today.


    Guy with young kid asks the kid if he would like some sweets. The kid says yes , thanks I’d like them. Pointing to a Green packet of sweeties ( possibly fruit pastels) . Nae bother was the proud reply.


    The adult was then stung for 3 quid !


    For a two bob small packet of sweets !


    It made my £2.50 cup of soup seem a bargain .

  19. D D


    Terrible time for you and you’re family, you’re in our thoughts and prayers God bless you all

  20. Good night all


    weemhan sitting tonight,



    tell all those close to you,just how much they mean to you.

  21. AngelG



    Could be worse mate I got stung £4 for a water and a tea outside the stadium!!

  22. ANDYR53 Having watched DU last week I had little doubt we would win today. The question was whether we would struggle with the hangover of Thursday night or do a professional job. Thankfully it was the later. Jozo made his CP debut and didn’t set a foot wrong and Tierney was outstanding. Agree the Scottish media were salivating at the prospect of a juicy story but were sadly disappointed by a convincing Celtic victory with loads of hugs. HH

  23. Was anyone in the Jungle in the 80s when we got humped 0-3 off D Uttd Sturrock et al.


    For a bad defeat one of the best sing songs ever.



  24. Just checked the BBC website, for some view of the game today… Interesting to see they awarded Scott Browns great solo effort on 90 mins as an og against Uniteds Kuhl.!! hmmmm, anyone else see it that way??