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  1. I like to think of myself as IndianaKev every time I log in to CQN. Roll under a pop up ad, jump over an autoplay video, sideswipe the temptation to take a betfair guaranteed win and just as you think you’re through there’s boulders coming straight at you down the mineshaft.

  2. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on









    All that fun for free-and yer complaining about it?

  4. I think ads are legitimate for keeping sites free. There’s a growing trend to block access to sites where the user has ad blocker, i.e. the site owner needs to prove the metrics to maintain the advertising revenue so if you’re blocking them you’re no use, so although a solution for CQN it isn’t elsewhere and will become more difficult.



    Anyway, it’s an annoyance but c’est la vie. It’s the boulders that wear you down.

  5. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    The problem with ads, is that it can be bad for folk with gambling issues etc





    I’m fairly sure,as you suggest,that there are bigots amongst our support.



    I’m pretty sure they aren’t particularly prevalent amongst the GB-certainly not to the extent that they have been targeted by the police over the last few years.



    The one that really disgusted me was last week,that halfwit wi his pepper spray primed and aimed. Why? Did he feel threatened in any way?



    Tools like that are only to be used in specific situations. Same as Tasers,same as firearms.



    Seems some police officers feel threatened by a Tesco sandwich these days.



    Must do.



    Why else have a gun hanging from their hip when they’re buying lunch?



    And no-that was NOT a one-off.

  7. Drink branding on the jersey, wifi sponsored by betting companies, national team sponsored by rival drink company, main cup sponsored by betting company and all 4 leagues by their betting rival. These guys know the Scottish market alright.










    Yes, a Celtic supporter, who, going into his 6th decade in a few years, hasn’t the time to watch shIte dry and go powdery.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtic-v-dundee-united-live-updates/comment-page-19/#comments



    You just don’t like Celtic , you can’t when you want a defeat, I’v never heard of anything like that in my life from a Tim, you should just chuck supporting them, or is it just that your a constant moaner, like a few in here?


    When was the last time you enjoyed a game ffs, .

  9. I’m sure it costs a fortune to host CQN, and I’m sure P67 will be out of pocket over the years.



    Advertising is unfortunately a necessary evil, unless some kind of subscription is introduced.



    I would pay £1 a month for access to say CQN, KDS, and Phil. I’m sure 10,000 or so would sign up. Maybe worth considering for p67. It would certainly get rid of a few huns.

  10. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on




    Honest question. Are you a retard?



    Point out to me the post where I did not want Celtic to win?



    I think you just might be a retard.

  11. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on




    I would pay just to annoy TD67 :-)

  12. I thought Ronnie did well yesterday. Not convinced but people can turn things around, and just maybe Ronnie will manage. It sure won’t be from lack of effort.



    Braver team selection. Personally i feel the 2 in the midfield aren’t doing enough and it limits the team. Not a fan of 4-2-3-1

  13. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    4-2-3-1 is just utter p!sh.



    4-4-2 everytime



    Green Man 9.22







    No one expected a defeat. Despite news to the contrary, I wanted a Celtic win.







    I also would have taken a Celtic defeat as a consolation prize to get Deila out the door quicker.







    We are Giants in a diddy league. I could win the league with the resources we have.







    4-4-2 for a start.



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtic-v-dundee-united-live-updates/comment-page-18/#comments



    Retard? Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  15. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on




    You can’t read, or don’t quite understand.



    End of line 1 for the hard of understanding.



    4-2-3-1 is just utter p!sh.







    4-4-2 everytime



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtic-v-dundee-united-live-updates/comment-page-19/#comment-2704707



    Ah well, there’s the answer to all the moaners prayers, the messiah is here all the time and we never knew, that’s it, sack RD and sign up this rocket.

  17. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    Anyway, the pit beckons. Good night to all the antipodeans, good morning to the Police state amadans.

  18. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on




    Great post. Deep insight. A delight to see your wisdom reflected.






    I’ve seen more intelligence in a bean sprout

  19. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    TD67 10.45



    Well your post is a lie for all to see above.



    I will now know you as the liar. I haven’t met too many Tims like you, but a liar you are.

  20. HH


    From a roasting day here in Dubai just recovered from a mad few days.thought we played some good football yesterday.




  21. 4 fantastic goals on Saturday.Great display from Tierney.Should keep his place in the side.Far too many crosses going astray,and out of the park when Izzy is playing.Still love him though.


    Joze looks,and moves like a thoroughbred.Not a great deal of pressure on him,but a great 90 mins to get him bedded in.This was always going to be RDs defensive pairing when VVD,and Jason went,the fact that due to circumstances,they have only played together once,prior to Saturday,seems to have been lost on many people.Hence the unsettled central defence.Look forward now to seeing them play every game.Lustig alongside.


    All the bullsh!t spoken on here over the last week about disharmony in the dressing room,took a bit of battering as on Saturday,the whole team looked relaxed,friendly,and together.Still,they have to snipe about something.We will wait with bated breath for the next big,”Someone from inside the club told me”exclusive.


    On to Wednesday.Canny wait.

  22. If I had a mortgage I would stick it on now for Dundee Utd to get relegated. One of the most inept teams I have seen at Celtic Park in recent years. Ronny Deilas tactics have to be called into question again because a blind man could see half way through the first half that Craig Gordon should have been substituted and Ciftci brought on as it was obvious at that point that there was no need for Celtic to play the remainder of the match with a goalkeeper

  23. Well, I’m glad someone agrees with me.



    Green Brigade provoke banner storm


    Posted On 26 Oct, 2015 – By lostbhoys – With 17 Comments





    The Green Brigade are mired in controversy once more as a huge section of the Celtic support have condemned their pre-match banner at the Dundee United clash on Sunday.



    Having previously been warned about their future behaviour, banners which culminated in Celtic being fined more than once together with their flares, and with their members divided and relocated to less prominent sections of the ground, they once again made a political statement which has irked many in their own ranks.



    The vast majority of comments I viewed regarding this incident were scathing of the GB, and decidedly angry that their own views were misrepresented in such a high profile manner.



    The crux of the matter doesn’t appear to be just the pop at Police Scotland and their heavy-handling of supporters before, during and after matches, (not just with Celtic fans as we saw from the Motherwell section’s demonstrable alliance at Fir Park last week), but their go at the SNP.



    The division may be also due to the fact that the SNP were the ‘YES’ voting Scottish people’s choice during the devolution, a time when emotions were peaked and the fallout still lingers in the hearts and minds of the defeated voters.



    The SNP were the people’s champions if you were of a devolved mind, (and the majority of Celtic fans were, it appeared), so to see them targeted and shamed at the game for the laws which effectively sparked angry responses by most supporters took the Celtic fans’ ire to a new level. Not the law, not the SNP but time and place.



    I’m not commenting on my own views on the devolution debate, but am throwing my hat in the ring with those who feel that these matters should be voiced and displayed in a separate forum. Celtic Park is not the place for such banners, banners which neither support the team nor the views of all the fans.



    There are those among you who feel that the Saltire has been hijacked by the ‘YES’ brigade, and used as a stick to beat the ‘NO’ voters. This banner is seen along the same lines but with a different slant and reverse psychology judging by those on Twitter and social media.



    The GB are brilliant in the way they get behind the players during games and often save the day during morgue-like home matches, but like the commentators on other sites, I agree that they are NOT the voice of Celtic, not politically.



    There’s a decent chance we will be hammered by the lusty, and oh-so-willing beaks who will snatch at any chance to put us down, so this banner for me is their glorious opportunity to do so. The words, NO BRAINER come to mind and although I don’t disagree with SOME of the sentiment, it basically means that their money is better than yours or mine. We have no say whilst they get to say it all!



    It’s time to cut out this nonsense from Parkhead, and time to tell the GB to wind in their necks unless it involves football, driving the players to victory or engaging in songs which will not damage the club or our long established reputations-again! If they wish to engage in political disagreements of this nature, take it to Holyrood where it belongs. It does not belong at Celtic Park.



    Now, I was scathing of Ronny’s tactics(!) and the cowardly display against Molde, (as most of you were), so I was pleased to see the 5-0 hammering of Dundee United. It does not make up for shame I felt in Norway, but it was a fine result to be going on with domestically.



    United were the worst side to appear at Celtic Park in living memory for me, so we should not take too much from the result, but the hunger and drive we showed to see them off so emphatically was pleasing.



    Commons was on fire, Brown was back to his best and Armstrong showed glimpses of his former self.



    With Jozo in the side and young Tierney showing Izzy how it should be done with a display which belied his age, I feel a bit more secure at the back despite the lack of test.



    With Lustig to be reinstated later and Cole to debut, we may see some intense forward momentum this season, but for me, Europe is the benchmark. I’ll be interested to see how they fare further down the line when the chips are really down.



    5-0? How can you not be happy with that. Keep it going Ronny and Bhoys, the scrutiny has never been higher, and you still have a bit to prove. I look forward to delighting in the pudding. Jelly and Ice Cream anyone?



    Hail Hail!



    Eddie Murray.



    Follow Eddie @Aussiebhoy on Twitter.

  24. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on




    Also a purveyor of pathetic foul language ……






    Thought Simunovic played REALLY well on Saturday ….!!!!

  25. What is the Stars on

    I’m a bigger celtic fan than you so there ( sticks tongue out and runs away)



    Seems to be the theme this morning ( without the running away unfortunately)

  26. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Turkeybhoy/overseas bhoys n ghirls


    I can’t see the match showing up on. Wednesday night on liveonsat



    Is it being shown on CTV?

  27. 4-4-2 is dead.



    Noticeable that we saw a lot more of Brown in an attacking sense yesterday. I think recently he has been too much of a foil for Biton. My theory is that Biton is so good at times Brown just thinks I’ll give it to him. Yesterday he took it on himself.





    The prospect of a fine for that banner is a red herring,or a crock of the proverbial.



    As I’m sure you know,the fines only apply in Europe.