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  1. Lost bhoys is perfect name for them



    Just Sit in corner and sing and when ur harassed just take your oil.. Aye alrite then.

  2. Delaneys dunky



    Sorry to hear about your tragic loss, awful news. Thoughts with you and the family .

  3. Turkeybhoy



    Someone from within the club told me that Hearts have sold only thirty six tickets for the sections that are normally occupied by Celtic supporters at tynecastle for Wednesday evening………exclusive eh ?


    Anyway by my reckoning Hearts obstinance will probably cost Celtic circa £13000 in lost revenue



    Also hear the reason BBC not showing it….is because it’s up against some final of a baking competition. If we hadn’t been playing Sunday because of Europe I think the Tynecastle game would have been a stick on to be on the telly tomorrow night instead of the highland Derby. However I suppose that some won’t be disappointed salivating over Mary Berry and Fairy Cakes over watching the match


    Btw the game isn’t even down for highlights later on

  4. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    “Celtic Park is not the place for such banners, banners which neither support the team nor the views of all the fans”



    Was it not the case that this Act was brought in to `even things up` because, as things stood , Rangers` fans were breaking the Law with their repertoire of songs but Celtic fans were not? If that were truly the case, then I would have thought that Celtic Park was the most obvious place for such banners.


    Also, I felt the banner received quite a positive response from the crow on Sunday. Lots of applause and no booing that Iw as aware of.


    Finally, as far as I am aware, the GB speak for themselves and do not claim to speak for the `all the fans`.







  5. Sorry.I feel I must apologize to some posters on here.The fact that I like to see Celtic winning,and say good things about the win,does not seem to sit too kindly with them.


    Please accept my sincere apologies if I have upset anyone.


    In fact,I will now go out of my way to criticize the team,win or lose,and find every thing negative I can,to say about the team.I will also try and import some of that “Anti Celtic”water,that seems to be being drunk down in the Southern Hemisphere,by quite a few Celtic fans,into Turkey.That should help.

  6. BMCUW



    I will need to remember to come over all shocked and offended the next time I am sitting sipping espressos in Cafes in Madrid Barcelona Rome etc etc when the local polis breenge in bearing sidearms to have their morning coffee and doughnuts. Maybe I will get my phone lot get a wee picture and get it published in the Record

  7. The Green man said –



    “Defeat is acceptable…no problem, that’s football….However, what is not acceptable, is for a Celtic team to just give up….which they most certainly did against Molde.”



    Aye, but it was a freezin’ wet night. I was Baltic jist watchin’ thum.

  8. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Cheers Burgus



    Just received a call from lawrie Ross. Re insurance


    Celtic gave my details with every policy taken out being rewarded by £10 to Celtic foundation

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    thetimreaper on 26th October 2015 11:24 am



    4-4-2 is dead.




    Careful – the dinosaurs will be gunning for you!


    Think we got dumped out of the cup by Aberdeen the last time we tried it.

  10. What is the Stars on

    Long Live 442 AND bring back 424 or 433


    Down with the traitors and quislings with their 451


    Dinosaur’s are us csc

  11. You know, I don’t think our performance yesterday was any more than good. Certainly not very good and nowhere near excellent. I don’t mean to complain, just to point out that we beat a very poor team and can play a hell of a lot better,



    Don’t forget we were missing Lustic, Izzy, Bitton and Forrest, with Simunovic just back from injury. So we were nowhere near full strength.



    I thought young Keiran was terrific, especially as he was our only wide threat. I’ve never been a fan of the wrong wing/ coming inside thing. With Armstrong and GMS on the wrong flanks and Efe not getting forward on the right we had no other width.



    I especially liked Leigh Griffiths’ goal celebration, running half the length of the pitch to the manager. Didn’t look too much like Ronny had lost the dressing room there.

  12. Whatever the formation the players need to understand. And we need to scout the opposition properly, so that we understand what we are up against and can adapt accordingly.

  13. Fines ? .



    italian radio has reported that Uefa have just made @ 95 k euros from fining England / Scotland , Poland and Lithuania . Reporter couldn’t resist adding –” enough for someone’s monthly off the books payment “

  14. What is the Stars



    You’re ma Da’ his grip on formations never ceased to amaze me:)))



    “Why’s he wearing 7 if he’s playing through the middle” :))))


    I’m not commenting on my own views on the devolution debate, but am throwing my hat in the ring with those who feel that these matters should be voiced and displayed in a separate forum. Celtic Park is not the place for such banners, banners which neither support the team nor the views of all the fans. –







    so just exactly where do you think CELTIC SUPPORTERS should protest about the TREATMENT they receive.