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  1. CowieBhoy, only his mistakes cost us?


    Not his first mistake, not his last.


    But still he was played in that position.


    No options?




    My point is, play Efe there there is a higher possibility of that sort of error.


    Play Lustig there and Efe wide?


    Maybe less so.

  2. SOAL



    “You don’t make friends with salad”



    Homer to Lisa, explaining street barbecue menu.

  3. Our club knew we would lose both our Center halfs this year but only signed one(boyto does not count as he only played 9 games in 2 years )



    Poor poor poor. Efe go away and take that useless defence coach Kennedy with you

  4. Very disappointed with result tonight , albeit game was reasonably entertaining


    On the plus side Tierney was excellent, Boyata is progressing, Forrest good, Griffiths can score goals in Europe and Brown was excellent.


    Feel a bit sorry for Efe , he always gives 100% , but not is probably a journey too far.



    Bigger concern for me is the manager.


    Even after losing the goal before HT , had we held on till 60 minutes we would have won.



    When a ‘project’ player joins us, and it’s not working, we can take him out the limelight , build confidence, adjust and get another chance, we can’t with a manager, although a DoF may help.



    Sadly, IMHO , RD is very close to the exit door; I previously said give him till Xmas, I now believe that he needs to do the following to survive post October


    – Don’t let gap vs Aberdeen grow


    – beat Hearts in Cup


    – take 3 points ( at least ) from Molde


    Any more is a bonus, any hiccups and it’s thanks and goodbye.

  5. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on




    Just added some Aldi Beatroot to finish it off



    And as Barney says Burp




  6. the glorious balance sheet on




    I accept what you say on Ambrose being a serial offender, it’s an undeniable fact.



    But I’m not so sure Blackett wouldn’t have been a bombscare as well, did you see the state of him when he came on? Careless passing and treating the ball like a hot potato/ live grenade when it came into our box.



    Plus a combo of Lustig/boyata/Blackett/Tierney would have made for a very inexperienced back line especially if you factor in the very likely possibility that Lustig would have had to be replaced by janko at some point due to injury.



    Injury to jozo and an abundance of projects in our squad led to Ambrose playing tonight by default.

  7. Delaneys Dunky on




    My favourite Tims live in the occupied 6 counties. They make the effort to get to Paradise every week. Hope to see you soon amigo.

  8. Glasstwothirdsfull



    Fair enough, but,even given his positional error, he should still be moving sharply towards a ball that is flighted to front post. He didn’t get anywhere near it.

  9. I really do hate giving any Celtic player stick,but I have been saying on this blog for donkeys that Efe should be nowhere near our central defence.I know he is a blue eyed boy on here,but his timing of his jump is woeful.He gets away with murder in the SPL,but found out time and time again against better teams.The 1st effort to head back to Gordon hit him on the top of his head FFS.The second goal,he had no idea where his man was if you watch the replay.He kidded the manager on with a couple of good performances in the SPL,and many on here,but surely thats his last Euro game.We just cant afford that level of stupidity.The last couple of games he has been blootering that kind of ball out the park,not this time.Only Efe knows why.At 2-0 at half time,they are gone,like all Turkish teams.So sick watching us beat ourselves.

  10. Like the rest of you , a bit disappointed not to have won the game . For my tuppence worth ,I wish we had a player who could control the ball on the first touch , we are very bad at not keeping control of the ball , continually giving it away , a tad disappointed in johanson too , something not right with that lad at the moment . Effe well I’ll bet he is hurting as much as we are . A huge well done to young tierney . Someday celtic will put games they are dominating to bed , it’s happening more often now .

  11. Turkeybhoy



    Exactly that…. I am currently watching a Celtic team beat itself…. We are not being beaten by superior opponents. We continue to beat ourself.



    That fact alone, is very worrying.

  12. Sydneytim – If you accept that Jason D was a good player, and I think we all do, then you need to recognise that the people that identified him as a player also identified Boyata and at the time we signed JD thought he was the better of the two. Now he may have stalled at MC, allowing us to sign him but ultimately his basic talent is there. I think it’s a bit unfair to dismiss him as not a real signing.



    JD had never played for the 1st team before coming to us. Make of that, what you will.

  13. West End of East End on

    And on another note, we shouldn’t do the huddle until about the 87th minute when we’re 3 up in Europe…far too early tonight…

  14. We were up against the Celtic Fantasy Summer Investment XI tonight. 60 million of yer Pappy’s bucks.



    On midly engaged mince.



    I would have taken the draw – ‘on paper’ – before k-o.



    However, if you play Efe in a position of culpable responsibility you get what you deserve. Efe is NOT a defender. Efe is a very handy defensive midfielder. Ronny Deila clearly does not read CQN because I’ve been tub-thumping that crucial observation for ages…



    Young Teirney – excellent, son – they targeted you; gave you the hardest shift on the park and you stood up and won yer battles. Well done.



    Broony – thank god he was on the ball tonight because the rest of the mid were missing/fleeting. Did well to befriend the ref early doors and loooked every inch the menacing dominant figure we so badly need in the middle in big games.



    The Cat – under-rated save with his legs at 2-2; seen plenty of keepers give up on those swervers and watch them fly in. Took the risk of looking the fool and using his legs as a last resort and he got the pay-off. Admirable. A leader.



    Commons – invaluable due to his touch of class left peg. Supply him and prosper.



    Johansen – the curtain’s dropped, the plug’s been pulled on the Hammond, and he’s getting found out big-time. If he wasn’t Norwegian, doing well at national level, would he even make the squad? Contributed zero so far this season; possibly negative kudos given rumours.



    Ronny Deila – again, confusing subs. Wee Forrest was applying himself well and is our only player with genuine pace at that level. So why sub him in the last minute of normal time in a finely-balanced game and ask Armstrong to take up the pace? Efe had blown his gasket and almost the tie – take him off after an hour and put on Janko; Lustig into CB beside Boyata; is that not common fitba’ sense 101? And what about some help for LG up front as he began to tire? Heaven forbid 4-4-2 – just get Johansen off and alter the system slightly to allow someone to push through beside Lg (Wee JF with his pace?).



    Zonal Marking – LMAO. Another set-piece, another wonderful bit of grass-covering as the big fella bulleted in a header. Another vital European goal lost. Calculate how much that inane defensive theory/ strategy has cost us in prestige, money and player attraction.


    Never seen a blade of grass head in a cross or make a run. Pick a man, stick with his run, attack the round white thing… Take responsibility for your own job and the set-piece defending will take care of itself.


    Zonal marking in real-time fitba’ allows players to hide and shirk responsibility; it’s a theoretician’s folly. And if you cannot see the value in ditching it after a CL exit and further euro goal losses, God help the Hoops.




    However, 2 draws and 4 goals against Ajax and Fenerbache read well considering our trepidations after the draw. Molde twice now should be a gift, if the surprise package has shot its bolt as I suspect it should have.



    We’re due some luck after acquiting ourselves well from the start of two heavy ties where we were well unfancied. A nice double-victory against the Norwegians will set us up for some right good Euro glory. This is how we would have wanted it at the start, so go get them, Celtic.

  15. The game was done at 2-0,They had stopped chasing our back 4,and could see them arguing …..enter Efe.He actually played well again ,but how long do you give him? We are the only team in world fitba who disnae block guys at corner kicks ffs


    Brown and Boyata ,very good IMO.


    MOTM -The crowd-stuck with the team.

  16. Does anyone know what John Kennedy’s role is ? Remembering RD was a centre half.Does he have any influence?

  17. West End of East End on

    Is John Kennedy now going to be the next Celtic scape goat boo bhoy ? I don’t know who you Celtic supporters are, you are not people that I associate with…always a scape goat or a boo bhoy but giving it out to John Kennedy shows you up for what you are;….

  18. Bada,its nothing to do with John Kennedy,its one mans stupidity that cost us.In the last couple of games,Efe has played well,blootering the ball out when not sure.Tonight,he does the exact opposite.No one can see that happening.I am sure his previous games when clearing his lines has come from being told to do so.He is just a total liability there.As I said earlier,he can kid everyone on,including many on here,that he has learned.He never will.Last game for him there,I hope.


    Broony was immense tonight,and young Tierney did great.We did not deserve to lose that game.

  19. Yep,I agree,they were a beaten team.I watch them quite regularly here,they have not got a lot of bottle.No Turkish team has at the moment.If he does not blunder,we would have gone on to win comfortably.Sickening.Remember how much this team were made favs to win this group.2 points lost.

  20. West end of East end


    John Kennedy is a Celtic fan yes


    John Kennedy played at the top level for years. No


    John Kennedy has years of experience playing against a variety of opposition to pass on to the players. No



    Should john Kennedy be our defence coach No change



    As some bloggers say you play EFe at Center half and you get what you deserve as you know what will happen. Ronny you are culpable

  21. Last thing tonight from me.How bad was that referee.We complain about our mob in Scotland,but when was the last time we had a fair crack of the whip in Europe?.He was atrocious tonight.And 3 minutes ET for all subs and 2-3 injuries was a joke.

  22. BRISBANE 67... Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    We are reaping what we sow.


    Years of under-investment in the playing and coaching staff have left us where we are today.


    A team gubbed in the champions League against opponents we should be beating.


    Utter mince in the Europa League of also rans.


    Going nowhere fast.


    Lets continue Mr Lawwell to bank the huge salary and plant the third rate seeds which we will reap for years.

  23. Very good performance from the celts.. First 15/20mins of 2nd half was only time they were om top.



    Ambrose mistake was a shocker and everyone knows he has it.. Hopefully this new Croatian centre half can get fit and fit in there. Ambrose needs fresh start elsewhere, give o’connel his place in the squad.



    Boyota I thought was excellent and young tierney had a very good game against more experienced players who were a lot stronger than him but he didn’t back down.. Brilliant . Get him on the weights and keep giving him game time romnie.



    Man of match for me was brown.. Great battling and driving forward, never gonna be classed as the pass master but he brings other qualities.



    Bitton was excellent first half and still decent 2nd half.



    Stefan ..poor but did a lot off running and closing down, sadly because we haven’t got many great passers in team we need this.



    Forest not a fan but he had good game, still very little end product most of the time but an encouraging performance.



    Griffiths , excellant ..1 chance 1 goal and never stopped running.



    Well done Celtic

  24. BRISBANE 67... Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    Ronny Deila, John Collins, John Kennedy all epitomise the what we are.



    A club with nice, honest, ineffective guys.



    Peter Lawwell, Dermot Desmond both are very effective at what they do in terms of progressing Celtic as a business: SFA!

  25. just in from the game



    haven’t read back but can imagine Efe getting pelters……



    I would have biten your hand off for a draw when the group was announced …… so I’m keeping hold of that positive note



    two good results against Molde and I will be A very happy clapper



    Now I’m going to watch the game Goodnight Timland




  26. We all know Efe can concentrate , we all know that against sharp European opposition he is a bomb scare. We have highly paid people at Celtic park who should ensure that players like Efe are no where near a 1st eleven Jersey



    And back to john Kennedy stating in press this week how wonderful Efe was. Mate you have just shown how poor you are as a coach. To even consider zonal marking with a player like efe as a Center half is a sackable offence

  27. Ahh poor old Efe bless’im.



    I do like him because he does come across as a very nice man and he always gives everything he’s got for the cause on the park as far as I can see, and actually I’ve been on here defending him before, but it looks like my defence of him is about as useful and effective as his defence of our goals.



    Last night’s one was a howler, no doubt. It was only a kind of speculative lob by them although it was into a really dangerous area and on the turn it would have been very easy for Efe to overhit the thing and knock it into his own net, and as he was turning he probably couldn’t tell how far away Gordon was. Caught in two minds then, and the result was… well a goal for them. I wondered at the time if Gordon might have given him a shout so he’d have a better idea of how far away he was and therefore how hard he’d be able to head it back, but honestly defending like that just isn’t good enough at this level.



    After his few fairly good performances recently I’m sorry to say this is another setback for him. Shame really and I feel sorry for him because as I said, I do like him.



    Hail Hail,



  28. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    Nothing wrong with zonal marking if you have the players to play that system ….we don’t …to persist with it is poor management



    We seem to persist with footballing ideals rather than considering reality



    As for poor wretched Efe …one can’t help but feel sorry for him …he gives his all ..he’s just not good enough …more to be pitied than scorned ….

  29. BRISBANE 67... Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    As far as I can see from the highlights, we have realised a return on the amount we invested in our couching staff.

  30. BRISBANE 67... Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    Good old zonal marking. It works every time for the attacking team against Celtic. We have a coaching and management staff who despite the calamity, stick with it out of pure ideology.

  31. I thought ronnie got it spot on last night, tactics and starting 11.



    The only way you can possibly stop individual errors is have players who make less mistakes .. Sadly we can’t afford them.



    That performance makes the last transfer window even more frustrating.. Probably 2 quality players short of of winning games like that at home with ease.



    Commons is very tough subject for ronnie..for me doesn’t do enough running etc but when on the ball around the box he is first class.. I think that’s why Stefan is very important even when his passing is very poor , he will run and run all day.



    If only we could give commons stefans engine we would have a great player on our hands.

  32. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    BRISBANE 67… on 2ND OCTOBER 2015 5:06 AM



    As far as I can see from the highlights, we have realised a return on the amount we invested in our couching staff.






    Might I enquire as to how much of “we” do you consider yourself to be, in terms of investment?

  33. GivehimthemoneyPeterCSC on

    I thought efe had played well until the first mistake- shit happens don’t let the boo boys get you down efe



    Quite ironic that the usual suspects are crying about the lack of spend because we only drew with a team that cost 30 times+ more than ours



    An enjoyable end to end game with one mistake turning the game …sounds like the game I love



    Keep the faith

  34. Good morning friends and a Big Happy Friday from East Kilbride where it’s dry underfoot. As for the overhead conditions I’m afraid the weather remains blind to me this morning as I can’t see the fog for the mist….