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  1. I’m excited about who Ange is brining in next – he knows what’s needed and I hope its a physical midfielder and cover in the striking department.



    thought the ref was excellent tonight – probably the best we’ve had all season. Many decisions correctly went our way and Scottish refs would never give. The decisions matter territorialy

  2. I know yer man Jota and Wee Fury were stars today but…….


    BIG CCV is a big unit of confidence.



    For every bit of skill we need a wee bit o’ Bobo…………..




  3. That was grand Celts.a good worked for victory.


    Every member of that team had their moment.


    Joe Hart important saves,presence,Tony-that tackle,important time.ccv and starfelt feel as if I could pass you a coffee but that says more of my patience,monty a couple of pies and build up.


    Calmac no wonder we are playing better with you back,a key cog in how Celtic play.Turnbull always available only wish you let fire with those shooting boots but again my patience overlooks the importance of possession.liel was a wee bit quiet today,so was kyogo but both applied themselves and helped pull ferecvaros about.jota am confused about,to steal setting free bears patter,I just can’t define who his pass to kyogo reminds me of? Bobby Murdoch or George Cononley? Confusion reigning over such a sublime/superb pass.from where I was in 106 kyogo had a pass into an open goal.brilliant.


    Subs to Scales/mikey/gio good to see plenty vying to wear those hoops,great days work,plenty to be getting on with,been that way since we left the wee hall.




    Good meeting and crossing paths with several right good tims(no theym wans in for their tea,bevvyin etc:-)))




  4. Well done everyone who attended the game, clean sheet coulldve/should’ve been more than 2 goals….. Looks like we’re getting there, keep it going till the windae and we could be motoring after Chrimbo.



    Well done bhoys.

  5. If you are a Supporter and didn’t enjoy today then it’s time to pack it in,


    I keep watching Kyogo’s goal . The ball from Jota was orgasmic, the first touch by Kyogo was superb & the wee pause for the set up & the finish was sublime.


    I know Montgomery got a wee bit of stick here during game but he is a young kid and he is a good one, Ange was right to sub him but the kid will be a huge asset.


    When defenders make errors, they are highlighted by everyone , midfielders & forwards not so much.


    One or two errors certainly, but overall we defended well today.

  6. Ajax pummeling Dortmund with the best display of attacking football I have seen in long time.Wonderful.

  7. Great stuff today.The pass from Jota,the best I have seen at CP,since Paul Mc Stays to Chris Morris


    against the scum for Maccas goal.Phenomenal.

  8. Marspapa



    That ‘nil’ bit growing and important


    Did I mention pass from jota.:-)))




  9. The pass from Jota,took the GK out,he wasin no man’s land, a brilliant first touch and boom

  10. “BURNLEY78 on 19TH OCTOBER 2021 8:17 PM


    Vile report by some guy Thomas Duncan on the BBC.”



    I read that report on my `phone on the train on the way home. A truly dreadful piece .

  11. Great result — the prize money will pay someone’s wages for the year.


    Performance was all over the place — brilliance followed by naivety / rank stupidity.



    First was us at our worst — no confidence / no appetite / no drive.


    We looked over-coached and over-trained — had to be done but it takes the edge off us.


    The second half was a lot more fluid and shows how important confidence is for us now.


    More direct work through the middle made them look ordinary in the extreme.



    They were very poor and showed it when we managed to string 3 passes together.


    Different game when we play them away — hopefully we find our feet before they can score.



    AR and AM are two years away from being good enough for where we need to be.


    Big hearts are one thing but cluelessness and inexperience are there for everyone to see.


    Wee boys in a man’s world would be one way of describing it.


    Hopefully no more as they will cost us in the future.



    JPNF is a player and a half.


    It was him vs them for much of the first half.



    LA had an off night but was still worth his place.


    KF needs a bit more support as the game was played for too long without him.


    Effort was immense — some poor touches but he always won the ball back.



    Need to get TR more into the game.


    Need to build up DT’s engagement with the game.


    Some great play but it took him a while to warm up.


    Needs to play the team in front of him not try and repeat his weekend highlights.



    Need more from CMcG — off the pace and lacked quality.


    The penalty was just what everyone was expecting.


    Not a big enough personality at the moment to take the responsibilities of penalties.


    The GK’s antics spooked him from the off.


    The captaincy angle is getting better.


    But penalties — no / no / thrice no.



    Finally CS @ £4mill — only in PL’s pension plan does that make sense.


    He can play at times but tonight he had no appetite for the game or the ball.

  12. Iniquitosiv



    It was an attempt at a match report on our game.



    His disgust that his pre game piece running down our chances was not an accurate prediction, as to what came to pass, is not even veiled.

  13. Parkheadcumsalfird, thanks for the reply.




    Many were concerned about the welfare of the young man, not even watching Callum take our penalty.


    As you said m I hope he is ok.

  14. BURNLEY78 on 19TH OCTOBER 2021 8:17 PM



    Vile report by some guy Thomas Duncan on the BBC.



    I realise richard Wilson ( horrible hun ) is on line editor of the bbc but the reports both pre and post game on Celtic are getting ridiculous.



    Bitter does not come close.





    Is there copy of clip b78?




  15. Our dear departed chum Garry would have loved today’s game .



    The tribute on the screen at half time to Garry put a smile on my coupon.



    To Garry Duncan from his friends at CQN and Cenntenial Celts ( instead of Sentinel Celts) .

  16. Burnley 78 , I read BBC Scotland’s match report when I got home from the game.




    I must have been dreaming I was at Celtic Park this afternoon going by Thomas Duncan’s report.

  17. Just had a look at the stats. The percentage of possession to fouls was pretty close to what one would except.


    Contrast this with what happens in Scotland.



    PS Celtic by Numbers, who did an excellent couple of articles on `dodgy` decisions, might be interested in doing a piece on this?

  18. Two monumental acts of stupidity cost Atletico Madrid against Liverpool. A ridiculously high boot by Griezmann sees him sent off, and an unnecessary blatant foul in the box costs them a penalty and a goal.


    German referee has been magnificent.


    Looking forward to seeing Ronaldo vs Virgil at the weekend.


    4 penalty goals scored today in Champions League. How difficult can it be?

  19. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    BURNLEY78 on 19TH OCTOBER 2021 8:17 PM




    Vile report by some guy Thomas Duncan on the BBC






    Dearie me – just read that.



    Delighted that the clearly bitter chap will – as we speak – be having such an anguished evening 👍😁🤗



    Hail Hail fellow Tims – once can but pitty these tortured humans 😢😩🇮🇪🇮🇪🦄🇿🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇪👍🤪






  20. Parkheadcumsalford, good see to those around him’s priority was his well being rather than what was happening on the pitch.

  21. Great victory today. Very insipid first half , but we really stepped it up in the second.


    Jota and Mcgregor our 2 best players in my opinion.


    Abada was off the pace today and Starfelt, Ralston and Montgomery are just not good enough.


    But we do have better players ready to replace them.


    So things are looking promising

  22. Good game



    The team swatted off the opposition and



    Big Ange swatted off the press



    Very happy, defo seeing the improvement last few games



    And a reduction of hardcore “Angeball” with a more reserved vintage taking its place!

  23. In the lead up to the first goal, we were playing tight one touch risky football in the left back corner area. Up in North Stand the Sunday league manager condemned Montgomery with the wisened words “what are you daein ya f’in eejit”.



    5 seconds later Jota is running clear and delivers THAT pass to Kyogo and the goal scored.



    Once the celebratory cheers had died down I did turn round and pointed out what the f’in eejit had done.



    With absolutely no apology to the CQN readers, I’m going to repeat my mantra.



    One day, playing out from the back will cost us a goal. It may or may not be significant to the final result. But it will be rare. And is worth the risk.



    As an example, against Motherwell we conceded a throw in down at the right back area after good pressure from them. The home crowd went into a frenzy (as most fans do when that sort of thing happens).



    The subsequent throw in, due to our pressure on them, ultimately ended back at their keeper.



    Losing possession when playing out from the back doesn’t often result in a lost goal. Calm down.

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