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  1. JHB:


    “It is akin to some pedantic pen-pusher in a council office pursuing a dead person’s estate for an unpaid parking ticket. Rangers FC are gone – as UEFA told the ‘resolutioners’ – you cannot punish something that does not exist. Of course these Trust people know that, they want to ‘put the boot into’ Celtic.”



    This is about looking at the means used by the SFA in granting a licence to play in the Champions League, and if due process was followed, and not about who the licence was granted to.

  2. Great Banners from the West & East side.




    Almost 1 hour to move 400 metres because I stayed behind. It makes no sense – we only had 50000 there too.

  3. Great game for everyone including players, Ange and the fans.



    Big Joe was excellent and his distribution was much improved. Back four looked comfortable playing out from the back. All were really good except for occasional mistake sometimes caused by lack of concentration or tiredness. But even Barca players make mistakes (remember Tony Watts’s goal?). I’m beginning to believe that with good coaching and regular game time young Ralston and Montgomery could go on to EPL level. Why not? Neither of them have played a lot of games and you could point to Tierney’s similar weaknesses/mistakes in the early stages of his career. CCV and Carl Starfelt were both excellent and it’s unfair to think of their mistakes as somehow diminishing their overall performances – remember VVD early games? Ajer even?



    I thought Calamac was brilliant whatever anyone says although not at his very best. He sort of rushed into that penalty and his disappointment didn’t dampen his spirit – a total professional. T. Rogic was T. Rogic – brilliant stuff and gets caught for dithering or can’t get the ball out from under his feet, but doesn’t detract from his overall contribution. David Turnbull had his least effective game but still good enough. He could do with more upper body strength and individual coaching to take him to the level he should reach. Abada and Kyogo both quiet by their standards. Neither really shone but their contributions were good enough to keep them in the first team.



    Ange seems to have got his players playing the way he wants but allowing some modifications in style to suit the circumstances. Notably: (i) players looked a lot more comfortable playing out from the back, more comfortable I’d say than Rodgers’s players when at Celtic. It might be because of players moving into good receiving positions thus allowing player in possession to remain calm believing he’ll have someone to pass to. (ii) everyone pressing (ii) some really entertaining quick passing, most of it forward (iv) Big Joe humping it forward nearer the end when he knows the players are really tired and could get caught out playing it out from the back. Last night was evidence that this style of football really works if everyone gives it their utmost and understands how everything knits together. Well done everyone!

  4. Good morning cqn from a Groundhog day in the Garngad weather wise.



    I hope Res 12 guys show our board and the cabal that is the SFA up for what they are cheating Hun Loving criminals. Keep it in the spotlight the cheating is off the scale again. Why any Celtic supporter would not want answers is beyond me.



    Great to see the COVID passport working to keep us all safe.



    D :)

  5. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa – how could I leave out Jota? A total mental abberration on my part is the answer. He was brilliant and what a pass for Kyogo! We’re lucky to have him. I feel the fans should really make the most of him. He is the sort of player that thrives on adulation. He is going far that lad but I hope he is around for a couple of years.



    And while I’m on it a word (or two) for the substitutes: “thanks guys”. They did what was asked of them and all of them will see more game time I’m sure. And I won’t be questioning the manager’s decision to play them.



    In previous post I made a comment that Ange’s back four look more comfortable than Rodgers’s back four at Celtic when passing it out from the back. Am I imaging it? But even to imagine it tells me that we have a special coach.

  6. I’d like to thank the poster who put up the link to the Noam Chomsky interview in the Irish Times a few days ago. I finally got round to reading it and it was well worth the time. Apologies for not remembering who exactly it was!

  7. My friends in Celtic,



    What an enjoyable watch.A feel good factor that has been missing is back.


    Entertainment and excitement, what a combination. Of course we could be better, there are faults and it would be silly to ignore them, however the journey is progressing.



    While some spend their time plotting the rest of us enjoy. How is the ban on merchandise going ?



    HH to all, the journey continues.

  8. AN TEARMANN on 20TH OCTOBER 2021 7:26 AM



    I thought it was you but wasn’t sure!



    Thanks again!

  9. I really enjoyed the game yesterday, nervous at 1-0 that they would sneak an equaliser but the second goal made the last 10 minutes a lot more relaxing.



    I have one criticism of Celtic and it’s something that has been in the team for several years. We trundle passes to each other (especially at the back) and it often gives opponents time to close in on a Celtic player. I’m not saying blootir it but passes should be hit with a bit of pace to take the opponents out of the game.

  10. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Good to hear Ange put the Blowtorch to the Shortbread after the game last night.




  11. Dontbrattbackinanger



    Is there any link to the interview. I would like to hear that ! They are a disgrace with their negativity.

  12. squire danaher on




    Transcript of relevant part of interview.



    Should be read in conjunction with the BBC Scotland online ‘match report’. Anyone who watched the 90m play will observe this offers a somewhat unusual perspective on the game everyone else watched.



    Clear evidence they determine an editorial line which all stick to and rarely to Celtic’s advantage.

  13. onenightinlisbon on




    “Who do these Celtic Trust people think they are? They represent a miniscule speck in the Celtic family. Trouble-making is their pastime/hobby – if it wasn’t Res12, it would be something else.”




    Comedy gold son….

  14. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    I think Mr Lamont showed his true colours; which are definitely not green.



    The first goal was a thing of joy; almost as good as G.Hooper vs them.

  15. onenightinlisbon on

    Anyone watching that game yesterday could not fail to be impressed by how far we have come as a team in such a short spell. Yes there are areas for improvement but overall we played very well and created so many chances. On a a bitter hun would say otherwise…

  16. “MADMITCH on 19TH OCTOBER 2021 11:36 PM


    GDT @ 10.47


    CMcG was poor this afternoon.”





  17. onenightinlisbon on

    McGregor was outstanding. Missed a penalty, these things happen. growing into his Captain’s armband.

  18. ONIL @ 10.02



    Missing a penalty — these things shouldn’t happen.


    We have a history of being poor at penalties — poor at corners / throw ins / free kicks.


    Huge area that needs work and specialised coaching.


    There is a pattern in there.



    CMcG — he had a few good moments / got better as the second half went on.


    However — to me — he was poor especially in the first half where his 5 yard passes improved his stats but didn’t do much for the team.



    He very rarely took the ball on the half turn and worked it forward.


    His shooting was also poor — weak and too close to their GK.


    He played his best football with 10 minutes to go.


    Not what we need.



    His penalty was honking — telegraphed it / waist height / 1.5m from the post.


    Summed up his game up to that point.


    Not quite up to it.



    The MF were poor in the first half / better in the second — confidence and belief in short supply.


    Our goal came from direct play by the forward line — that we / they were not expecting.

  19. Squire D



    Thanks for that. The match report had been amended now. It is still poor but not as bad as the one which was put out immediately post game.



    Whether it is Thomas Duncan or actually the uber hun Richard Wilson ( he has been editor of online at bbc for 2 years ) it is clear there is an agenda.



    Since covid it seems they think they can get away with anything.

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    ‘Since covid it seems they think they can get away with anything.’



    -actually their mindset since the Black Death

  21. Burnley 78 / Squire………………




    I missed the match and only had shortie’s report to go by………..


    the original one by yer man Duncan was a masterpiece in sleekitry.



    Lamont is also straight out of teddy central casting – posh boy hun.



    Total snyder.

  22. MADMITCH…I must have been watching a different game to yourself last night….In the game I watched CalMac was our conductor in the middle of the field…always looking for the ball…always looking to move the ball forward….CalMac pressing led to our 2nd Goal…..Yes….CalMac missed the penalty kick….Even the Greatest missed penalties…it just goes to show that our CalMac is only human.

  23. Missing Penalties shouldn’t happen ? Really.


    I seem to remember Henrik missing a few in his time.


    Apparently the accepted ratio of successful Penalty kicks is circa 75%.


    Maybe it’s because I’m a wee mhan & shrinking with the years but in my opinion every generation seem to be getting bigger than the next,


    Keepers for the most part are huge men, with them bouncing along their line, and if they guess right (50% chance) they will most likely save it.

  24. Madmitch.


    Can’t agree, re. Calum. I thought Jota and him were outstanding for second game in a row.


    The 2 full backs need replaced though and I would expect Julien to replace Starfelt as soon as he is fit

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