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  1. Ferencvaros have 2 minutes to find two goals




    The Beeb.



    Hurting huns

  2. Baffled why Johnston doesn’t use his time off to build some upper body muscle. Just look at Salah, Mane, Traore etc. It would make him a much better player.

  3. Jota excellent all day and then misses when clean through at the end. Celtic so much more solid than I expected. That was a good 4-0 any other day

  4. CaddingtonCommon on

    Terrific performance all round. Ferencvaros flattered by the score. Plaudits will be for the outfield players and quite rightly so, but Joe Hart had two very very brave saves.



    Hail Hail


    Stay Safe

  5. What a game, Celtic should have scored 5 or 6



    Delighted with the result, but we have so much room for improvement.. which is actually delightfull

  6. Joe didn’t have much to do. Jota was a great outball. The Hungarians recognized his threat and stood off him, which created time and space for our players. We absolutely have to buy this guy from Benfica at the end of his loan, if not before.

  7. NEUSTADT-BRAW on 19TH OCTOBER 2021 2:46 PM


    today is going to be a braw day……..







    smiley get oot fae behind yer sofa Loren thing














    woof woof csc



    aye aye certainly ….a well deserved win by twa goals …mair wir there though ..



    smiley Sofia Loren ,s double sends her regards thing



    hiv a bra rest o the day



    Ralston wis danolite




  8. onenightinlisbon on

    two going on five or six.Great stuff. We are going to be a force there is no doubt about that. Well done Ange and the Bhoys.

  9. Delighted with win, just hope 3rd place isn’t decided on goal difference, Turnbull & Jota missed sitters & of course CalMac missed a penalty.


    Having said that all 3 culprits played vey well, Jota was outstanding,


    Joe Hart did very well, Ralston played his heart out, European wins have become a rarity, so I’m just going to sit back & enjoy this one.

  10. Match Stats



    Celtic. Ferencvárosi




    Home67% Away33%




    Home19. Away9


    Shots on Target


    Home9. Away2




    Home8. Away7




    Home8. Away13

  11. Great performance.


    Hart made some brilliant saves when needed.


    Ralston dragged the opposition all over the pitch.


    Centre backs solid, but too casual towards the end.


    Montgomery is too young, but no doubt he will make the grade.


    McGregor was excellent. Made up for penalty by winning the ball for second goal.


    Rogic and Turbull played well. Turnbull should have scored though.


    Abada, good in patches.


    Kyogo, works his arse off. Brilliant goal.


    Jota, my man of the match, outstanding.


    Big George looks like the muscle we needed up front.


    Bittons cameo performances shows that we should have used him as a holding midfielder since day one.


    Mikey Johnston, a revelation, outstanding. Great control and passing.


    We should have scored six.


    Happy Madra Rua heading off to my grandsons birthday party.



  12. Park the bus > blootir it > simples on

    Well done Celtic, well done Ange !! 👍 🍀


    Keep the heid Philbhoy ya auld firestarter !! 😊 ✌


    Have a guid day Celts. 👋

  13. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Word for Ralston. That saving tackle was magnificent. Reminiscent of AZ saver. Hart superb. Montgomery gaining great experience too.



    I think there’s a player in Starfelt, but he needs to up his game. Both their big chances came from his mistakes.



    Going forward we were fantastic. Should’ve been 5-0.