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  1. Ludge MIB — not even hiding it now are they?


    They will not give a penalty against TFOD2 and that is that.


    Plus AM has free rein to bite and stomp wis way through the campaign.



    Regarding us …



    Good 60 minutes apart from some weak shhoting.


    We play well but we don’t seem to want to win the game.


    No drive / desire / belief / hunger.



    Last 30 minutes were a complete shambles.


    Not sure if it is a lack of fitness / poorly managed substitutions / lack of desire.


    But it was painful watching it all fall away to nothing.



    One positive SB / GK — moved the ball very quickly once he got a hold of it.



    VB comments from NL — just what is he bumping his gums about?


    Complete erse of a guy picking on someone who is having a tough time now.


    Seems that he is still an outsider and struggling in the dressing room.


    And then you have cheap shots from thne manager.

  2. Channelislandcelt


    Thanks for that. It certainly looks blatant but the Hibs player did not seem too bothered.

  3. Newco v hibs 26th December 2020.Same old.I posted on this site that it was a matter for Jack Ross to air his grievances re the referee handling of said game.So hibs done again,the blatant penalty and the thuggish stamp by fatty boy,come on Ross grow a pair ffs.

  4. HOT SMOKED on 28TH JANUARY 2021 10:04 AM


    “ZIGGYDOC1 on 28TH JANUARY 2021 9:56 AM


    The least we and the rest of Scottish football (bar one) should be doing, is demand that referees can’t officiate in a game that involves the team the support. ”



    Who would Ref the Sevco games?






    I’ll referee their games, I’m as neutral as every other referee in Scotland, so why not?

  5. I am sure the Hun Hordes would take it in their stride when they saw McPhail Bhoy next to : Today`s Ref !!


    Cheerio for now.

  6. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    The cynic in me thinks NL has been told he won’t be here next season and he is now showing 2 fingers to all the criticism coming his way as well as indirectly to DD/PL. His press conference meltdowns surely must have gone against the advice of the club.



    His latest public comments on Barkas also doesn’t help either the player or the club (who in invested 5m in a keeper during a pandemic). I suspect he is unhappy to be simply holding the seat for somebody else now at request of PL/DD and this is reflected in his demeanour. He feels hard done by and can’t accept defeat or acknowledge his own role in this seasons implosion.

  7. MM



    Sincerly hope Barkas is not struggling in the dressing room.The management team and the senior players should be making sure this is not the case and if it is, its disgraceful.

  8. On the huns incidents



    Stamp. Blatant , as was the attempt to ‘fall over’ after he did it. BUT, he has got away with it so many times it is clear he is treated differently after the huns complained bitterly about refs when he did get sent off a few times. I think he should have had a red against us too. Yellow due to being deliberate but was a stamp not a trip. Could have been a bad injury. Pleased to see a few blues noses disgusted online. Think most would be happy to lose him once they have the title



    Penalty. Not for me in a normal world. Was already diving for he ball. In the EPL world it is a penalty every time. In the precedents this season- Brown vs Hibs, Julien vs County, it is a stonewaller





    I know Lennon can’t pick a settled side but why put Turnbull on the right of the diamond last night? I know MOI can play the top of diamond role as he did last night but surely him playing right instead of left would have not been a bad thing in attack and it was Hamilton so his poor defensive side would not have been too bad a risk with Ajer there?




    Thanks for the link, BLATANT push in the back, stonewall but not given of course. Meanwhile last night my wee heart was in my mouth when Bain went down at the feet of the Hamilton forward, I honestly expected the worst (despite Bain clearly getting the ball), but either the ref had decided the game was over or he had forgotten his pre-match instructions to feck us over. BTW who was the MIB in the Hibs game?

  10. Go tell the Spartim on

    If NL is away in the summer, hopefully sooner, who is buying the players ?



    I might misquote and if so, shame on me, but did he not say anyone coming in would be cheap, loan or a project, hardly inspiring but then look at some of our cheap buys, Lubo, Henrik, Didier (different times I grant you )

  11. BFTB at 10:33



    Sadly, I fear you could be correct re Neil.


    Others have the ability to end this scenario, should they wish.



    I’m not hopeful

  12. Neil Lennon’s team selections have damaged the whole team all season. We’re at the end of January and he still doesn’t have a settled keeper, left back or centre backs. It’s laughable. After persevering with Brown way too long he stumbled into a midfield diamond formation so at least Soro knows where he’s playing, as does McGregor. Turnbull plays as a 10 and Christie plays on the right, or they swap depending on Neil’s mood. He moans about Griffiths’ fitness but plays him alongside Édouard, leaving Ajeti and Klimala on the sidelines. It’s an absolute shambles. Nobody in the squad can have any confidence in themselves or in the manager’s decision making after this season’s farce. He has undermined them all the whole season.

  13. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    BhoyJoeBelfast on 28th January 2021 9:28AM



    Thanks for info. Sad situation for his family, thoughtful on his part.



    A relief to know he wasn’t lashing out in any direction. Doesn’t look to my eyes that any of the players, Soro aside, are feeling positive about life at Celtic.

  14. Dont think neil lennon will get a penny from the frimpong transfer ,and he shouldnt of all seaons to get the 10 he has messed up bigtime ,what i reckon celtic should do is sell nitcham ,mcgregor ,christie , kimala , rogic in this transfer window . get a new manager in give him a good chunk or the lot and start to prepare for next season

  15. Andy Patons Mullet on

    So by last nights endeavours I think we can all accept that the players are already in the ‘NL’s gone mode so lets go through the motions’. Frustration is an understatement. Agree with Chavez – the manager is the architect of his own downfall with the players. By not being able to get in the “zone” to perform with the constant changes and criticisms is it any wonder they play at 50% capability.

  16. With Neil Lennon in situ until May 31 at least and with a possible downturn on ST sales, his job now is to put as many players as possible in the shop window between now and the end of the FY. Because as Willie Sutton once said…..


    “That’s where the money is”




    I thought Taylor, Soro and Bain played to 100%


    As for the rest, well……..

  18. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Disappointed to see Frimpong go but can’t hold any bad feeling towards the club.



    Had he stayed for another 1 or 2 seasons we might well have 25m+ for him, with good coaching.



    But the price is circa 11.5m and its unlikely we would have received any higher right now even if he had been performing to last seasons standards.



    It’s just where the market is right now and Celtic presumably need the cash.



    A good deal for both Frimpong and the club at this moment in time.



    Now bring back Lee O’Connor and give him an extended run.

  19. BFTB



    ‘Now bring back Lee O’Connor and give him an extended run.’



    More chance of us bringing back Des O’Connor mate

  20. I thought the players just looked relieved after second goal and happy to just hold …where as in days gone by (last season). This would have led to a third and fourth and maybe more .



    So days when we are happy to hold Hamilton 2/0 at home !



    I have had a scan of the undead from last night (sportscene)



    Clancy is as poor as they come” scared to be fair “is the team I’d use shame he was a good celt when he was young !



    I’m not as convinced about the stamp I think it’s a yellow same as Hibs players why he got booked and the coke head did not I can’t think why it was not it at least a yellow .



    However that was as stonewall a penalty for me as you can see. These pesky honest mistakes again I suppose! .



    Another day another wee bit of my heart chips and falls off!

  21. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Frimpong was 1 of 4 youngsters we brought to the club last summer along Afolabi, O’Connell & O’Connor.



    Profit of circa 8m is great business overall minus whatever wages has been spent.



    But where is the club going with rest of these players and overall plan to recruit young EPL/Championship players? Are the others just not good enough?

  22. glendalystonsils on

    No going for the jugular last night then . At least we weren’t passing it back and forth in our own defensive third with the score at 1-1 in injury time like we were in the Livi game at CP.



    I don’t think we’ll see the players re-energised until we have a new man at the helm. Some of them may still be responding to NL, some are not but the uncertainty of the future must affect the team as a whole.


    (Well maybe not wee Soro with his mile-wide grin -))

  23. WESTCRAIGS on 28TH JANUARY 2021 6:32 PM



    Sevco have strengthened year after year since Gerrard arrived.



    *and still won eff all



    They are now building for next season.



    *possibly because of an impending fire sale



    We are selling.



    *we are and always have been a selling club but at least we have players other teams want



    And we are looking for a new management team.



    *and so would sevco had it not been foe Covid and now cheatin mitb.



    Sevco will sell more season tickets next season than we will sell.



    *tae who, there will be nae crowds again next season

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