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    Would Love to see Brendan go for Aaron Mooy Currently on Loan to Huddersfield from Man City by all accounts Setting the Championship on Fire and has great Goals for a Midfielder..






    Ps.. Did someone mention My Bhoy Georgious is heading to Easter Road..?

  2. I am also wondering why he can’t hold down a regular place in the Everton side .


    They have been struggling for months.




  3. Tiny Tim



    Not a Neverton lover but the fans at Goodson rate him very highly.



    He always takes one for the team.



    He played exceptionally well tonight but Arsenal are pussies of the highest order too.

  4. Tiny Tim



    He’s been out injured



    If Brendan can get him back up the road it’s massive.

  5. He said: ‘Play him for 45 minutes, 60 minutes, but not 95 minutes after five to six weeks out. The second time, 80 minutes! You are killing the player.



    ‘If you leave it up to the player to decide, then he is in a difficult situation because he’s between the Everton and Irish teams.



    ‘It is ridiculous that he has surgery, five to six weeks out, three training sessions, plays 90 minutes and then, after three days, he plays another 80 minutes.



    ‘Of course, he is massively overloaded. I don’t do this to my players at Everton because you get injuries again.’

  6. Ronald Koeman knows James McCarthy better than Roy Keane then ey?



    Hope Brendan can bring him home.

  7. Rudi



    Coleman inda Hoops wi James McCarthy in front of him. We would be just about there as a good European level team.



  8. Anyway. Will settle for James McCarthy in January transfer window. Won’t be cheap but Brendan can get him home before anyone else can. The answer to our holding midfield problem in Europe. Pay the money Lawwell. Let’s get him bedded in before July. Like a few on here I know some of his family and friends. He’d crawl over hot broken glass to wear the Hoops.

  9. Good news on Hebcelt and Dena29


    Deo Gratias.


    The gap is now widening to the Great Rift Valley proportions.


    Now to watch the game. Or maybe just some highlights if I find them.

  10. Rudi



    Robert Snodgrass from Gallowgate is another Tim who would crawl from Hull to Glasgow to join us.

  11. Delaney’s.



    Robert is a St Mungos boy and a fanatical Celtic fan.



    We both know that.



    His wife wants to come back to Scotland from what I’ve heard



    Hope she’s the gaffer in that relationship



    Cracking player. Remember his goal against Dead Rangers for Livingston ….he celebrated it well lol

  12. Imagine a Hoops midfield next year of Paddy Roberts, James McCarthy, Robert Snodgrass, Broonaldo, and Tom Rogic. Dare to dream ey?

  13. Friggin’ CQN


    Just lost a long post to DD and Macjay………


    DD we’ll catch a pint sometime I’m home mate, just as long as it’s not 24 pound 80 a pint and my cases are still on the roof rack of the hire car parked ootside the pub :-)




    Was your bhoy with you in Brisbane? He may have saw the Toronto flag hanging over the balcony of the pub he was standing outside, waiting on his auld fella :-)


    maybe he could watch the luggage on my car in Glasgow :-)


    HH bhoys

  14. Anyway. Off to bed. Best passer of a ball in any Champions League Matchday 6 was Jozo. Check it out. 100 % pass completion v Man Shitty.



    NN and HH

  15. TAL



    I look forward to that pint wi you. All the better if MacJay was with us. I had the pleasure of meeting him. Lovely man. Beautiful family.

  16. Unfortunately this will bring Jozo on to the radar of predatory clubs who


    analyse statististics.

  17. Events seen live in last 10 days:



    Rod Stewart NIA Birmingham….verdict….hmmmmm….nice drum kit…..Wish you could perform as well as the drumkit looks mate…. well past your best and I can remember that very well too



    Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Genting Arena Birmingham…..WOW….just fekin


    WOW…..incredible band still.



    Everton v Arsenal….Exciting game…. Absolute dump


    Of Stadium for EPL standards.

  18. Hebcelt,


    Great news mate!!


    As our learned friend fae Angus wid say, Braw, jist feckin Braw!!

  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TEUCHTER ÁR LÁ on 14TH DECEMBER 2016 2:05 AM



    Both my sons were with me in Brissy .


    We drove up from Sydney and subsequently drove around the town blasting out Charlie and the Boys as a means of educating the locals. Were able to park in the street where Tims gathered for a short while , only to be ” moved on ” .


    Outside the stadium , we did indeed see the Toronto supporters banner. Couldn`t believe you punters coming all that way. We were all highly impressed.


    Sure we took some foties . God knows where they would be.


    All in all , a marvellous occasion.

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on






    I look forward to that pint wi you. All the better if MacJay was with us. I had the pleasure of meeting him. Lovely man. Beautiful family.






    That means a lot to me.


    Thank you.

  21. Hebcelt


    Grear news, fair made my night.:-)



    Well done Celtic,I havent seen anything of the game but a victory is always welcome.a victory that means this is the best Celtic opening ever is something special.


    Thanks Brendan


    Thanks Celtic


    Games like last night are what we learn from.we hopefully will keep up the hard work that goes into this run.



    Hope all Celts are smiling .





  22. A win is a win is a win. Hebcelt brilliant news, Dena 29 we are with you and B. Also kevj and El Diego boy, and others who are going through a period of illness at this time in their lives.



    Puts life into perspective.



    Come on range Celts.

  23. My friends in Celtic,



    The journey continues. 3 pts when not playing to the best of our ability is always welcome.



    Didnt see the game, but I was there in spirit as my seat was occupied. :-)))



    What a magnificent crowd and what a magnificent 67 light show. That in itself is a good news story. I would urge anbody on the Facing Book and Twitter thingy to share and spread the good news.



    Hail, Hail to all in the Celtic Family.



    PS : Hebcelt, great news and a perfect time to hear it.