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  1. Kitalba,



    I’m guessing you are thinking we did?



    I think we were outplayed in the main and had the minority of possession but that does not mean we parked the bus.



    Formation, tactics and substitutions tells you we clearly DIDN’T Park the bus.





    Aw right,here goes…



    Nope. Canny. I’m pretty sure that once we’d been done,dusted,proven and sentenced accordingly,I’d be raging at the people who were responsible.



    And there’s an equivocal reply…

  3. HebCelt: Great news, delighted for you.



    Big Jimmy: Hope to see you on Saturday. I’ll be in the BV after 12.30.



    JJHS: Breithlá sona.



    Last shout out for the AICSC calendar. I’ll have some spares with me on Saturday. £7 each

  4. Jim payne



    Good post.well pointed out Armstrongs progress hinders him and with a.n other midfielder coming in he will struggle.


    Did he not recently get dropped for Israel?








    The Brendan effect


    The ‘be’



    I like how his subs are effective






  5. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on



    Bitton is a good player who isn’t playing well; he showed in his early Celtic career that he is a player. He went right off the boil under Deila. He has shown flashes of what he can bring to the team (Astana and Be’er Shiva away for example) but needs coaching and his confidence re-built.



    JIM PAYNE on 14TH DECEMBER 2016 11:02 AM


    I agree with (almost) all you say here. I hope Brendan Rodgers can work his magic on him as he has with Forrest, Rogic, Armstrong, Brown and Gordon. Then we will see just how good a player he is!





    I concur; if you understand but accept that all is not perfect BUT still support your team it’s not being shafted. It’s having a different approach to those who don’t choose to go along or otherwise contribute financially.





  6. Geordie, we never parked the bus…



    Celtic Team Statistics Barcelona


    2 Goals 1


    1 1st Half Goals 0


    3 Shots on Target 8


    1 Shots off Target 10


    1 Blocked Shots 7


    2 Corners 7


    11 Fouls 8


    4 Offsides 1


    1 Yellow Cards 2


    0 Red Cards 0


    62 Passing Success 90.9


    20 Tackles 12


    80 Tackles Success 91.7


    16.4 Possession 83.6


    26.5 Territorial Advantage 73.5


    166 Total Passes 955


    12 Total Crosses 32


    136 Lost Balls 147


    57 Recoveries 55


    13.4 1st Half Poss. 86.6


    16.3 2nd Half Poss. 83.7

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    The Israeli midfielder has progressed into a key player for the Scottish champions and was rewarded with a new contract last month that was supposed to keep him at the club until 2020.



    However, agent Dudu Dahan, who has been involved in plenty of deals to bring players to Parkhead, has revealed that Bitton’s time with Ronny Deila’s side could end this summer.



    Speaking in an interview with the Sport 5 Israeli radio station, Dahan said: “We have had interest in Nir from English Premier League sides.



    “Celtic have been approached, but right now is not the right time.



    “The market price for him is not less than £10m. Some players in the Premier League are not as good as him and have been bought and sold for a lot more money.



    “He will go to the Premier League – but in the summer, not in January.



    “Nir currently still has a lot of achieve with Celtic and he has a contract in Scotland up until 2020.”



    Yet Bitton, who cost Celtic just £700,000, said last month: “I am so pleased to commit my long-term future to Celtic and I now look forward to doing everything I can to bring the club and our fans more and more success.”



    The 24-year-old would become the latest in a long line of big-money departures, following the sales of Virgil van Dijk, Adam Matthews, Fraser Forster and Victor Wanyama.

  8. Hebcelt: delighted to hear of your good news.The festive season will be better than you imagined it would be before you received your last medical report.



    Dena: said the Memorare for your wee ghirl. Will continue to keep you both in my prayers.



    BMCUW: great post. That said it all.

  9. VFR800 IS NOW A MONSTER 821 on 14TH DECEMBER 2016 11:22 AM





    Bitton is a good player who isn’t playing well; he showed in his early Celtic career that he is a player. He went right off the boil under Deila. He has shown flashes of what he can bring to the team (Astana and Be’er Shiva away for example) but needs coaching and his confidence re-built.





    He is a half decent passer on his day but in terms of being able to set the tempo, dictate the game and boss the middle he’s not the man. He had a decent spell in 2015 in a team that was playing well with the likes of VVD and Denayer running the show. As I have posted before he is inextricably linked to some of our worst showings in recent times, although not entirely responsible.

  10. Any suggestion that we parked the bus against Barca 2-1 is just plain wrong. It was in fact 2 buses, the first team bus and the Development team bus.

  11. “He went right off the boil under Deila.”






    After peaking under Ronny.



    And still hasn’t hit his highs again under Brendan.



    Whits he like eh? :)




  12. An Tearmann



    I know Nir B was dropped from the Israeli team though apparently not for purely




  13. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    KITALBA on 14TH DECEMBER 2016 11:12 AM



    The difference is that in 1994 people took action to ensure we did not behave like they did, so it’s now a hypothetical question.



    However that hypotheses is based upon the fact that we would have (necessarily) had to have willing compliance and assistance from the financial and footballing establishments in Scotland; as that was never, and is never likely to happen it’s a situation that will never arise.



    That and the fact that we are better people than them. Out Board may not be perfect but I don’t think they would ever willingly break the law or deliberately stiff their creditors to gain an advantage.





  14. Kitalba,



    I’d question those stats. They look like they are from a dodgy site that had us at a much lower possession. Uefa confirmed they were ropey.



    That is by the by. There’s a world of difference between being out played and parking the bus.



    Imo you cannot Park the bus and go two ahead. You cannot start with commons, samaras and miku and park the bus.



    And you cannot take a defender off and replace him with a striker




  15. I thought we played very well for the first 20 minutes or so last night. In spite of that, I thought Roberts, for much of the first half, overdid things. He rectified that in the second half (a wee word from our manager at half time?). Hamilton tried to contain us. They worked their socks off and I doubt they will be able to put the same effort into their game against the deid team. They won’t have recovered enough. Even so, we could have (should have?) scored a few more.



    In light of the manager’s comments about the pitch last night, which I thought was much improved on last season, could that have affected the way Ronnie Deila wanted us to play last season?

  16. Pointless debate about Nir.The trenches have been dug.


    Just on that point,we had a poster on here last week mocking Broony for having the best passing stats in the CL,reinforcing what i was saying earlier about closed minds.



    I slated Bitton last night but not for the wayward pass.


    He had the ball near touchline with options and boxed himself in with poor decision making then compounded it by passing back to a defender who was being pressured by an opponent and this led to a turnover and chance for f Hamilton.


    He refuses to take responsibility and often passes to a guy under more pressure than he is.


    On the Happoel stats they don’t tell the whole story.


    He constantly abstained from his responsibilities by giving the ball to players under more pressure from opponents than him in that game.Good for hi passing stats but detrimental to the team.

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