Celtic v Hamilton Accies, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 19:45.

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  1. Good run and cross by McG at end of half


    First real involvement from him


    I expected more


    He has not done anything wrong but needs to be more involved in second

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    FAN-A-TIC on 13TH DECEMBER 2016 8:38 PM



    It was hard to tell from the camera angles.


    However , it looked a tad questionable to me , mate.

  3. Terrific run by both strikers for the goal.Not easy against a packed defence,but thats quality.Really enjoying some of the play,a lot of it just a tad unlucky not to come off,but I like the way they just keep on coming.Think Mc gregor is doing fine.Good crowd tonight.

  4. Bonsoiree


    Trying to watch the game on C67 here (Paris) but once again the C67 /iPad / Apple TV set up is failing miserably. This has only started happening these past few months – was grand before.


    More frustrating than a Paddy Roberts run at Defence so it is.


    Anybody else having the same issues?

  5. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    Thanks to all for the updates, and thanks LymmBhoy for the goal. Good lad, that Dembele.



    I am at a Cowboy-themed company Christmas party. In Oslo. Boggle, ye minds o’the blog, boggle!






    Keep updates coming!



    Yee- (muffled gunshot)

  6. well, it only took a n hour….but av managed to find a stream…..I’ll read bak to see who our scorer was…..;-))







  7. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Not now convinced of the wisdom of my 6-1 correct score bet



    Needanotherretirementplan CSC

  8. Sin City Bhoy – even tried to upgrade Ma sub at HT but canny even manage to get that to work!!!!



    Nae happy ( wi Celtic TV), fitba’s no that bad

  9. Our final ball is poor at times


    Is it beachside we are a little static in forward zone?


    Great run Paddy but Leigh misses good chance

  10. Hamilton have a shot well past..



    Celtic still playing well just need that final ball to be more accurate

  11. Every time Ali Crawford gets on the ball Rob McLean’s blood pressure soars with excitement. I think he’s willing Crawford to score.



    He’s a good player so I hope we’re vigilant. A second goal would be most welcome.



    GMS on for Callum.

  12. mike in toronto on



    Any info on the size of tonight’s crowd?



    Its Scotland, so the average is probably about 5’9″…..



    ba dum bum!




  13. Great closing down play by Moussa. Causing the Accie keeper lots of problems. McGregor off for GMS. Not McGregors best game.

  14. Dembele chase backpass and blocks clearance


    Ball goes for goal kick


    Great effort


    GMS for CMcG


    Armstrong shoots wide on good chance

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