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  1. Moussa off and Griif already scored?


    So we started 2 up front?


    So we really have a manager that will look at what’s available, and play accordingly?????





    No disrespect to Ronny from me, I was a fan, but that is clever stuff, after Griffs recent performance, added to Moussa’s great start to the year, so augment that by playing both:-)



    Thanks for the updates, will now follow.

  2. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Accies are a class act.


    Well schooled.


    That was a football education


    We need to learn lessons

  3. 1-0 to the bhoys, clean sheet – poor performance – but another win. The gap becomes a chasm again.

  4. Very hard shift, Canning has them well set up, they weren’t as cloggin as I thot they would have been, hopefully they are the same agin the hun, if they are they will take points off them for sure.


    Shocking refereeing, he tried the best he could but you werny at the races were you Crawford, you hun twat.


    Great three points, well deserved, it’s games like these that win titles.



  5. 3 points is 3 points, no need to look back. A look at the table and then look at Saturday.



    Hamilton will be up for a crack at the “revitalised” title challengers on Friday.


    Good night and look after your own.

  6. You don’t win them all by a cricket score. Well coached teams can give you a hard time.



    Spankings are handed out to those who have delusions of grandeur or just can’t stick to the game plan.

  7. TET, I think they will take point from Sevco, how on earth Hearts and Aberdeen managed to through points away is odd. Perhaps they want to test the FTSFA’s resolve re-FFP?



    Or McInnes wants the Hun job, and the Jambos really are Sevco lite?