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  1. Various (lasy, I know) – thanks for the feedback.



    hernia actually went 2½ years ago. I remember it vividly – a home game against Dundee Utd, we won 6-0 and when I jumped up for the 4th goal I felt this shooting dagger in my (ahem) area. Left it a year to go to the docs and on his advice I was ‘managing’ it. But it was gradually becoming more and more of a discomfort so last autumn I started the process of actually getting it sorted. In lay mans terms when it (they!) pops out, providing I can lie down somewhere for 10-15 minutes then Mr Gravity pops it back in. And hasn’t (so far) stopped me running or jumping about in the standing section. But will be good to get it sorted, eventually.



    No rhyme or reason to when it ‘goes’. Can run 5 miles – no prob. next day, get up from my seat in work and ‘ping’!



    But loads of folk have a lot worse so not really complaining.



    Anyway, good to get all of that off of my……

  2. Celtic will Prevail.



    Celtic have so many Fighters, Real hard Men, that. Well if the chips were doon.



    That is a Real Celt.



    Seeing pathetic excuses like Crawford Allan, allowing our Celtic and Scotland players to be hurt so badly. Go away, you are horrible. You are so corrupted. You have No Idea about anything.



    Insert Any Ref name.



    My Son was involved in a game today, he played well, the other team were more up for it than his. They deservedly Won.



    I thought the referee was Fantastic. Horrible conditions as well.



    He won’t be going anywhere with the SFA/Bowling Club/Professional people that Know Nothing about fitba.



    When EK played Strathaven a year or so ago, the rain was lashing down.



    The Ref when the HT interval happened, he came under the Big Oak tree that I was sheltering under.



    I genuinely thought he had a Brilliant game – I said to him you have been Brilliant Today – He said straight away, are you taking the piss?




  3. Parkheadcumsalford on 26th February 2017 9:14 pm



    As we used to sing “There’s only one King Billy: that’s McNeill.”



    We always have, and we always will mate HH

  4. Desperately sad news about Billy McNeil.


    I met him last year with a fair few from this Parish, had photos taken, chatted for a minute and met his wife and his friend.



    The Mhans a legend of the game.


    When I met him he was also a gentleman who wanted to spend time with Celtic supporters.



    Thoughts with him, his family and friends at this time.



    Best memory? So many but this one jumps out right now.


    Butcher tried to kick a door of its hinges when coming off the pitch after we had beaten them, soundly, this happened right behind Billy as he was being interviewed, Billy then stated it was important his players had kept their discipline. Class.


    The Huns had 2/3 players sent off that day, then we played them a week later and we beat them again. I’m sure you’ll remember the incident and the games.





    Best wishes to your sister and all who love her.




  6. And Neganon…. Me and Aidan are buying tickets for the St Mirren game, he will be playing that day so we can’t attend the game.



    If you and another want the tickets. I’d be delighted to give them to you.

  7. Goooood evening CQN


    Lit 4 candles for the Celtic family at Sacred Heart Cowie today,


    Neganon count your sister in that group



    True story, Big Billy, I had the pleasure of meeting Billy. at the Lions 40th Anninversary gig in Vegas – got the lift down in hotel 1 day with him, spoke to me as if we had known each other all our days, got out the lift and my youngest daughter asks me who my friend was :-)


    What a gentleman



    Now – he’ll needed – again :-) where would you go to get an old record ( 2 actually) and a LP copied onto a CD ???



    Hail Hail

  8. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on




    Neganon-best wishes to you family







  9. NA


    Best of to you sis.








    Yip singing and known voices sure do work, my Gran had Dementia, she passed away many years ago, I used to take in tapes for her to listen to, it was the only thing she responded to at the end, before she lost it totally she asked me to put a pillow over her and end it, she asked me more than once, couldn’t do it and to this day I regret not doing it, she ended up in a hammock cos of her bed sores and knowing not a soul, I blame masel for that.



  10. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    DOC on 26TH FEBRUARY 2017 9:33 PM


    CRC, I see you put up the photo I took of yourself, T4, Billy and Liz McNeil, good photo, great night.






    Great night Doc, and looking forward to this years CSA night with the Lisbon Lions








  11. BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS on 26th February 2017 9:28 pm



    PETEC 921



    There was a programme on the radio about that a wee while back. Interesting stuff.










    First of all, Thank You for the Prayers. Thank You, Thank You.



    Noah is Something Else.



    The Years, 900?



    Oh ok.






    Brendan Rodgers.




  12. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    I met Billy about 5 years ago in the Queens Park Cafe when Benny Rooney used to run it. I bought him a pint, brought it over to him and asked if I could shake his hand. As he was leaving he came over to our table, had some photos with starstruck young 50 year olds and had a few laughs about Jinky and Bertie.



    An absolute shining superstar.

  13. There you go , Real Madrid turn it round to win 3-2 and a lot of credit to Zidane for making the right changes. All down to El Clasico next month , I think.




    Mumski has that Dementia.



    Gertrude can’t remember what she has just said a nanosecond ago.






    I’m so lucky to have CQN.



    Mumski still remembers longer term.

  15. Cowiebhoy –



    A couple of years ago I went into Maplin and bought a ‘digital turntable’. About £70. Basically, play any of your old records and, as you listen to them, save them onto iTunes. One connector cable from the turntable to the laptop. Once saved you can then burn it onto a CD I imagine. Listen to me, spouting off as if I know what I’m talking about!! What the project did though was force me into listening to every single one of my vinyl singles and albums. And great when I put my iPod onto shuffle and a track comes on that starts with the crackly sound of scratches….

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    WWW(GBWO) on 26TH FEBRUARY 2017 8:12 PM


    Does anyone recall King Billy playing for Scotland in 1963 against Spain




    And spanking them 6-2




    HH our King









    Away from home.


    Towards the end of the game , as the Jocks were stroking the ball around the Spanish fans were shouting:



    ” Ole …. Ole…..Ole ”



    Literally unforgettable.



    Just one year after we lost in extra time to the eventual Wold Cup finalists.




    We had some team.

  17. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    My best memory of Big Billy was when he was manager at a Celtic Park game in the late 70’s/early 80’s. It might have been Aberdeen, but not actually sure of that.



    However I vividly remember from my viewpoint in the Jungle, Billy leaping out of the dugout to…..eh…… let the ref know that he didn’t agree with a decision that he had made. Billy obviously said a bit too much for the official’s liking, and the MIB wanted to speak to him face to face about it. Billy, who by this time was on his way back to the dugout, swivelled round, marched towards the MIB, and stood very close to him. As he towered over the ref, I really thought he was going to stick the head on him, but just managed to hold it together whilst he received his admonishment. I don’t think managers got sent to the stand in those days, however I think he did get booked.



    Jungle led, the whole stadium burst into a chorus of there’s only one King Billy that’s McNeil…. (thank feck).

  18. TET, be careful out there:-)



    ACGR, may well be the craziest of all, and I know CowieBhoy!



    So for arithmeticians out there, if Aberdeen keep winning, and so do we, will we be Champs if we beat, or even destroy Sevco(if still trading) on the 12th?

  19. Snowing – and already lying – in ole EK. Next update in about 8½ hours time.



    Sleep tight y’all…………