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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    THE EXILED TIM on 26TH FEBRUARY 2017 9:34 PM




    Blame ?




    You did the right thing.

  2. I used to run a Supporters Club in Coatbridge before it folded. At the time we were the oldest Supporters Club in Coatbridge, formed in 1947. Anyway, we were celebrating our 65th anniversary and we want to invite Billy as our guest of honour as he was our first POY and to clarify it wasn’t in the year we were formed. I wrote to Billy informing him of the significance of the occasion and why we wanted him to celebrate with us. A few weeks later I received a hand written letter from Billy. He thanked me but had to decline due to another commitment. Time passed and just a few weeks before our celebration the phone rang, I reckonised the number it was Billy. Although I reckonised the number there was no mistaking the voice, it was Billy. After I sad hello he said…Lennybhoy, Billy McNeill here, he then went on to apologise for not being in touch about our upcoming celebration but he could not attend. I did not have the heart to tell him he had written to me some months before, I simply thanked him for his time and consideration and wished him well.


    For my Christmas 2016 Mrs. LB bought me a stone at the foot of Billy’s Statue it reads “Lennybhoy ” (but by real name)…”Keep the Faith”…”Hail Hail”. I was proud as punch with my Christmas present last year, when I read today of Billy’s health issue I still proud of punch and how poignant today (if that’s grammatically correct).


    Billy McNeill you are a Legend my Bhoy…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  3. Sorry to hear about your sister Neg, I sincerely hope things improve for her, hopefully not being trivial but a simple thing like a kidney infection can leave a patient totally disorientated and give the distinct impression of someone losing their mind.


    I have first hand experience of this on a few occasions.


    If this “losing her mind” has been a sudden onset, I wouldn’t give up hope yet.

  4. MacJay


    Oh I do, can’t help how I feel and how I have felt for more than 30 years, I wouldn’t have treated an animal like that, if I was ever in the same situation again, I know how I would react, but I understand how others may feel.



  5. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    I went out to St Francis’ Nursing Home in Govan today to visit my mother.



    She lives there permanently now as she is no longer able to live at home on her own.



    My sister and I are packing up her house – the furniture, the odds n sods, clothes, the ornaments, pictures, paintings and memories. Loads of memories.



    St Francis’ is really a geriatric home and it caters for the elderly in various stages of ill health. It is run by the Franciscan sisters and is a not for profit unit which is staffed by people who could not be kinder, nicer, more comapssionate or more caring.



    Since the passing of my dad my mum has had some low times and some sad times, but as she said today, she is really now quite content in her new home with various mementos, photographs and personal effects round about her in her room.



    She suffers from various complaints that come along to afflict the elderly, but most of the time she is lucid, clear in her mind and is able to hold a full and opinionated convesration about almost anything.



    One of her favourite topics of conversation is football and Celtic, and while she increasingly lives in the past of the 1960’s and 70’s she was telling me today that she watched an entire game on You Tube yesterday and was very impressed by the way that Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic moved the ball.



    She has always loved to see the ball move swiftly in triangles around the football pitch.



    During the course of the afternoon I mentioned Billy McNeill’s battle with dementia and she immediately raised the issue of heading the heavy ball repeatedly, and not for the first time recounted the tale of my dad coming across the late Billy Mcphail standing at a bus stop and having no idea where he was going or what he was doing. My dad helped him home, somewhat shocked at the effect of Billy’s dementia.



    It was a story that I had heard many times.



    My mum and I talked about Billy McNeill for a bit and then she brought up the fact that Billy McPhail had raised a court case about the constant effect of heading the ball, but the action had failed.



    There are dementia patients at St Francis’. Some talk to themselves: some sing: some are wandered and are difficult to look after and don’t really know where they are or even who they are.



    I am not sure if this is well known or not but the late Richard Briers was the real life cousin of that archetypal screen bounder Terry Thomas. On radio recently, there was an excellent, but very sad, radio play which depicts Briers going to visit Thomas at his home in Majorca.



    Except that by this time, Thomas has already developed dementia and has to be reminded that he was ever an actor, was famous, that Briers is his cousin, that he was born in Finchley, was any kind of celebrity and so on. The acting By Alistair McGowan and Martin Jarvis as Briers and Thomas is absolutely terrific and is very moving as Briers has to say his farewell knowing that the visit will not be remembered by Thomas at all.



    By the end of his life, Terry Thomas had used up all of his considerable fortune looking for a cure for dementia, and the actors guild and various celebrities (including Briers) had to raise funds to pay to keep him in a nursing home (much like St Francis) where he died unable to remember who he was, what he had achieved and that at one time he was the toast of Hollywood and the likes of The Ealing Film studios.



    As I spoke to my mum today we reflected on how lucky she is, and that I am , that she has all her faculties about her and what a terribly sad ailment dementia is.



    As I left her, I passed by two old souls who suffer from the condition. I tried to talk to them but it was no use really.



    They were once young and lively people, no doubt full of energy, had partners, careers, maybe children and for all I know they achieved great things in their own private and personal way.



    By pure coincidence, when I got into my car and turned on the radio the song below was playing. I had heard it before and had heard Lucy who wrote it explain how it was written about and for her mother (I think) who suffers from Dementia.



    I have deliberately chosen the version where you can see the words.



    If I have learned anything from the visits to my mum in her new home it is that we must all, every single one of us, seize the day and live.



    Live and love like there is no tomorrow: experience everything that you can experience and never hold back in the lust for life. All lives have some bad moments and into every life a little rain must fall at sometime, but for most of us we have far more to rejoice in than regret, more to look forward to than dread, and most of all we have great individual moments to remember ……. and we should remember and talk about places, people and the moments that brought us great joy and great pleasure at every opportunity.



    Don’t be downtrodden by the day job, or hemmed in by convention or mundanity and don’t believe anyone who tells you that something you personally want to achieve cannot be done because of circumstance, red tape or some other bloody foolish reason. Just do it, make things happen for you and your family and friends and never give up in believing in yourself and your ability to achieve and make a difference to someone else. Always remember the good times and never regret a missed opportunity. Most of all, never be afraid or feel alone. You never know just what opportunities are around the corner.



    I am sure that if Billy McNeill were able to give a similar message he would.



    Sorry for the sermon like post.



    This is Lucy Spraggen.




  6. Goodness gracious,


    Thunder and lightning, hailstones coming down the chimney, biblical precipitation, whiteout in ML3.





    Keep the Lisboa updates coming, cannot wait to get there. I got signed by Celtic last Friday, ( aye all right, signed up for the Fit for Lisbon training), so now I am getting to Paradise every week, twice if the team are playing! Ya dancer!



    Billy McNeill,


    What a gentleman. I had the pleasure to meet him several times, when teaching down the coast.


    I was close friends with a Celtic player who introduced me to Billy at Seamill. Knowing that I worked with disadvantaged young people, he invited me to bring the youngsters down to the Celtic training camps at Seamill, on a regular basis. Mr. McNeill always had a thoughtful word and a warm welcome for my pupils, even allowing a wee kick about.


    This was the man who lifted the European Champions Cup.



    Sometimes you just don’t even know you are born.




  7. FLOATIN’ on 26TH FEBRUARY 2017 8:52 PM






    Can you take a pic of the pic and email it to me?



    If so I will post an email address for you.








    Of course. Happy to share it.

  8. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan,



    I’m skiing in 2 weeks.



    I’m gutted I might be missing the Celts Humiliate The Rangers.



    Aidan is more gutted than Moi.



    My Big Sisters have Loved going Skiing for the first Time.



    I know I will Love it as well.



    Insurance must be bought.



    Pete Klammer

  9. This was touched on earlier by HT, and may have been a earlier by others, but Billy McNeil has won 31 trophies with Celtic, to put it into some more perspective, that is 31 out of 100 trophies, he was involved in 31% of the major trophies we have won as a club!!!!!!!!!!



  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    THE EXILED TIM on 26TH FEBRUARY 2017 10:14 PM



    My dear fellow Tim.


    Not something perhaps we should be going into detail about.



    However , ignore the “morality ” of the situation. Think about the practicality.


    You could well have been denied your freedom for a significant period of time.


    How would that have impacted your loved ones ?


    That`s just one aspect of many possible repercussions.


    At the time , in the given circumstances , you did what you thought was the right thing to do.


    You can do no more.



    Hail Hail




    Can you give the names of the LP’S please. I may be able to get themon disc for you.


    But if you want the actual LP’S copied then stick to what JOBO says.




  12. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    Being trying all day to post about Billy, but words have completely failed me. I have known about his terrible struggle for a number of years, but it seems to become more concrete when it is in writing!



    Hail Cesar!!!







  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    That`s a tour de force.

  14. MacJay


    I don’t have a prob about discussing it, it may happen to many of us over the years and we have to deal with it.


    I know fine well that had I done the biz all them years ago things may well have not worked out the way they should have, and that was Not a factor in my thinking at the time, I can assure you of that.


    The guilt will always be with me, that I can’t change, but I thank you for your kind words.



  15. I have one of them brick things, I think I also have a paving stone but could be totally wrong with that, was expecting a pic but as yet to no avail, I have the certs from the club so I assume they are there, but till I see a pic :-)

  16. TONYROME – thanks for the offer, think you may struggle with this one though :-)


    This is for another ex- Cowie Bhoy – BhoyfromSky


    I have managed to source the 3 old records he was after from my Auld Da.


    John Doc at the Carousel – LP, John Doc at Hasties farm (4songs) & John Doc at Cowie bowling club ( 4 songs)


    I will pick any response tomorrow – unless that BhoyfromSky is looking in ( or his Whife :-))



    Hail Hail



    Apt that you chose a stone at the foot of Billy’s Statue for your Brother that showed you the way in most things (to use your words). Your Brother and I and the others are in great company, beside a Celtic Legend who showed and continues to show us the Celtic way.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  18. Cristian Gamboa is turning out to be an Incredible signing.



    He is even faster than Didier.



    That wee guy is so wholehearted as well.



    A Wonderful signing by Brendan.



    Moussa, Scott, Kolo………




  19. BRTH 10:17 I am crying happy tears at that post. Beautiful, moving, and so wonderfully human. God Bless.