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  1. Margaret McGill on



    If the entity, the institution, the culture that had threatened you, harrassed you, gloated in your demise, wished you dead, called you soap dodging soup taking terrorist scum, told you the famine was over why dont you go home, had by their own hubris swallowed themselves up in their own filth to obliteration.


    Why oh why would you want to pay in any way shape or form to see them again?

  2. It’s that same culture that brought up one of them to almost take my life Mags. Literally another half mil and I wouldn’t be here talking to you.



    I will always face that down.




  3. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on




    You take care my friend, It was good to see you at Paradise at the weekend



    Some story







  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    I understand completely the stance you take.



    I am currently trying to rustle up my kids to attend the 11 pm kick off in Cheers bar , Sydney.


    If I were in Glasgow , I would be desperate for tickets to attend the game. For me and them.


    I want to see Rangers humiliated .


    The institution that is. Not the players , not the supporters .


    Thats the institution which played a significant part in the evils you describe.


    Is a desire for some public retribution such a bad thing ?


    I also represent those who came before and had to tolerate what we all have and sadly are unable to attend.


    For me , the financial aspect is irrelevant.



    I say again , I completely understand the stance you have chosen to take.

  5. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on





    Wonderful account.


    Spoken from the heart.

  6. Summa 001.


    Many thanks for your reply re watchin game in Melbourne





    Thoughts and prayers for your sister mate.keep postin mate.





    The hun is humiliated.


    And will be for the rest of time.





    Great essay mate.hope your well




  7. Billy McNeill – As Davie Provan was fond of saying…..


    “Mr McNeill, the most decorated man in the history of Scottish football and, that will probably stand for all time.”


    Mr McNeill – Thank you for, everything but, especially for filling yer teams with players who didny get kicked aff the pitch by anyone….Murdo etc….


    Mr McNeill – You’ll Never Walk Alone In The Jungle.


    Brendan,…..mibbery has to be dealt with when it’s ‘live’….


    Tony Mowbray, brought a mibbery-muzzle to the dug out….look where it got him and, he had to deal with the ebt-cheats as well as the mibbery……a million miles away fae shooting-fish-in-a-barrel…




    If ye throw Dwight York and Didier Drogba into a blender….


    Ye get a Super Moussa….imo.




    Blessed are the 30,000 empty seats who brought you here…


    None of this, well run club by dyed-in-the-wool-Celts on the PLC…


    If ye believe that well, ye canny spell….Apathy!


    Apathy is a bad word….a dangerous word….


    Apathy unveils….legendary managers….


    Who needs rebels when,…Apathy is kickin aoot….?


    The new hotel should be the – Mary’s Meal’s Hotel….if there’s any Cellicness left in the building….




    Thoughts and Prayers for all Celts in need.



  8. MWD


    I almost started this post with ” great story”. That would be most inappropriate as it’s not a great story, it’s a tragic story, but a story well worth hearing.


    My daughter ( you’ve met her at the Kano night, but won’t remember as you were on duty that night and dealing with many people) works with dementia sufferers, indeed last year she received an award or her services to training and development in the field, and she would endorse your comments on this dreadful illness.


    On the positive side, if there is such a thing as a positive when discussing dementia, there have been tremendous breakthroughs in how to care for sufferers.


    Not in the way of drugs, but more to do with the way we should interact with a dementia patient. How we communicate with them.


    Too much to go into on here but if you can take any comfort from such a dreadful condition, then it’s the fact that a great deal of work is going on in the field, to make life as worthwhile as it can be given the circumstances of this condition.


    Hope you’re well D.

  9. MWD great memories of a great man and leader. You will remember that tall handsome goalkeeper who saved Billy’s penalty in the senior final ( aged ten or eleven), that was me. My wee cousin Craig, Judester are you on, was a stand out centre forward and would have impressed Billy. The next year Bobby Lennox and Tommy Callaghan took the centre stage but how could you top King Billy. Hail Hail.

  10. MWD


    A little addendum to my above post. My youngest, Chris, whom you have also met, cares for my elderly uncle. 2 weeks ago he organised a little dinner party for my uncles 90th.


    My daughter referred to earliest was assisting him with the arrangements and they’d drawn up a seating plan. She had positioned herself at the top table, telling me that she had done so because my uncle’s brother was attending and was a dementia sufferer so she would look after him on the evening.


    On the evening itself, they had brought along a family album of yesteryear, and I watched my uncle and his brother flick through the album spending a few very happy hours reminiscing and smiling, and for that few hours, you’d never have known there was a dementia sufferer in the room.


    Heart warming actually to see them both so happy and enjoying the family get together.


    ( just thought I’d add that wee happy ending to my contribution:-)

  11. MWD dementia is extremely difficult for the family and friends of those who are slipping away. My limited experience of my own family is like watching a life being peeled back like an onion. Last week I listened to a motivational speaker talk about her awesome mother who had about a minute of short term memory. She turned it into a positive thinking that her mother got to experience happiness every minute, as if it was the first time. We could all learn from that, remember to live life to its fullest. Lots of CQN have friends and families going through tough times. Nega hope your sis gets well whatever is going on. Thoughts are with all who are struggling with illness and always hope that life will get better for them.

  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    It`ll be interesting to see how many French people vote for , and I quote , fascist scum .



    Perhaps that term may well then be described as racist.



    Vive la France.

  13. Macjay what is racist is the racist french national front gettin air time on the blog of a club who would be shutddown if we were in france and they achieved power.


    They are the politics of skin pigment


    With zero polict.


    Vacant and dangerous.



  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    AN TEARMANN on 27TH FEBRUARY 2017 6:58 AM



    One day the realisation may dawn on those who use inflammatory language about the political views of others.


    They are the real fascists.


    The book burners.



    Currently 29 per cent is apparently the level of support in the French electorate for Marine le Pen.


    All supporters of fascist scum ?


    Is that not in itself racist ?



    Vive la France.

  15. MWD



    Amazing post through the night pal.


    You’re some Bhoy. Eloquent, deep and quick witted. And as always, too hard on yourself, while so quick at seeing the good in others.



    HH jamesgang

  16. I met the big man last season along with my brother, he knows us both very well, more so my brother, it was a very sad and uncomfortable meet but big billy was in good form, as in cases with people with this terrible illness all you can do is go into they’r world with them and make them as comfortable as possible, it was no labour, or hard work, in fact he was comfortable with the conversation, and it was a pleasure just talking to him again, but knowing that I still have those great memories he gave me hit me hard after the day we spent with him, I’ll leave it at that and wish him and his family comfort and care for a genuine Legend. HH




  17. Macjay


    If you rhink I am racist for calling the french nazi party fascist scum.so be it.


    Fascist scum whether it be 0.0001% who voted or be it 99%.They are right wing nazi scum.


    I find the real fascists are the ones who think fascist right wing scum are ok dudes qho havw something to say.they dont.its alk bout the skin pigment and pitching human against human.in short.empty vacant self entitled scum.

  18. I remember when National Front types were considerate enough to wear swastika badges and wear red laces on their Doc Martins to make them instantly recognisable.



    I still see them just as clearly when they’re wearing their sharp suits and posh frocks.



    Didn’t think I’d see them running USA and potentially France. But really never thought I’d see them championed by supporters of a Club open to all, founded to champion the underdog and redress economic inequality.



    HH jamesgang

  19. Direct liks to Marine Le Pen, deary me, they’ll be selling Theresa May blow up dolls on here next from a PO box in Sydneys leafy middle class suburbs..




    I expect it to be ramped up as well by Ole Major Whataboutery in the near future, nothing emboldens the ole NF’ers like a wee bit of perceived success.



    They pick up their rifles and shoot innocent people in bars for the colour of their skin in places like Kansas.




    So where do Marine Le Pens ideologies fit with Celtic’s?? I look forward to that debate eh Major…



    Empire Biscuit anyone..

  20. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    JAMESGANG on 27TH FEBRUARY 2017 8:17 AM



    I championed nobody .


    In spite of what you think.



    The mid `30s.


    Look the other way.


    Hitler will go away.



    The video should be seen .


    It may well be the future.