Celtic v Hamilton Accies, Live updates


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  1. So I make that 7 midfielders in the starting line up. Plus Ajer who was signed as’a midfielder!

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  4. I’m scratching my head at that team.



    Is that a 3 4 3 formation,



    Can’t understand how Armstrong deserves to start & Griff doesn’t.



    I have little doubt that Armstrong will now go on & have a blinder.



    Thought KT has been looking jaded recently but what’s happening with Calvin Miller.



    Had one outing & did really well & since has disappeared from radar.



    As one who has been advocating squad rotation, I can’t complain but why the hell do I have a knot in my stomach.

  5. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    1 goalie, 1 defender, 6 midfielders (2 at the back) and 3 attackers. Quite a team!



    Won’t get to the game tonight so I’ll have to suffer it on Celtic TV – if they manage to get a picture up this week!



    Confident enough though and expect a Motherwell type of score! Hope Big Eddie gets at least a couple and The Griff to come on and score!




  6. OMG — what a team.


    AR and his wingless wonders come to mind if we don’t get this right.



    Back 3 — spread wide.


    MF Diamond — SB at the back with CMcG up front?


    Wide 3 — playing pretty flat to work the HA defence?



    This could be trendy vicar stuff or RD’s last stand material?


    I have got the fear at the moment — not a great team set up.

  7. prestonpans bhoys on

    Since I can’t make the game so we’ll win 6:0 , if I was able to go it would end up 1:0 or a draw…….

  8. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    To me it seems obvious that it’s Ajer, Boyata and Bitton as a back 3.



    Brown as an anchor with Ntcham and Armstrong in front of Broony. Armstrong floating behind a front 3 of Jaimsey, Big Eddie and Sinclair.



    Armstrong and McGregor could be interchangeable when it suits.



    Good enough team to win handsomely.



    St Stivs, could the Huns ever win handsomely?





  9. Did Brendan pick the team?






    No worries then!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Think Brendan is giving Edouard every chance to establish himself.


    Club will need to decide if he is the future or not.


    Think Dembele will go at season end & it’s either replace him with Edouard or go to the market, possibly next window as any new striker will need to be bedded it before next season’s qualifiers.

  11. BSR @ Happy Valley Time



    Surprised we didn’t put LH in goal.


    Bring back VW to replace DB.


    Put RC in instead of OE up front.



    What we need is a team of 11 x MF’s of one sort or the other.


    Is BR trying to win a bet.



    Cannot believe SA has been allowed into the stadium.

  12. CC @ 7.12



    Good spot on the OE angle.



    The first start he got suggested he was as raw as sushi.


    The M/Well MK3 game has really brought him on.


    Looks like a real member of the team rather than a well fed ballboy.


    Hope he does well tonight.

  13. Wee Griff is our best striker and should be playing, although I agree we need to see if young Edouard is the real deal.


    Dembele for me still has much to learn. He did as well as I thought he would do against Anderlecht last week i.e. not very!

  14. I see there is no place for Tam Rogic again tonight in the 18.


    Does anyone know if he is injured?

  15. Old fashioned maybe, but if Moussa wants to go, let him. Get some money. give me one volunteer rather than 10 conscripts any day. And why Armstrong







  16. Plenty of room for some uninterrupted lateral movement up in 111.


    Loads of folks still to get their skates on.