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  1. glendalystonsils on

    CORKCELT on 13TH DECEMBER 2017 9:48 PM



    I only saw the second half , but it left me feeling exactly the same as you. Going through the motions . I wonder would it have been different if the game had been tighter. Both Boyata and Simunovic could have gifted them a goal….not what you want from a first pick CB.



    I’ve also got an annoying feeling about the huns.


    Ross county denied a penalty at the death which would have given them the draw and now tonight the very same thing happens to Hibs.

  2. Huns are not lucky except for the fact they play in Scotland and benefit from Scottish refs.


    Not all decisions are because of bias by ref but because they understand never give anything against Rangers unless absolutely avoidable (though they still do)as it’s career suicide and death by a thousand cuts by mssm.


    Decision for huns will be justified and glossed over.


    Luck plays no part!

  3. Something in that game for both mineshafters and happyclappers.



    It was a controlled 3:1 win with many chances missed and moves over-elaborated.



    And yet, their big haddy Bingham nissed two absolute sitters for them that could have turned that into a nervous 3:3.



    None of our players were dreadful but they played in patches and they were too content to let the game fall into a lull at times.



    Still! A 69 is a 69 and worthy of a good wee celebration



    Well done boys, especially Olivier for that great first goal.

  4. I could have watched Hibs v Sevco ,but choose not to, Celtic for me , Somebody says Sevco are ordinary team,well that’s 4 in a row,they have won,they can’t be that bad,and to be honest,we should have scored 4 against Hibs,

  5. Thought we played well tonight with a few wee lapses. Still think Leigh is very unlucky not to be playing recently. There’s a sharpness about him that we lack when he isn’t there.

  6. PHILBHOY 8-46pm


    Aye Hibs were snapping into tackles but brother Clancy was giving fouls for most of them also denied Hibs a stonewall penalty, anyway 69 and counting for the Hoops !!

  7. Just back from CP. Has Glasgow City Council run out of grit? The pavements and roads around the stadium were a disgrace, it’ll be a surprise if there’s not a few bruised bodies from people slipping and falling.


    Routine win at this time of year where we just need to tick off the wins and get to the winter break. Five to go in next seventeen days, win them all we’ll be a minimum of 11 points ahead with 16 games to go after the break.


    Ntcham deserved MOTM, Bitton and Ajer also good in defence. Hopefully Sinclair’s lack of form this season continues.

  8. BCW



    I thought I was being fair.



    I pointed out that we had a couple of good chances missed and some overelaborate play that could have been turned into goals.



    That’s why I said there was something there for both mineshafter and happyclapper. Yep, it could have been 3:3 and it could have been 10:3 but its all good now.

  9. Maybe Simo and Boyata were trying help Brendan get Peter to understand we need to spend on a central defender.


    Selfless for the team

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  11. A few players got a run out whilst others were given a much needed rest. In the end we take the 3 points and move on. Let’s be honest, the players barely got out of second gear in the first half and first gear in the second half.

  12. Just back and still hacked off at some of the comments and perspective of some in the support.



    The level of demand in these record-breaking days does my head in. Having achieved so much, it seems the reward is not applause, but higher expectancy.



    No mistake is acceptable, nothing. A slightly misplaced pass; catastrophe. Sinclair is apparently rubbish; his sublime goal only sufficient to earn a reprieve for the first half.



    If the stupidity wasn’t so contagious, derision would be fitting.

  13. Posted an old Private Eye joke there from President de Gaulle but it does not seem to have made it on here.



    Good result on a night that got very cold. I know Accies had some sitters second half but never doubted we would win.



    Ajer and Broony my top players. Ntcham scored a great goal and had a smashing next few minutes then faded. Sinky not that great except for two exquisite interventions. He is not playing as well as a year ago for sure but he still contributes.



    Oh and old Charlie said.



    A happy Soixante-neuf to you all.



    Made me laugh when I was seven and even more so five years later when I got the joke.




  14. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    From earlier today.














    I don’t fancy Hibs’ chances tonight.



    Apart from their mental fatigue from Sunday, the Govan Bandwagon won’t be allowed to be derailed.

  15. Not the most exciting game ever,but never is against Hamilton.Some lovely interplay at times.4 brilliant goals,in what was really a game played like a training game.Very happy with the win.I have been watching Celtic since the 1960,and I really cannot remember any player being as consistent over such a lengthy period as Broony.


    He is incredible.The boy Odsonne has all the makings of a very good player.A bit raw,but the talent is bubbling not far from the surface.

  16. Anyone who did not see the Hun game tonight,you know its bad when even Monkey Media are talking about how gash they were.Do we think we will get a decision from the Judge in the Hun takeover case any time this century?.Has there ever been a more open and shut case?.

  17. Hibs were mugged from what i have seen, missed chances to go 2 up, Hibs GK suspect for both goals, 2nd half Barker hit post twice, good player btw, stonewall pen denied…huns knackered after an hour again.

  18. I think the record is starting to feel like a millstone now. That’s what everyone is trying to protect.

  19. You can all the possession you want and even the lion’s share of chances, from full to half, but when you gift the opposition clear cut chances as we did tonight, sooner or later we will come a cropper.



    I thought we were careless at times tonight and we really need a midfielder of physique to win 50 50s.



    At one point 3, yes 3 ,Celtic players in sequence did not challenge for a high ball outside the Hamilton area and they broke. It took a good last man tackle (not sure by whom)to open us totally up.



    With regard to TRFC result and pen not given this sparked off an exchange on Twitter



    Auldheid‏ @Auldheid · 2h2 hours ago



    When your financial survival depends on winning games and you are in a league where clubs think they cannot survive without The Rangers then the conditions for honest mistakes have returned. Back to 2010/11 in spite of all efforts to stop it. Res12 only chance left.



    https://twitter.com/Auldheid/status/941061260426309633 if you want to follow it. Back to 2010/11 ?

  20. Roads leading to Paradise were indeed treacherous. And a detour on the way home that took me dangerously close to Cowie!



    The match. It was Celtic so I’m always keen to be there.



    We were fine enough.


    Every time I watch Celtic I admire Broonie that wee bit more each time.



    Sinclair scored a beautiful goal.


    Armstrong created one with a sublime pass.


    But neither is the player of last season, and both tend to choose the choose the option of ‘return to sender’ when they get the ball in stark contrast to last season.



    I don’t think I’m spoilt for pointing this out. Just trying to be objective and hoping both rediscover form and confidence.



    Who/what the actual was that ref??? Pedantic wee jobbie you’d expect to see reffing a B.B. match and still staying at home with his maw!




    HH jamesgang

  21. Brrrr, that was cold.



    Man of the Match: Cal Mac



    Slide rule passes, tackles, energy, dribbling. Excellent.

  22. Supersutton


    Yes, CalMac was my MotM as well. Superb performance. Having just said that, Broony was actually Motm but I just get so used to him being fantastic that I fail to give him any `awards`.



  23. Its going to get interesting after the Hearts game. Normally huns cant count to 70 as they find 69 a bit of a mouthful.