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  1. Good morning bhoys and ghirls from a dry and bright looking East Kilbride. Don’t be shy, whether you post or just lurk it’s a survey that’s open to all. One email. Three Names. No particular order. And no explanations required! CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM

  2. I usually don’t like Mondays … but when “work” isn’t involved Monday’s aren’t that bad ….



    Bob Geldof CSC



    Before yesterday’s game I was a bit wary how our team would perform with no fans …. thankfully a bit like Bayern Munich & Man City, our players didn’t let it effect them … “if” no fans are allowed in October I fancy us to score more than 5 against the Huns :-)



    You read it here first

  3. scoddlands only hope is to unsettle and have us punt Eddy Bhoy……….



    Their focus on him is to help soothe their nightmares that this Celtic TEAM is unstoppable.




  4. Sevco will be our biggest obstacle to the ten but two things will need to happen if they’re to present a real threat.



    1) we will have to lose a couple of key players.



    2) they will have to add quality not numbers to their squad.



    The benches for both teams told a story at the weekend. If we go out and add more as seems to be the rumour then we’ll be in a very good position.



    Rugby park next.

  5. An Dun 9.15am



    The “reporting” of both teams is not only biased it’s actually ridiculous… Morelos one league goal in 2020 and their defence against Aberdeen were “solid” … even though Aberdeen had nothing up front …. again, even though the media annoy me when I take a step back and green tinted glasses off … “our” media are so important keeping the Huns in their place … they keep telling them that they are a good team, I canny see it happening but I for one will be delighted if Stevie Gee is here for the 10 :-)

  6. Always lurking, not posted for a while.


    GFTB, totally agree, it’s ridiculous. Have you watched the ‘Highlights‘ of their game on BBC?! It looked awful. I didn’t see the game however there wasn’t many ‘highlights’ to show!Both teams looked a million miles away.HH

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Bada – thanks for Edouard stats.



    Remarkable stuff.



    Basically creates or scores a goal every game.



    Enjoyed yesterday.



    My favourite goal was actually Klimala’s.



    Great striker’s goal and the kind we need to add to our arsenal.



    Nothing fancy in the build up.



    Straight ball, diagonal run.



    At the point the ball was played he was 40/60 to get there first.



    Pace, then strength, then composure.




  8. Morning all



    Watched the game yesterday with my son, we agreed that middle to front we looked terrific,the middle of the defence gave us cause for concern. CJ and KA,seemed to find it difficult dealing with crosses coming into our box, even long straight balls into the box were causing problems.



    Just a small gripe, overall I thought our pace and power was a joy to watch.



    POTY choices


    1. French Eddie


    2. Greg Taylor


    3. Jeremy Frimpong







  9. Yesterdays ratings



    Bain 7


    Frimpong 8.5


    Jullien 7.5


    Ajer 6


    Taylor 8.5


    Mcgregor 8


    Brown 6


    Christie 7.5


    Elyounoussi 7


    Forrest 7


    Edouard 9



    And I thought Klimala had a great impact on the game when he came on.



    If you asked me at half-time, the trio of Forrest, Brown, and Ajer were stand-outs. Stand-outs for the wrong reason. They were miles behind their team-mates in terms of performance.


    To be fair to James Forrest, he looked much more lively 2nd half.


    Brown and Ajer, all things considered still look like being our potential achillies heel… as when we face better sides.

  10. Hooptastic 10.08am



    I watched most of the Aberdeen game, the Dons looked way off the pace and probably suffered more with no fans … as Chris Sutton said last season the Huns are serially losers and don’t look any different to me from last season … they might lose less goals than Celtic over a season but that’s mainly down to being a very defensive and boring team … probably why Europe suits Stevie Gees defensive set up

  11. What a great start to the season. We could note that there was some slack play in patches and in defence, but overall Celts were brilliant.


    Eddy is fantastic and I hope he’s here for the ten. No doubt there is a massive transfer fee coming our way when he goes. He defo gets me off my seat when he gets the ball and faces up defenders. Their legs turn to jelly. His feet are mesmerising.We got Eddy on loan while Moussa was still here. Do you reckon our scouts will be scouring France hoping to discover another gem? The beauty of it all is that Celtic’s reputation for developing talent and allowing the lads to leave for a better league is reinforced, and we get a top grade star for a couple of years. The sad thing is that Celtic is hostage to factors out with their control, like EPL and Champions League tv cash.


    Not counting any chickens yet because the window doesn’t close till October.

  12. Hamilton did not have multiple free headers at goal, i would accept they had a couple but then I have never witnessed any team play out a game without the other team having a good chance or 2, it’s normal. Often it’s the presence of the centreback etc. that prevent goals rather than the winning of every ball / header. Jullien and ajer are good centrebacks. I would like a left sided centreback because I feel we lack balance when we switched to 3 at the back.



    A season of 60+ games is likely heading our way, you dont want jaded players. 45 games should be a max amount per season for our key players. Would use the league cup to rest key players, same with early round of scottish cup and would also take 1 or 2 key players off earlier into games if we are fortunate enough to have a game tied up early.



    Moving forward Ntcham and rogic good are players but they are the type that needs to be playing regularly to get their levels up and to keep them up. If we are not going to play them regularly I think it would be best to sell. Add to that Boli who does not seem to have a future with us, Shved seem to be nowhere near it and Bayo cant get fit or keep fit.



    We could be doing with a:



    left sided centreback


    Another centreback (if ajer goes)


    left back (if boli goes)


    Centre midfielder ( if ntcham or rogic depart)


    Attacking midfielder (across the pitch)


    Centre forward




  13. Clive Tylddesley to Join sevco tv for the new season after being dropped by ITV.


    Confirms everything I ever thought of the guy. Easily the most bigoted and biased commentator to grace our screens, and that’s saying something. He should fit right in.

  14. Does Frimpong and Forrest work down the right?



    James seemed to be missing first half but wee Frimpers wasn’t and the roles reversed 2nd half….



    Love them both bit in an attacking sense it feels like we play with 2 RWs….

  15. Big Wavy



    I don’t think there is a tactical issue on the right; James likes to go inside and pulled out 2 classic through balls (bit like t he one for Ajer vs Well last early season). Jeremie does like to pile inside as well so maybe James has to second guess him – not easy!



    I just think James was off it and got told so at half time



    I think it works better on the left as MOI loves to get right inside and Greg hugs the wing. Unfortunately MOI does tackle in support of Greg



    I felt sorry for Greg in France where he was in the position of ‘its your man!’ Every time. I’ve played right side and centre years ago with players who don’t pick up their man ; tiring , annoying and ultimately you lose goals and its your fault ;-0

  16. Thuv signed ” Clive Tyldesley”







    Huns ; The Gift That Keeps Givin’………….




  17. Great start to the season, thought french eddie was immense if we can keep him this season then the 10 is in the bag. Best since sweedish henke imo.



    Also thought our full backs were really good high energy and full of running, even though it was hamilton and they will be tested more in the season ahead it was a positive start. Great goal by polish paddy too

  18. Could they team Klive up wi’ yon kamp hun wi’ the helium high voice???







  19. Cheers Coneybhoy,



    Feels like it works on the left as quite often Moi was in a No 10 position.



    In other news I still have the hots for big Olivier and would play him in front of RC in that position…but I like RC too so great place to be in…




    I know of the guy with ‘helium high voice’. Fair to say he’s much quieter now, must have got pelters.

  21. Borgo………..



    kamp komedy gold.



    If they ever want to release a Hi-Di-Hi remix of some of there choons…he’s the “man”.




  22. Why do a lot on here bother about Sevco ,I couldn’t give 2 monkeys about them,and I won’t allow myself to be complacent, which a lot off Celtic supporters tend to be,me I’m only interested in Celtic

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