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  1. Accies working hard and they ARE professional footballers so Celtic have to work for a victory. Even so, we are a class or two above and that usually tells in the end.

  2. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Team looks fluid and dangerous going forward. Frimpong immense and Taylor top marks for his assists. I have high hopes for Moi this season. CalMac & Christie quiet but tidy, Broony has mad a few unforced errors. We look get attable at the back, particularly from set pieces. That’s a worry, particularly at CL qual level where we will have to defend. Rotten luck for their goal. Another couple in the 2nd half will be lovely.

  3. The fitbaws back for reals…oh my days ;-))



    Playing well within ourselves here without being spectacular…am enjoying it…’cept for the fake crowd noise which is an annoying drone. More of the same 2nd half and we’re off to a winning start.



    As for Jobo MOTM…judgement reserved for noo ;-))




  4. The Hammie goal was a bit of a sickener, but in fairness to them, they have tried to come forward & have created a few chances,


    Frimpong & Taylor have done well for us.


    We are the better team obviously but this is not put to bed yet.

  5. glendalystonsils on

    Need to put this game to bed asap in the second half . Hamilton dangerous from set pieces against our slightly sloppy defence . Their big CF winning a lot of the aerial duels . We should be 3 ahead on overall dominance .

  6. Bhoyl83 – Christie motm so far



    The blogger – Christie needs to get into the game



    All about opinions



    Cruising but for a flukey goal.”



    Sums it up for me.



    ” !!BADA BING!! on 2ND AUGUST 2020 5:21 PM


    1 minute added,guy was down for about 3…and a sub on”



    Yes, I also wonderd about that.



    Jobo`s MotM not too easy at the moment. Frimpong or Taylor possible candidates?


    Broonie not looking at his magnificent best and Calmac, also, a wee bit below his usual excellence.

  8. Bain not at fault with Hamilton Accies Goal,a deflection nothing you can do about them,as for some on here bad mouthing players and Commentators,as for the Accies players it’s a tough sport ,not for Jessies ,

  9. Oh…and a Happy Hoopy birthday to C, Philbhoys sainted better half ;-))




  10. “AN DUN on 2ND AUGUST 2020 5:28 PM


    Can’t help but think that 3-5-2 is more suited to this type of game.”



    Possibly but who would we leave out?

  11. Watching here in Denia. I have the bein Sports feed (they are using Sky) and the Sky feed. Bein a minute ahead. Strange world.




    Great to see you posting and I know when I’m well off!



    Just ordered a curry for tea so the beer is flowing!



    Hope you are well!




    Would have to drop Frimpong and Taylor, play El Hamed or Bitton in a back 3. Klimala upfront with Eddie.