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  1. The manager needs to stop talking about getting ‘quality in’ , he’s even got Callum repeating this nonsense. Must make all the summer signings feel really at home.



    We currently have a big enough squad to carry injuries and loss of form ( certainly for the league) but the way Brendan has us set up , means you take one or two players out and then we start to struggle…. Our tactics are also being worked out by the rest of the league …



    The manager needs to stop gobbing off about quality and address the current issues on the park.



    I guess the unspoken worry ( until now ?) concerns is Brendan really bothered , we could easily wake up one morning and find he has jacked it in , for more money elsewhere and all this quality bollocks is just him covering his backside.



    If you look around transfer fees nowadays, are we really going to get some quality in , and when it doesn’t arrive in January , excuses are already gift wrapped.



    Very worrying weeks ahead , if I was in charge then I would be reaching for the drawer containing plan B.



    Plan B traditionally consists of 2 or 3 big loans in January which further disrupt an already dysfunctional team ( I think thats what we will attempt) or we plan fir a radical rethink on buying a bunch of young blokes every summer.






    Big Jimmy







    When i started reading your post i thought you were going to be persuading me that my take on her was wrong.







    Merely confirms it.







    Your wife was wise to get out it seems.





    During the time that my wife worked in Michelle Mons office, it was claimed that Michelle Mone had approx £30,000 worth of fashion designs STOLEN from her Car, which was parked in a Parking Space within her office premises at the time of the theft.


    Michelle Mone was soon on LIVE with ITVs Breakfast TV to tell her story, in the TV Studio.


    At the same time my wife had became a bit wary that some Guy was maybe following her, whenever she ventured outside during her lunch break ?



    My wife spoke to the Polis about this ” possible” stalker, and she also made sure that the other women ( including Michelle Mone) in the small office KNEW about this possible stalker.



    On ITVs Breakfast Show, Michelle Mone was discussing the theft with the TWO Presenters LIVE on Air. Michelle Mone CLAIMED LIVE on Air that she had NEW Security Cameras installed outside the Office to combat any further thefts etc ?


    Michelle Mone ALSO claimed LIVE on TV that the new security cameras outside the office, would ensure the safety of the Employees entering and leaving the premises, or at least ” Act as a Deterent” , to any would be thief and/or stalker ?


    Michelle Mone was going on about ” How much she cared about Security for ALL her staff etc ” in that TV Interview.



    A VIDEO TAPED this TV Interview as I watched it LIVE that morning.



    When my wife came home from work that evening, I showed her the VIDEO TAPE…..



    When my wife watched the Tape and heard Michelle Mone CLAIMING that she cared very much for her staffs security etc, and the NEW Security that was now in place….My wfie SCREAMED at the TV…” Your a LIAR “….


    My wife confirmed that Michelle Mone was telling the ITV Viewers LIES….There was NO NEW Security whatsoever !




  3. Go tell the Spartim on

    Is it safe to say that Michelle Mone wouldn’t look out of place on the PLC board? Or am I just the jealous type.



    Regardless of the quality of our projects it’s folly to even consider they’d hit the ground running, given their ages and what they’re used to, playing for Celtic is different from playing for most of the teams they’ve came from, therefore to recruit just those types of players is negligence on someone’s part.

  4. Brendan said the team lacks consistency, where’s the consistency of team selection and the substitutes,which is a lucky dip every game.Frame came on and had an excellent 20 minutes v Feyenoord, Lagerbielke came on,scored the winner, both not even in the squad yesterday, absolutely baffling.

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    PeterLatchfordsBelly @ 3:24am.



    Good post.



    Measured and thought provoking expression of opinion.



    What CQN is all about.



    PS – disagreed with quite a lot of it.

  6. Bada, how could we have consistency in team selection ?



    Notwithstanding the injuries, should we have persisted with Yang ? Should MJ and Turnbull get picked for Livi? Should Holm start every week ?



    The wide areas and that third midfield spot have been up for grabs all season because no one is good enough to hold the places.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Anyone who effortlessly tars the Lawwells and Desmonds with the same brush as the Kelly’s and the Whites?



    With all due respect, by doing so, all you do is confirm you were born after 1985.



    CQN is occasionally categorised as having an older demographic?



    If so, time for the older ones to tell it like it was.



    In the early 1990s Celtic was a dying husk of an amateurish outfit.



    – A tired old stadium.


    – A board of myopics who couldn’t spell “strategy”


    – No concept of how to deliver success.



    I have no issue with people overlooking the fact we are the biggest club in Scotland, are more secure financially than at any time in our unbroken history and have enjoyed unprecedented domestic success in recent years.



    But the biggest tragedy IMHO ?



    The almost total absence of pleasure, joy, euphoria felt by many during this period.

  8. Every day,just more bewilderment.The news that probably the best defensive CH we have at headed clearances,you know that thing CHs are required to be good at,that thing that Brendan seems to know nothing about,is reportedly being punted in January.Yesterdays farce at the Shankland goal when Scales and AJ challenged each other,leaving him free to nod home,was symptomatic to Brendans reign at Leicester.Now,same with us.Every corner,free kick,long throw,into our box,is dreaded.This area of the game is Lagerbielkes strong point,like,Starfelt was.Scales a good defender,but this is his flaw.


    BR sees this every game,yet,as at Leicester,it just continues on.Got them relegated,might lose us this league.


    We can all see it.Anyone ever comfortable when we face a set piece into our area?.

  9. An Run,



    Maybe if the players got a run of games to try and develop with each other,it would help.The scattergun approach by Brendan,helps no one.Does anyone really know how good Bernardo really is or could be,same with a few others.One game,dropped,sub,not sub,on as Sub,dropped.

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