Celtic v Hearts, GG Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15.00.

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  1. Aipple,you can’t score if there are 4 players in front of you all sticking their legs in the way.Unless fortune smiles.

  2. BR skating players in public has been a feature of his reign this time around as well, when he’s known for not doing that. Something stinks tbh. Think he wants sacked. For whatever reason. The easy put. Just hope the board don’t linger too long on it and get the right person in quickly.



    Otherwise, we can say goodbye to this title. If the Huns get a lead in this title race, there’s no way the SFA will let them be overtaken. 💩🤬💩🤬💩🤬

  3. I can’t defend BR. So long as Mark Lawwell follows him out the door then I’ll have no complaints.

  4. Never mind the mj experiment failed


    Surely BR is where the buck stops


    This defence is the worst since the sieve


    There’s no balance on the pitch






    Forward or defence


    And the best striker in the league is sub

  5. Watching this on hearts tv , a better stream .


    They can’t believe how “timid” we are today .


    As they are normally two goals down by now

  6. I genuinely never want to see MJ playing for Celtic again. Play a B team player. Get MJ to eff. An utter waste of a jersey.

  7. Have to say,Clancy doing well.Nothing obvious,but,no free kicks, going our way.Blatant in our favor,ignored.


    Hearts get a corner from MJ getting a ball in the clear.


    This is a travesty.

  8. I think BR realises he’s been sold a pup and wants out.



    How else do you explain these line-ups and performances?



    Think he’s after being sacked. Both Lawwells should go with him.

  9. Per BBC



    Home TeamCelticAway TeamHearts






    Shots Home10Away2


    Shots on Target Home3Away2


    Corners Home9Away3


    Fouls Home6Away2

  10. Never mind Bhoys, we can punt O’Reilly in the transfer window and boost the share divided even higher!!! :-)))))



    We’ve been taken for mugs, but by all means max out your credit cards on Christmas merchandise.

  11. MJ getting pelters and I agree he should be nowhere near a Celtic team but nobody gets pass marks.



    Whats happened to AJ?

  12. Just in from grandsons 6th birthday party ans seen the score.



    Cmon Celtic Let the people sing.

  13. onenightinlisbon on

    As expected from this manager and group of players.



    No fight, no tempo, no heart.



    Rodgers watching this garbage standing emotionless on the touchline.



    This will not end well.

  14. DEXTER P. BAMPOT on 16TH DECEMBER 2023 3:53 PM


    PLC 0-2 Hearts



    Sleepwalking to mediocrity



    Record salaries for the board






    Let’s keep Old Firm FC relevant.

  15. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Do Celtic practice offensive corners? My heart stinks when we get one. So ineffective for a professional football team.



    JH, GT, DT, MJ are all way off first XI standard.

  16. Bring welsh in, go 3 at back , move Taylor forward, Maeda on , bye bye mikey.


    Maybe brendan has too many bye byes on the go, else he hasn’t a clue.



    Another dis spirited performance.

  17. Gaslighting your own players is a poor show. It only ends one way so they might as well get on with it.


    Rodgers has wiped £10m off Kyogo’s value in 4 months

  18. How many times does he have to see Turnbull McG and O’ riley to know it wont work, both wide men wouldnt get a game for anyone else, this is like Lennon’s closed doors team its only going one way and it isnt forward.

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