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  1. Can anyone believe what they are seeing?


    This is Lennon and mowbray


    Br totally destroyed this team


    His selections have been mad


    There are no tactics whatsoever


    Jh completely done


    And poor kyogo


    This is so easy for them

  2. Well said Gerrybhoy sick of seeing that board loving p*sh. If Rodgers is still here by New Year they are obviously keeping OldFirm fc alive. It’s disgusting.

  3. As much as I like Brendan , starting to look like he’s in the wrong movie .


    Jamesie on for Taylor

  4. I think those Euro and Kilmarnock defeats have knocked the confidence out of the team. Add in the missing injured players and it’s all added up to this.

  5. Rodgersball…..a form of mental torture in which football players and fans are left completely unaware of the strategy being attempted

  6. The Lawwells need to follow BR out the door.



    Desmond is an utter clown to appoint BR and leave Mark Lawwell as head of recruitment. It was only going to end one way.

  7. We have went from winning The Treble and playing some of the most exciting football that we have witnessed from a Celtic team….to this shambles. This DOES come from the manager and from them upstairs. I think thigs are far worse than any of us think… We are in a very very bad place at this time. We will NOT win the league this season, yet we were 8 points in front and our rivals had to sack their manager. We MUST sack ours NOW.

  8. I’m sadly coming to conclusion , we are not winning this league under Brendan .


    Criminal, if we gift this one to the huns .

  9. Wingers that can’t cross, forwards that can’t shoot, defenders that can’t mark opponents at set pieces and a goalie that can’t catch or punch. Did I miss anything?

  10. With the leadership currently in place WE WILL NOT WIN the title this season.


    Big CL bucks down the swanee.


    Nothing more certain.

  11. The board will not sack Brendan. They will dig their heels in like they did with Neil. They never react to fan pressure as they see it as a sign of weakness. We will just have to suck it up and hope things improve or that things go downhill very quickly for any change to occur. Can’t say I’d be too confident with Brendan and the scouting department pulling some quality in during the window either.

  12. Just to save kevj/418 the effort later….




    Plastic tims


    You asked for it


    Starve them out


    Jungle boys


    Mark McGhee



    Take a night of now kev

  13. A collection of individuals all marching to different drumbeats. Buck stops with BR. Wonder who he’ll throw under the bus THIS week?