Celtic v Hearts, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 12:45.


The latest CQN Podcast has just gone up shortly after today’s 4-1 victory over Hearts. The link is below…


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  1. Shouted “Mon the hoops” along the Blackpool prom this morning to a bhoy wearing the hoops and got the same reply, put a smile on our faces……. this is how it feels to be champions.



  2. I don’t often predict, but today 3/4-0.



    The manager leaving bounce is the biggest danger, watching the diets a couple of times we should be more than a match, understating that, but having something to prove might give them a boost.


    LEIGH Griffiths will lead the line for Celtic today in Paradise as the Scottish treble-winners launch their league defence against Hearts.


    The inclusion of the striker is one of three changes to the team that overcame Rosenborg 1-0 on Wednesday night to book the Bhoys’ spot in the UEFA Champions League play-offs.


    Olivier Ntcham and Nir Bitton also come into the side, with the Israeli internationalist continuing in central defence after his impressive performance in the role in Norway.


    Bitton had replaced Erik Sviatchenko in the first half against Rosenborg, when the Danish defender was forced from the fray with a knee injury, and he drops out of the starting XI, along with Stuart Armstrong and Jonny Hayes.


    Captain Scott Brown will take centre-stage before today’s game gets underway as he unfurls the league flag in recognition of his 10 years of sterling service to the club.


    Kick-off in Paradise is 12.30pm, and head to @celticfc for all the pre-game build-up and live match updates as the Hoops aim to start the Scottish Premiership season in style.


    CELTIC (4-2-3-1) Gordon; Lustig, Bitton, Simunovic, Tierney; Brown, Ntcham; Forrest, McGregor, Sinclair; Griffiths


    Subs: De Vries, Armstrong,. Hayes, Rogic, Ajer, Ralston, Kouassi.

  4. To those of you going to the game enjoy(this is my third season without a season book). I wish we would all not go just for a while to get rid of our corrupt board but I fully realise this isn’t going to happen and given how hard it was for me I wouldn’t criticise anyone who wants to go.




    But remember where we are. Results on the field are good. But the board are colluding behind all of our backs. They remain silent while the authorities spout drivel and feeble excuses for inaction. This country is corrupt and football is run for the benefit of one club. Why? To keep you all at the back of the bus.




    But it’s worse. Way worse. That the hierarchy of Celtic join in with this.mand it’s shameful that CQN has an editorial policy which allows that to go unquestioned. If you want to put all that aside and watch the football I understand.




    But when they inevitably start to cheat again remember the choice you made.




    And paul67 when you and lawwell are laughing in up remember there are many who have higher standards than either of you and you are letting down generations who came before us and worse our children’s generation.




    All for a few quid.


    There’s always. weary Willie crashing the party, declaring the roof is collapsing, the end of the world is nigh and calling for everyone to repent before facing fire and damnation.


    Armstrong and Rogic both on the bench.


    Both along with Hayes represent formidable firepower at Brendan’s disposal.



  7. Neganon 2



    Sun is shining on Celtic Park as the Bhoys are going through their warm-up.



    No-one objects to your boycott.



    You can post on here anonymously and Paul or his Mods haven’t to the best of my knowledge deleted your posts.



    It’s easy and it’s safe for you.



    Someone will have to put their name on the legal challenges that are about to take place.



    Then it’s Hail Mary time personally.



    Off to enjoy watching Celtic.





    ‘Someone will have to put their name on the legal challenges that are about to take place.



    Then it’s Hail Mary time personally.’






    Yeah. It’s a shame the club have put people in that position right enough.



    Or is that not what you meant?

  9. Hail Hail to everyone attending today’s match… historic times, indeed



    Here’s to… a double-invincible-treble season !









    ps – GTF Neganon2

  10. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I dumped Sky nearly two years ago as I was not going to subsidise the cost of their ridiculous contract with the EPL whilst simultaneously chocking Scottish Football.



    Howevaaah, the thought of missing the opening game of the season against a team I love to destroy, with new players in the squad, was too much.



    So £6.99 into the Sky coffers via Now TV for a day pass it is then. Mrs H away for the day, 2nd cold Stella opened, Laugherty in the Tarts team…….. can’t wait.



    I am weak.




  11. Now’s not the time to repent….


    but, one day, you’ll have to face the music….


    for, your, inaction…..to, old firm cheating.


    Football fans have been cheated by,…..


    RFC / SFA / SPFL / SPL / and,…….


    the inaction of Celtic PLC.


    Maybe its time for another ‘statement’ into….


    another hun news paper ?


    Or, will skelping another manager less, hun pub team…..


    be enough to make you all look the other way ?


    P.S. If, the GB chuck it, there’ll be no treble this year.


    If you allow yourself to be seated at the back of the bus…


    ye deserve awe the shafting that comes your way.


    P.S. Is, hunlike conceicted arrogance creeping in, re: Brendan’s comments about Hearts signings ?




    Guid luck.



  12. Why don’t Celtic out there name. To it then winnings?



    I am happy to debate with you and Paul but all this mysterious, no one understands how complex it is etc is all nonsense. All designed to stop the truth coming out.



    Why don’t Celtic tackle this? It’s a simple question.

  13. And sorry to bust your bubble winnings. After all defeating corruption is that important.



    Enjoy the game cos you sure won’t answer why wpceltic won’t tackle this and why CQN won’t hold them to account for it.

  14. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    VMHAN – YNWA WEE OSCAR on 5TH AUGUST 2017 11:48 AM



    Conspicuous by your prolonged absence.



    Don`t let it happen again.




  15. Oh look it’s the CQN John Brown..



    Empty ra stadium,



    Scooby do ra pies..



    Undermine ra manager..



    Stick yer heid up Uncle Hugh’s erchie…



    Ad infinitum..

  16. I thoroughly enjoy reading all the Celtic supporters comments and always use this site to follow the matches – just magic. I’m a life long supporter living in Australia and my pa is Celtic mad.



    Neganon, I wish you wouldn’t write about the board – show a bit of Celtic spirit rather than trying to undermine the club. I’m sick of reading posts like that.

  17. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hello this is WEE BGFC.




    Celtic 3-0 Hearts






  18. C’mon Hoops….put on a show….my prediction…..total dominance from us and 4-0







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