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  1. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Lucky enough to have had a few beers with The Maestro last night, a nicer guy you couldn’t meet,so pleased for him and his family today,a True Celt.

  2. quadrophenian on

    App Myrrh (merriam webster).



    Just watched Syd beat Perth in A-League.


    Still maintain we could plunder 2 fullback defenderst: Michael Zullo (LB); tidy, quick, forward-going.


    Rhyan Grant; bullish, tough, marauding (new Socceroo cap 28yrs). Low cost investments to Mr Lawwell ;)

  3. Matt Stewart on

    A few wee daft thoughts as I ambul-EIGHT to Celtic Park.



    It must have been something I EIGHT!



    Hesit-EIGHT and you’ll be L-EIGHT,


    So do not W-EIGHT or Cogit-EIGHT,


    Prevaric-EIGHT? Ye’ll miss yer D-EIGHT,


    F-EIGHT pulls us all tae Celtic.



    It’s oot the door an’ meet ma M-EIGHT,


    Then wander doon the Gallowg-EIGHT,


    A beer or two? O.K…A Cr-EIGHT!


    Jist Celebr-EIGHT wae Celtic.



    Invigor-EIGHT, Intoxic-EIGHT,


    Or have a pie an’ Mastic-EIGHT,


    Just don’t forget to Mithrid-EIGHT,


    Get Passion-EIGHT for Celtic.



    No more time to Adumbr-EIGHT,


    Prognostic-EIGHT or Postul-EIGHT,


    It’s time tae stand and Dedic-EIGHT,


    Exuber-EIGHT for Celtic.




    Hail Hail



    Matt (Feckin lamposts! I must have walked into about EIGHT of them while I typed that out!)

  4. Well, what is myrrh, anyway?


    It is a valuable balm.


    A balm? What are you giving him a balm for? It might bite him.




    That’s a dangerous animal. Quick! Throw it in the trough.


    No, it isn’t.


    Yes, it is. It’s great, big mmm…


    No, no, no. It is an ointment.


    Aww, there is an animal called a balm,… or did I dream it?





  5. Just watching Celtic clinch 7iar against Sevco at paradise last season. We annihilated them that day with almost exactly the same team that capitulated at the crumble dome recently. Albeit a quiet different Sevco line up.

  6. quadrophenian on

    On Flanagan’s thuggery turnover…why are Celtic issuing meaningless statements about ’embarrassment’. This kinda statement is merely subjective projection, which means little.


    Now, change that statement to make point about incompetence, bias, undue pressure, capitulation …and you start to provoke other questions. But embarrassment!!?? You couldnt give the SFA a riddy with a blowtorch.



    And Oglach; mibby it’s Myrrh Bitton!

  7. From memory, young Tony Ralston landed awkwardly and twisted ankle ligaments.



    That was about 3 months ago. I do also remember however that he was playing very well at the time. 2 or 3 consecutive games either man of the match or in the reckoning.



    Therefore glad to see him back in. Long overdue I reckon.

  8. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Don’t get an awful lot of rain here in Oz but when it does i’ll just say to the


    Aussies it’s just a smir.


    What the feck is a smir?


    Well now i’ll be able to explain to them in my best Glesgy accent it’s


    Frankinsence with an S.


    I know .. i know.. hurry up and put the gemme oan 8-))


    H.h mICK

  9. Straight away Sky coverage starts with a negative- Celtic looking for their 1st victory since becoming champions. How many games have we played since then?

  10. !!BADA BING!! on 19TH MAY 2019 2:06 PM


    Lucky enough to have had a few beers with The Maestro last night, a nicer guy you couldn’t meet,so pleased for him and his family today,a True Celt.





  11. Melbourne Mick on

    O.K. nae mir i’m off to Celtic telly, see you all after a good thrashing


    for the diets.


    H.H Mick

  12. i'vehadtochangemymind on


  13. Brilliant Celtic. Mickey J with a neat 1-2 with Henderson and then buries the shot in the net