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  1. Hibs have been sensational. The quality of football, the quickness of passing, the movement throughout their team has been wonderful. Aberdeen are really struggling. It should be at least 3-0 to Hibs




  2. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Easy to tell there’s a scratch side out – some decent stuff, possession 50:50 at least if not mostly hearts

  3. Go tell the Spartim on

    I know his stats


    Pressure goals winking goals are what counts


    His salary is his business on this showing Ralston owes us money ( I know he’s not that bad, first game back etc )



    Why not just enjoy your day. I hope you are

  4. I guess our performance thus far is only to be expected given the amount of changes to the team. However most disappointingly none of the fringe players look like they would contribute anything to the 1st team

  5. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Today should be a party.



    Today should be playing with freedom and expression.



    Today should be about staking a claim.



    However we are exactly where we have been for months. Snorefest.



    A deflated squad going for the treble. Bizarre.

  6. oh dearie me Mickey J nice bit of skill sets up Tolijan who puts the ball into orbit.

  7. Dexter P. Bampot on

    “His salary is his business”






    I think it’s our business given we are paying for it.



    I’m trying to enjoy the match but the groundhog day stupor is making it difficult

  8. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Hey Celtic, Lufthansa offer a range of German destinations from Glasgow Airport. How about splashing out on a one-way ticket for Toljan at half time?



    What a haddy.

  9. Hopefully we will get to see a bit of wee Dembele during the 2nd period. Mickey J best Celtic player in the 1st period with an hounourable mention for Henderson.

  10. Go tell the Spartim on

    Groundhog Day stupor sums up our season for most of it.



    Yeah his salary is his business just like PL’s salary is his business. We, you and I and the rest like us, are paying too many imposters salary, my big hope this summer is that we have a clear out of little used players. We probably will punt SS in the summer



    Hope the second half brightens up



    Paul McStay looks like he could still play

  11. “Burke not been mentioned. Not entirely his fault i hasten to add.”



    WHose fault is it? second game in a row he is hiding behind the center half.

  12. corkcelt on 19th May 2019 3:50 pm



    Oglach, Think Henderson will be a player for us.




    Perhaps it would be in the best interest of young Henderson and Johnstone to go out on loan to another SPL or lower league English team and hopefully get a run of games and beef up ala Ryan Christie.

  13. Oglach Wouldn’t disagree with that. At the moment the game has an exhibition feel about it. I think only 2 of starting line out likely to start in Cup Final so important to keep things in perspective.

  14. not many if any of the fringe players making a claim for the first 11, AR poor defender average going forward , NB lazy , SS and OB posted missing once again , could go on and on , big second half required some players or they will be moving out.

  15. How embarrassing a 14 million pound player replaced by a 16 year old making his 1st team competitive debut. Come on wee man.

  16. Good start from Celtic. Closing down the diets. SS with curling shot wide of post.

  17. O.G.Rafferty on

    Dembele flashes one wide after great run. Was fouled but gets back up to continue his run. Superb stuff. Hearts player booked

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