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  1. So I have just read on Shortbread site that Slippy G has been quoted as saying that there has been ONE bid made for Morelos since he has been manager ………That was for………………….3 million ……….EUROS!….so that is around £2.5 million at best……no way they are getting 10 million no way.


    By the way great to see my hero number 8 lift the trophy for 8 in a row …and I’m glad he handed it to Scott Brown who deserved to lift it too.

  2. Happy with that today. Was gre8t to cap off the season with a win.



    Performance wise, Mikey Johnson deserved his 2 goals and m.o.t.m award.


    Dembele’s contribution was significant. Added creativity and purpose to the play.


    Also thought Ntcham had a decent game today.


    Ewan Henderson decent in flashes before going off.



    But the main man as ever was Paul Mcstay. Hero

  3. Apologies to bring negativity on this Gr888t day




    What is the point of this guard of honour


    Not one bit of respect from 1 hearts player


    To a man they stood with their arms folded behind their backs


    Who instructed their 11 players on this ???


    Low life

  4. Boyata, If only you knew the truth, Moussa Beware of who you call your Leader, Brendan disappears without a backward glance at a pivotal point of season and empties backroom staff to boot.


    Yet he is the man held up by some as the benchmark of what we need & Neil Francis is vilified.


    Extremely happy tonight particularly with the showing of Johnston, Dembele & Henderson, Ralston didn’t play particularly well today but he has in the past and will again in the future. Oko_-Flex or Church didn’t get a run today but they are close. There is nothing I like better than to see young starlets come through the ranks and make the first team squad.

  5. Already looking ahead, as a glass half full kind of ghuy, at Celtic ’s possible Champions League opponents,



    According to seedings, to reach the group stage, we could be up against one of these unseeded teams in the final Play Off round….



    BATE Borisov (Belarus)


    Young Boys (Switzerland)


    FK Astana (Kazakhstan)


    Slavia Praha (Czechoslovakia)



    Roll on next season, Champions League group stage and 9-in-a-row. Now, on with celebrations !!!

  6. What ‘the truth’ of Boyata speaks is more likely to be “If you pay me around 40 k a week as a free agent then I may have stayed with you for a couple of years before I start all the contract trouble over again”…



    err No thanks big man.Thanks for some good displays and also some poor ones.


    Genuine good luck in Germany but I shall save my Larsson leaving tears for far better players.

  7. Big ‘If’ we even make the ‘Play off’ stage.


    We failed last year.


    But that list of teams looks promising as possible opposition all the same

  8. fieldofdrams on

    Just when you think you could not be more proud to be a Celtic supporter, you see Paul McStay and your pride is redoubled. What a player! What a man!

  9. Being reported in press and from Chris Sutton


    Celtic Manager job been offered to Jose Mourihno ???

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I was very happy today until I seen Mousa Dembele and Dedrik Boyata, two players that couldn’t get away fast enough, both with story’s that target one man, the guy that made the treble treble possible, propaganda for the stupid and I expect so much more from the Celtic support. We sang the rebs to the BBC at the height of their influence ffs. now we can’t even see cheap shots.

  11. Norriem


    Someone said today that Dermot Desmond has met with Mourihno twice lately.

  12. Unfortunately the modern day footballer and especially the ones we are hoping to attract in 2019 will be far more like ‘Boyata’ and ‘Mousa’ than Paul McStay.


    That is our reality.

  13. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    stab anyone in the back for a quick buck, conformity and compliance, sad really.



    What shall it profit a man?

  14. You know what if the club ‘could’ pull out a big A list manager like Mourinho then fine.Sign me up for the show.


    However if as I suspect we can’t then I will be very happy with a fully financially backed Neil Lennon.


    Infact I think it will be very very sad to see him shown the door after the way he has conducted himself and held our club together.


    Neil Lennon deserves a proper chance.

  15. Canamalar, What about his defection to Leicester, was that a mirage or did it actually happen.

  16. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    great day – get them back at training tomorrow lennie for the big one





    I fully agree with you mate.


    Makes me sick too.


    I’m just saying they[footballers]are almost all the same these days.


    ‘Athletic whores’ available only to the highest bidder.

  18. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Jose Mourinho is planning a return to management, and hinted that he could be back in the mix before the start of next season.


    “I have never spoken like ‘this club wanted me, they contacted me.’ When I left Manchester United in December I immediately took the decision I want to work from [this] summer.”


    “I hope to be back to work in July in a project I really like.”

  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    driven out by an ego with sights set on the european administration trough

  20. Aye, and the Italian press are saying Mourinho offered himself to Inter. Silly season time.

  21. Canamalar or else a clever manipulative fecker who was working his ticket from the start and could have been well capable of double crossing Dembele & Boyata.


    Only conjecture I know but the old adage smoke & fire come to mind.

  22. Friesdorfer – exactly.


    Just read that to reach the CL group stage we face 8 matches in 8 successive midweeks – starting on the 9/10th July. It’s a brutal schedule.

  23. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    thought it was obvious today, Lenny was told he’s surplus to requirements, listen to his words, a hurting tim if ever there was one.

  24. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Lovely to see The Maestro back at Paradise, walking out there with the League trophy.



    What a player. What a Celtic man.



    Through the thin times we always had him, and he never, ever let us down.



    He could have moved to practically any club in the world, but he chose to stay with us.



    The likes of Compper should have been ashamed today of sharing the turf with him.

  25. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    oh right, so our CEO has no history or engineering competitors out the door, and he has only the clubs interests at heart. Are you a blond american bird ffs

  26. Neither Moussa or Dedryck confessed undying love for Celtic FC. They are modern footballers who kiss the badge one day and the next are knocking on the managers door asking for a transfer. Unlike Rodgers who never stopped telling us of his admiration and passion, if not love, for Celtic football Club. The very same man who, allegedly was ready to jump ship to China and tried to convince Moussa to go with him. The very same man with Celtic in his blood left us for the lure of English money without anymore thought than one of the mercenary players we are so keen on slagging off. Yes Rodgers played a very significant role in our being on the verge of a historic treble treble but again you could also argue as did Moussa and Dedryck. I know who i believe and its not some a wee egocentric man from Carnlough

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